Bad RHPS Song Descriptions
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature: idk here's a bunch of random words and film references put together
  • Dammit Janet: I brought my own ring to somebody else's wedding so here you go
  • Over At The Frankenstein Place: This is the only place around for miles and its a castle, which means it must be safe
  • Time Warp: The best time filler in history
  • Sweet Transvestite: WHAT'S UP FUCKERS
  • Sword of Damocles: I have been alive for literally 30 seconds and i already hate it
  • I Can Make You A Man: You gonna be so fuckin hot bro
  • Hot Patootie Bless My Soul: Fuck you and your lame ass party
  • I Can Make You A Man reprise: So now that *that's* over...
  • Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me: Bitches be 3 hours old-- be lookin 23
  • Eddie: My nephew is a dick
  • Rose Tint My World: We're doomed
  • I'm Going Home: Man fuck this planet
  • Super heroes: idk why they called us hero and heroine in the beginning credits because we are far from that
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature reprise: That whole thing reminded me of Macbeth,,
Letters in the Air

This is my official imagine for the Valentine’s Day Writing Contest for fantasticwritings.tumblr.com  :) Enjoy and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3

Words: 1415

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

GIF created by: Me! :)

Newt sat on a stony ledge of Hogwarts with a blank piece of parchment sitting on his lap, his feathered quill hovering over the page, unmoving.

What was he supposed to write? How could he truly express himself on paper?

With a heavy sigh, he dropped his quill and looked out over the courtyard, hoping for the words to hit him like the breeze that early morning.

He thought about Y/N. Everything about them. Their eyes, smile, hair, all of the things that made them special.

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