“La Cara Infinita,” 2013 
by Dorian Wood (feat. Eddika Organista)
video directed by Dorian Wood

Read L.A. Record’s great interview with Dorian:

[…] “La Cara Infinita” was born from my high regard and respect for all women and also inspired by this piece that was heavily publicized and took place at MOCA. It was spearheaded by Marina Abramović and I was one of the participants. The performance piece involved approximately a hundred artists incorporating themselves into this dinner gala filled with trustees and celebrities. It was a five-thousand dollar plate type of event, at the cheapest. All of the performers were placed in specific areas, almost as endurance pieces. One of the performance formats involved the invitees sitting around a table and in the middle was a lazy susan, and there was a naked woman on it slowly moving as these people watched. The piece was interesting and powerful. Then they questioned Marina Abramović as to why there were only naked women and the director of MOCA blatantly expressed, even at the event itself, that male nudity makes businessmen very uncomfortable.


I was so horrified to hear that. So why are you having naked women? Because it makes them comfortable? It just totally ties in to my utter disgust for the way women are treated in media and have been portrayed for centuries. So many things are still socially acceptable. Anything that hints at femininity is seen as a form of weakness and submission. The song came from this fury.