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If you're looking for requests, I've always loved your fan art of Spike and Ed. Maybe something cute with those two? Like cooking or playing a board game or something? Congrats on the 400+ followers!

Jamming with Edward, or Trying to eat smth when gravity generator is broken. Again. ^^

(not sure if it is cute but still)

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when anons say you ignore their questions cuz it contradicts you. bish where? uk sales in the last 24 hours: harry styles at a whopping 50 for sweet creature, selling only about 400. ed sheeran is still beating him in sales in the USA (shape of you vs SOTT) and his song has been out for weeks. yeah, he's doing pretty good for himself but not as good as he could be doing, considering the money and effort jeff and co put into him. that music video look mad expensive, they put A LOT of $ into him

okay thank u sweet pea i’m !!! than k you also harry’s in trouble whoops !

tagged by: @andriael , thanks i guess rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your music on shuffle, list the first ten songs that come up and tag ten people!

lost boy - troye sivan / cry baby - melanie martinez / settle down - the 1975 / lowlife - that poppy / all star - smash mouth / mr brightside - the killers / centuries - fall out boy / perfect - ed sheeran / evelyn - hurts / 400 lux - lorde

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street view in Karlovy Vary by photoCKD  

a quiet back eddy on the lower Niagara River - this spot and I have history.

Come the winter, when the snow has fallen and an ice shelf juts out into the water. I will be there. Waders on, fishing rod in hand - focused on the pursuit of a silver bullet. Steelhead.

Shot with a Nikon F5 using a Nikkor AF 80-200mm f2.8 D IF ED lens on Kodak 400 Tri-X.