So hey here’s some info about your fellow network members! (namely social networking usernames). PLEASE EDIT THIS POST IF YOU NEED TO ADD ANYTHING.

Christina (ichristyg)

  • kik: Pangwen
  • Snapchat: Pangwen
  • Instagram: iChristyg
  • Skype: iChristyg
  • Twitter: iChristyg

Olivia (ya-naaasty)

  • kik: YourInspiration
  • Snapchat: whorecruxs

Evan (scaryfeetscaryfeet)

  • kik: scaryfeet
  • Snapchat: evanception
  • Skype: evanception

Kyle (misterkyoung)

  • kik: kylewhy
  • Snapchat: kyleyoung380
  • Instagram: misterkyleyoung

Kelly (bartsbutt)

  • kik: kellyyhzx
  • Twitter: kellyyhzx

Arielle (pussyclestroyer)

  • Twitter: pussyclestroyer

Hailey (xshnowyx)

  • kik: haileybelyea
  • Snapchat: haileylauryn
  • Instagram: haibel
  • Twitter: haileybelyea

Haleigh (mewtwooth)

  • kik: haleighautumn

Tash and Julia (thequeensofsass)

[still need info]

ALSO, our network tag is “eddnet”, so track it!

August 2014 listen here | download here 

1. If It Wasn’t True - Shamir 2. Fiesty (Blue Satellite Remix) - Jhameel 3. Inside of Me (Robotaki Remix) - Montmarte 4. Ascension (Aywy. & Sh?m Edit) - Maxwell 5. Paraylzed - Mystery Skulls 6. No Price (feat. Chromeo & Al - P) - Slam Dunk’d 7. Luv - Cosmonaut Grechko 8. After I Met U - Snakehips 9. Days with You - Snakehips 10. All I Want (Manila Killa Remix) - Dawn Golden 11. Here For You (Bearcubs Remix) - Gorgon City 12. No Other Way (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Sinead Harnett 13. Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan 14. Black Out Days (The Range Remix) - Phantogram 15. Sladky feat. Khai - Samuel Proffitt 16. Face Again - How to Dress Well 17. Fix Me Up - RUSH MDNT 18. One For Me feat. Tinashe (Lucas Remix) - Ryan Hemsworth 19. Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition) - MNEK 20. I Can’t Figure You Out (Fever Trails) - HUGH 21. From Time feat. Jhene Aiko (Atu & Sango Edit) - Drake 22. What You Said - cln 23. Invention - Kwerk 24. Do You - DIVERSA 25. Oceans (Kastle Remix) - Coasts 26. Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) - ODESZA 27. You Haunt Me - Sir Sly 28. Bye Bye, Big Ocean (The End) Ice Choir Remix - A Sunny Day in Glasglow 29. Circles - Vanic X Machineheart 30. Bridges (ASTR Remix) - Broods 31. Hey Big Bang - Superhumanoids 32. 4 Real - Body Language 33. Beggin for Thread - BANKS 34. Rolling - Jugu 35. Sound it Out - Rosie June 36. Fall in Love (RAEKO Remix) - Phantogram 37. Somebody (Avenue Remix) - Hannah Georgas 38. Riot - SVEMUSIC 39. Sunset (Forrest Edit) - The XX 40. No Sass - Photay 41. Gold - Chet Faker 42. Scream (Funk My Life Up) - Paolo Nutini 43. On You - Chet Faker x GoldLink 44. She Wants - SOS 45. Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd 46. Down 4 U - blackbear 47. Bedtime Story - Gold Link 48. Widescreen (feat. Kaytranada) - Myth Syzer 49. Ill Vibe (Tom Misch Remix) - Busta Remix 50. Move That Dope (Bonham Carter Remix) - Future

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This is going to be my first BOTM! screams

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Christy’s Follow Forever So a lot of my wonderful mutuals have been making follow forevers and I thought I would make another one since no one really saw my last one. I’ve included my besties and blogs that are generally my favorite and I love to follow. If you’re not here, please know that I still love you ♡

jennapriz, harrystylesdildo, voldesnorts, vvebsites, virginvevo, oomshi, zaynrocketking, maurypovichofficial, asparagays, ashpunzel, delzdesigns, hailinglou, lourryzianourry, theboyfriendsclub, larrycoincidences, bandsandyoutubersfangirl, misomartyr, familyunfriendly, niall-cuteness, bitchclap, tvverkers, bearmouth, kissmytacoshell, pussyclestroyer, robinisabear, crrocs, tarclarsauce, officialprincewilliam, fincher, yesimbeyonce, angie-dreams-illusions, huntinghotties, tylernotthecreator, manicniall, dinalohanvevo, nighthooker, nihaoplatypus, niznau, perksofbeingabitch, perks-of-being-chinese, foodnun, brok3n-stere0, abusdriver, sloth-grunge, snazzaboo, hitlervevo, letsfuckmarcus, howellingforzalfie, i3troyler, earthdad, unfaggy, i-am-imaginary, its-mackenzie-bitch, laugh-til-ya-fart, laughbiitches, hahahollister, staygoldengaby, secondroundsonme, and-a-shot-of-alcohol, emilyology, j-0cularity, judgingfromafar, jerkidiot, icekingcanyounot, spock-stand-by-for-battle, fennekinchespin, genuine–fakes, ianpotato, backdoorteenmom, captain-canon-and-her-ship, squidboob, halelgh

I love you guys!!!