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if he can climb to the top of Arkham asylum then back down and escape in one night (in the game Arkham asylum) he can climb the god damn dinosaur, Pokemon go or not Eddie's got crazy mad climbing skill yo!

OHHHH!! YOU’RE RIGHT! Eddie is a climbing fiend who baffles everyone. “How the hell did he get up there?”.

Those riddler trophies are proof!

Are these the right directions to the school and candy store?

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I’d point the candy store arrow up (making a right turn out of the cul-de-sac) instead of further down Rethink Ave, but the school arrow looks good!  Here’s my most recent estimation of the Eds’ immediate neighborhood, based on BPS and a few key episodes:

just read the outlast comic and i have to say, not bad.

considering Red Barrels is a game production studio, they have done really well for their first comic. the art style was very unique, individual and achevied the dark vibe the games give off themselves. I gotta say, the use of minimal colors worked very nicely. My only problem was at first I kinda against learning anything about new characters but by the end, I think the characters are more interesting now I finished it. The second problem I had was there were some parts were certain words I couldn’t grasp and had to read over twice, but no biggie. So overall, Red Barrels you did damn good - I can’t wait for the next issue! (seriously though, Eddie is gonna appear right? please let him appear) 

For those whom haven’t read it, just go here [x] (it’s a pdf file.)

Q awards ceremony (1998)
Eddie Lizzard (on the right) hands Q award to Radiohead members
for the best album of 1997, as voted by the Q readers.

(hope you like my scan more than a crappy foto ))))

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Got any headcanons for the kids' birthdays?

We already know that Ed’s is in February or March because their was supposed to be a season 6 episode that took place on his birthday. 

Both Edd and Eddy’s must be in the summer. I think Eddy turned 12 right before season 1 began because he his measuring himself in A Pinch to Grow and Ed. Edd still seems to be 11 when the series starts and then turns 12 somewhere in season 2 which is why he matured more. I’d say Eddy in June and Edd in July.

Kevin and Nazz could both be in May.

I can see Jonny’s in April, maybe April 1, because he loves to joke around.

Jimmy’s is in July because their was an episode based around it in season 2.

Sarah’s could be somewhere in the fall.

Rolf’s could be early winter. He is seen to be very happy in both of the season 6 episode. It must be his favorite time of year because he doesn’t have many outside chores.

As for the Kanker’s, I feel like May could share the same birthday month as Ed, while both Lee and Marie have a birthday in the summer. 

Bro must have been born in the fall. Fall wasn’t Eddy’s most favorite time of year. Bro must not enjoy summer so much because of how he got pummeled with a door in BPS.

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When I saw 1x21 live and Barry was like "You haven't been entirely honest with me either." and brought up about her feelings, I was like "First of all, this is not the same fucking thing. Your lie could have gotten Iris killed. Secondly, this is not the time to bring that shit up when Eddie and Joe are missing."

Right? It was such a bad time for him to bring that up because that wasn’t what the entire argument was about in the first place lol. He and Iris have bad timing when it comes to each other and talking about their feelings. I still won’t get over the treatment of Iris in season one yet she was the bad person to some fans, but it’s over and done with now.

Aren’t You Supposed to be the Adult? [An Ed, Edd n Eddy Drabble]

Note: This was a request by @moon-o-magic

“Quick, Double D, what do we do?” Eddy asked in a moment of turmoil.

The middle Ed was silent.”

“I-I don’t know what to do, Eddy.”

Eddy shook Edd trying to loosen up his brain. “Think! Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?”

“Isn’t your brother?”

They were silent.

“I’m only a kid, Eddy. I always have. Right now we need to put our heads together to figure out how to hide from your brother.”

“Oh, I got an idea!” Ed announced.

They followed Ed to his basement. Soon enough Eddy’s brother got back in his car and drove away.

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Man, we were robbed of Barry taking off his mask in front of Iris in the current timeline. He willingly took off his mask for everybody else (Except her and Wally, but in Wally's case, Barry was more concerned about his dad to care about concealing his identity). I didn't mind Barry taking his mask off in front of Henry, because well, that was his father. But I had a HUGE problem when he took it off in front of Eddie.

I know right? I wish there was a moment like that for Iris. I wasn’t so big on it for Wally, but I didn’t like it for Eddie either because he wasn’t that important to Barry. They need to give us a moment where Barry takes Iris to the roof of Jitters after saving people from a burning building or something hot like that and he takes his mask off just to kiss her.