*buying groceries*

Person a: hey do you have any bags?

Person b: the only bags I have are the ones under my eyes, and they’re specifically designed to carry the burden of my existence.

Person a:

Person a: a simple no would have sufficed


People who won’t let me enjoy:


Sanders Sides



Doctor Who

BBC Sherlock


Camp Camp

Popular YouTubers like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and etc.

Steven Universe

Rick and Morty


My Chemical Romance

Twenty One Pilots

And literally any other fucking popular content that has a bad reputation

Without telling me how it sucks or whatever

Do. Not. Interact.

I get it. You might not like it. That’s fine. Just don’t bully or preach shit to people who enjoy it just because you don’t.

Live and let live, assholes. Me liking some dumb webcomic about shit doesn’t hurt you. I’m already aware of how annoying I am, and how bad of a reputation it gets. You don’t need to tell me.