Dance with Me, Dork

A/N: So I started this after watching Look Before You Ed, an episode I had actually not seen because it was a lost episode, I believe. It’s sort of like an AU/sequel to the school dance. I’m just gauging interest.. see if anyone wants to see the rest. Kevedd, obviously ;)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1260

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Oh my. Oh dear. 

Double D stepped gingerly over the fluttering paper poster lying on the floor, displaying the Peach Creek High annual school dance. It’s usual heading “Peach Creek High Presents,” was underscored by the large Times New Roman font. Double D picked up the offending item and inspected the glittery writing. Not much had changed, unfortunately. The dance would continue to take place on its yearly schedule, much to his chagrin. 

“Double D!” A voice, obnoxiously loud and ecstatic, barreled into Double D just before the voice’s origin. 

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