edding 400


street view in Karlovy Vary by photoCKD  

Reckless Fist Reacts to His Former Self:
  • Raven: *glances*
  • RF: hm?
  • Raven: what is that thing? *points at RF's arm*
  • RF: *grins*
  • Raven: hoe don't do it
  • RF: I am Heavy Punching Guy
  • Raven: mmo my god
  • RF: and this *arm flares* is my weapon
  • Raven: ._.
  • RF: she weighs one hundred fifty wrathograms and throws two hundred pound custom made explosions at ten thousand rage per second
  • RF: it costs 400,000 ED to survive this weapon
  • RF: for twelve seconds
  • Raven: you have a sword
  • RF: what the f*ck is a sword?