nocturnal a playlist for tired and sleepy people (requested by anon)

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still from like crazy

the signs as legendary lead singers and what is says about them
  • Aries:bono (nice sunglasses)
  • Taurus:patti smith (i fear u)
  • Gemini:kurt cobain (don't stop what u're doing rn)
  • Cancer:roger daltrey (u cool bro)
  • Leo:robert plant (calm down on the hair lotion)
  • Virgo:jim morrison (u're not a lizard stop trying)
  • Libra:stevie nicks (marry me)
  • Scorpio:freddie mercury (aries needs ur fashion advice)
  • Sagittarius:john lennon (the beatles were mediocre)
  • Capricorn:eddie vedder (stop mumbling)
  • Aquarius:morrissey (fuck u)
  • Pisces:mick jagger (will u ever stop? probably not)