One week I was guesting along with Sebastian Bach and Scott Ian and we were debating whether Iron Maiden was better than Judas Priest. I was in the middle of a well thought-out dissertation on why Maiden was better, when I was interrupted (as usual) by Sebastian.“Holy shit! I just got a text from Axl Fuckin’ Rose,” he said in his high-pitched stoner voice. Axl was in town rehearsing for an upcoming Guns N’ Roses tour and Bas hadn’t heard from him in years—until now.

Axl was quite reclusive and didn’t do many interviews,so it was quite the coup when Bas called him and put him on the radio by holding the phone up to the mic. The audio was horrible, and when Eddie suggested that Axl call in, he surprised all of us by actually doing it. Eddie made small talk for a few minutes and finished the call by inviting Axl to join us in the studio after rehearsal, and that was it.About half an hour later we were having a serious debate over what was Raven’s best album ( All for One ) when an intern ran into the studio completely out of breath,like he was going to announce the British were coming. “He’s here.”

“Who’s here?”

“Axl Rose! He’s coming up the elevator now.”

The conversation halted and the four of us looked at each other with disbelief.

“Besides Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney, the biggest rock star in the world is coming in this studio right now,” I said to Scott.

At that moment the door opened and in walked—some random older lady.

She said nothing to no one and looked around the room suspiciously. She gave us all a quick glance and left the room. I found out later that her name was Beta, Axl’s personal advisor, who was apparently checking if the vibes in the room were good enough for him to enter.

They must have been, because a few moments later the door opened and in walked W. Axl Rose. You’ve never seen four loudmouths shut up so quickly,and suddenly after two hours of nonstop jabbering none of us had anything to say. Except Bas, who kept proclaiming over and over again, “This is the Howard Hughes of rock and roll, man!”

Axl was in good shape and looked pretty froot with his cornrow hair and trim goatee. He sat down at the console and his charisma and presence were off the charts. Eddie asked a couple of generic questions, but the rest of us were still tongue-tied, not wanting to say anything to instigate any display of the legendary Axl Rose temper.

The interview was sterile, almost boring, and I could see that Axl was losing interest. That’s when I decided to jump in and break the ice.

“Hey Axl, I’m Chris Jericho. I’d like to ask you a question that every guest on the Eddie Trunk show has to answer. Who’s better—Priest or Maiden?”

Axl’s vibe changed instantly and suddenly he was into the interview. I don’t think he’d been asked that question before.

“I like Priest better, but the first Iron Maiden record is my favorite out of all of them.”

From that point forward it was no longer Axl and four idiots, it was five music fans shooting the breeze. He opened up and told some great stories about his love of W.A.S.P., his issues with Vince Neil, and his experiences with David Lee Roth. We listened intently as he told a great story about how he and Jack Russell from Great White were doing cocaine with a Cuban drug dealer. After Axl and Jack snorted up everything they had, the Cuban revealed that he had another eight-ball, but wouldn’t share it. Jack caught a fly while the dealer was in the bathroom, and when he returned pulled it out of his pocket. Jack fawned over it and convinced the Cuban that it was a rare African tsetse fly that when snorted would produce a wicked high. So the Cuban traded the eight-ball for the dead housefly and Jack and Axl disappeared into the night.

After an hour of mindless chatter, I felt comfortable enough—and drunk enough—to call Axl out. “Hey Axl, I have a bone to pick with you!” The studio went silent and Trunk gave me a look that said, “Jericho if you blow this, I’m going to kill you!”

But I was undeterred. “Axl, when Guns were opening for Iron Maiden in 1988 in Winnipeg, I asked you for your autograph outside in the parking lot and you told me you would be right back. Well, you never came back and I want to know why.”

“That’s it?” Axl said with relief. “I thought you were going to tell me I had sex with your girlfriend … or your mother.”

Eddie’s show was supposed to end at 2 a.m., but the program director realized how much of a coup it was to have Axl Rose live on the radio (he was the Howard Hughes of rock and roll after all) and told Eddie to keep him on for as long as he could. We finally wrapped up the show at 4 a.m. and made our way over to the Bungalow, a trendy NYC hotspot that despite the late hour was wall-to-wall packed. Hanging out with Axl Rose has its benefits, and we were escorted to a huge VIP section, even bigger than the one Lindsay Lohan occupied beside us.

After a few hours of Patrón and Grey Goose (alas, no Nightrain) I stumbled over to Axl, who threw his arm around me and smiled his mischievous grin.

“You know what?” he said. “I had a really good time with you guys tonight. It’s pretty rare that I get to talk about music and just be a fan without having to worry about all the bullshit. Thanks for hanging out with me".

Excerpt from the book Undisputed by Chris Jericho. 




Mötley Crüe 


Blackie Lawless W.A.S.P.








Chris Jericho: At the Freddie Mercury Tribute you’ve sang with Elton John and it was obvious that you’re a huge Elton John fan, just from the stuff you’ve been doing. How cool was that for you to play with him in front of so many people?

Axl Rose: That was amazing and I didn’t know they were gonna do that pyro though and that was really amazing and really fun but it was pretty intense because meeting Elton… Elton came to my room and he sits down on this couch and we start talking about the song and Elton is like sitting there and he is getting more tense and more tense and he is turning really red and stuff cause what’s going on his head is like he doesn’t know me and you know this is a big AIDS thing and he is you know dealing with people telling him different stories about me and homophobic or whatever and one in a million and everythings. We’re trying to talk but he is getting more tense and finally he goes “I’M A GAY MAN!” okay? And I went “Cool. So when we hit the bridge…” you know of the song, and it’s like then we were fine. We were fine you know. I was like “Peace. I don’t have a problem”  it’s like okay and then he was like okay, alright. And we’ve got along ever since.

p.s. Look at Axl’s cute proud face in the last gif ❤️

3 a.m Birthday Cakes

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for anon.

Sleeping was something that had been hard to come by recently. Usually a stomach sleeper, I was contemplating carving out part of the mattress to allow room for my baby bump to fit in so that I could sleep properly. Not only that, but the baby seemed to be nocturnal, always kicking and hiccuping just as I was about to drift off. Pretty often I’d still be up by the time Eddie was dozing peacefully beside me in bed, and so I’d turn on the T.V in our bedroom, sneaking glances at Eddie and how the lights and colours of the T.V created shadows across his freckled face. 

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here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go.

okay. i’ve been meaning to make one of these for a long time, due to ppl always askin me for links and also because i wanted a place to store all of these anyway, and have an easy-access link to. this post will be updated whenever it is needed, or whenever i can think of more. to see the most recent update of this post, go here.

(note: this is only a compilation of VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO INTERVIEWS and other interesting things featuring Axl Rose!!! no concerts etc.*!!!!!!!!! that would take too long!!!!)


  • MTV ‘87, Guns N’ Roses’ first MTV interview - x
  • CBGB’s, '87, Full interview after the live acoustic show - x
  • Lakeland, '87, Aftershow interview with the band; featuring backstage footage and rehearsals - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)  -
  • Phone call interview with Steve Harris, '87, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) – PART 6 (x) -
  • Japan, '87, - x
  • Donnington, '88, The infamous interview where Izzy says “no” (x) – interview with Axl, on a tour bus (x)
  • MTV, '88, Interview where Axl talks about One In A Million, Appetite For Destruction, etc. - x
  • Japanese Art Selection, '88, He’s only in part two, but I thought I may as well give the link to part one, to complete the thing - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)
  • Axl and Slash interview, '88, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Guns N’ Roses Rockumentary, '89, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, '89, Stern calls Axl on his birthday; he’s sleepy throughout the entire interview and it’s very cute - x
  • Axl and some friends goofing around backstage - x


  • Biff TV, Axl is in this from about 4:42 until 5:42 talking about koalas - x
  • Famous Last Words, '90 PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • Interview featuring Erin Everly - x
  • Talking about “The Wine Bottle Incident” - x
  • Interview regarding Metallica, and other topics - x & x
  • Interview where Axl rides by on a bike - x
  • The Photographic History, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) -
  • Making Fucking Videos: Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged
  • Tour Videos: GN'R goofing around in an airport (x) – Axl going through the conveyor belt at the airport (x) – Antics on the tour bus (x) – Axl checking out WWll planes (x) – Axl being fitted for a cast (x) – Axl and pals goofing around in the halls of a hotel (x) – Guns N’ Roses “Activities” (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, Featuring Axl, Sebastian Bach, and Erin Everly - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Rockline Radio, '91, Interview where fans call in and ask him questions. Slash also calls in in an attempt to prank Axl - x
  • Mtv, '91, Evict Axl contest - x
  • Talking about Metallica, '93 - x
  • Rockline Radio, '94, Interview where fans call in to ask Axl and Slash questions - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) -
  • Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, '94, backstage (x) – inducting Elton John (and Bernie Taupin) (x) -
  • Drug-use court case, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Three-part interview, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • RIP Magazine, commercial featuring Slash - x
  • Talking about Patience - x


  • NBA Finals, '01, Axl talks about basketball - x
  • Radio interview, '01, - x
  • Detroit Radio interview, '02, - PART 1 (x)PART 2 (x) -
  • MTV Awards, '02, Okay, I know I said no concerts in this post, but there is an interview at the end of this and there isn’t a video of the interview on its own - x
  • Eddie Trunk, '06 - there are two versions of this interview, but I decided to use this one because it’s all in one video, rather than parts. (plus, Axl comes in around 00:57) This lasts two and a half hours, the last half hour is on the other version (the whole thing is 3hrs long), but Axl doesn’t arrive until after the first half hour, so - x
  • MTV Awards, '06, Backstage interview (x) – Introducing The KiIllers (x) -


  • In an airport - x
  • Abu Dhabi, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story onstage in Saskatoon, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story about Slash, '11, - x
  • That Metal Show, '11, half an hour-long interview - x
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live, '12 - x
  • Leaving the Chateau Marmont, '12 featuring Lana Del Rey - x
  • Golden Globes, '13, - x
  • Guns N’ Roses SBT interview, '14 - x
  • Golden Gods Awards, '14 - accepting his award (x) – backstage (x) -
  • Budweiser Presents: The Greatest Show On Earth, '14, commercial featuring Axl - x
  • Axl at LAX, jetting out for AC/DC, ‘16, features comment on Prince’s sudden passing – “It’s very sad. Very sad thing. Big Prince fan.” – Also features his broken foot, and some slightly annoying paps - x
  • An Evening with Axl Rose at China Exchange, ‘16, an almost-hour-long press conference held in London - x
  • Duff and Axl interview for Brazil Network Globo, ‘16, their first interview together since the reunion - x

“Bach: I like the way you’re thinking! Can I say something? The first time I ever saw or knew Guns N’ Roses, I was in a band called Madame X. So anyways we were on tour, I was about 17 years old, or 18 years old, and I was in a supermarket in like, I don’t know, Maryland or something, and I bought a Hit Parader magazine and I saw, I never heard of Guns N’ Roses, just one picture, and your hair was completely teased, but on your pants you wrote: “Glam sucks!!” And I literally got mad in the supermarket! I go: “Who? Why does this guy haveteased hair but he has Glam sucks! on his pants?”

Axl: I think that was wide out too. (laughs)

Bach: But you were making a statement right there! And in the supermarket you were messing with my head.

Axl: I think it’s like Kurt Cobain on the cover of Rolling Stone and like “Corporate mags suck” or whatever, too.

Bach: But you did it first.”

from eddie trunk interview 2006