eddie takes pictures

Ed’s Parents

In canon Ed has the worst homelife.

Ed’s mom clearly physoclogically, verbally, and possibly physically abuses Ed.

Come on, where did Ed learn this off from?

Ed has references his mother many times and she is clearly a horrible person. She gives more attention to Sarah clearly favoring her more.

Look at their rooms. Ed lives in the dirty basement. His room is always a mess. It’s implied that nobody ever visits him down there. Sarah has a lavish room that is all decorated.

Ed fears his mom.

This was a scene from the nightmare episode. Yes, it turned out to be Jonny in the dream, but before that reveal Ed was falling to his knees begging for his mom to believe that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

If a child has to do this there is abuse written all over it.

Ed’s mom never takes Ed’s side. In fact she doesn’t want to deal with him. She sends Sarah to yell at him. In an episode where Ed had to clean his room Sarah tells Ed she’ll be back in five minutes because mom said she could.

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It (2017) was real good and I’m glad my boys are still gay

Sick As A Dog (1,096 words); sick!richie loses his voice

but you don’t even like me (4,,073 words); Richie makes fun of Eddie because he likes him the most

The Two Presents (586 words); sweet little kiss fic

In Dreams, When We’re Alone (3,302 words); Eddie has nightmares

Just… Not Eddie (1,667 words); Eddie gets taken when Bev is

just once (1,045 words); they kiss for “practice”

I Got You (3,488 words); Eddie gets bullied and Richie is there to help

Richie and Eddie’s (worst kept) secret (2,528 words); the square more or less knows about Eddie and Richie

It’s not my fault!; series of oneshots that connect that are just super cute and sweet

Jeez, Eds, Y'alright There? (2,542 words); they’re kids and they care about each other and it’s nice

Don’t Cry, Eds (643 words); Eddie gets hurt and Richie patches him up

Gay Panic Attack (2,734 words); not exactly what the title implies but some real good shit let me tell you

20/20 (4,926 words); Richie thinks he might be in love

No Mistakes (1,478 words); Richie’s confession is cute and sweet and Eddie’s is the perfect response

You Snuck Up On Me (3,074 words); their friendship over time as Richie realizes his feelings

stars (1,200 words); they stargaze which is my kink tbh

Sit Still (3,176 words); Richie is sick and Eddie takes care of him

He’s the Prettiest Boy at the Party, and He Can Prove It with a Solid Right Hook (1,595 words); okay there’s cuddling and also the title is from a Frank Iero song so this is some good shit

Polaroids (1,399 words); Eddie takes pictures of Richie

Summertime, summer nights, summer adventures. (3,101 words); there’s swimming and fireworks and they’re in love

keeping secrets (has never been so hard) (3,466 words); they think they’re being sneaky

you’re not a loser in my eyes (reddie) (1,830 words); Richie is the one who fixed the writing on Eddie’s cast

Who’s Been Loving You?; really really cute oneshots that I adore

It Makes You, You (2,637 words); Richie’s mom says some homophobic stuff about him and Eddie

Better Together (1,526 words); Eddie comforts Richie

Richie and Eddie’s (worst kept) secret (2,528 words); the gang totally knows these two are together

Loved (2,383 words); Eddie is hurting and Richie is there to help

see the sky (5,339 words); they fall in love and run away together

if your offered hand is still open to me (4,115 words); I love fics that show Eddie being willing to follow Richie to the ends of the earth

mind at ease (how can i help?) (6,570 words); Eddie is taken by It and Richie cuddles with him after the whole ordeal

give ‘em teeth like you taught me (2,727 words); Eddie has a panic attack in a bathroom

young hearts fade (1,234 words); Richie’s worst fear isn’t clowns; it’s losing Eddie.

Trashmouth Meets the Deadlights (5,184 words); Richie is taken and Eddie kisses him and the characterization in this is just really nice

it feels so scary getting old (2,170 words); It shows Richie his biggest fear: turning is to his mother, hurting Eddie

Not a Joke (8,018 words); Richie is so soft for Eddie and he isn’t even the first person to notice

Richie Tozier Needs Love And Protection (8,389 words); what the title says. The squad loves my boy and so do I

What’s the 'V’ Stand for (7,733 words); they’re just kids who are trying to navigate liking each other and being maybe more than friends. It’s really sweet 10/10

you trip me up (7,146 words); their relationship changes over time and Eddie loves all his friends but he’s in love with Richie

Here For Each Other (15,701 words); they’re young and queer and they kiss and it so painfully sweet


A look inside the loser’s phones: Beverly Marsh
Others: Link

Richie And Eddie at DisneyWorld

-Richie is holding tightly onto Eddie’s hand so he doesn’t lose him

-Eddie is wearing a cute Mickey Mouse ears headband

-Richie kisses Eddie in the dark tunnels on any ride that has dark tunnels

-Eddie always gets annoyed because Richie pulls away when things are just getting good

- “Later, Eds! I promise.”

- Eddie takes pictures with all the Disney Princesses

- “Aw, look at my little pretty princess.” Richie would say, causing Eddie to blush

- When Richie meets Stitch he almost collapses on the ground from too much excitement

- Richie calls Eddie a screamer but Richie screams louder than Eddie on all the roller coasters

- Eddie leans into Richie while watching the fireworks

-Richie isn’t looking at the fireworks, he’s looking down at his beautiful boyfriend

- “Richie, the fireworks are up there.”

- “I know that, but the most beautiful thing in the world is down here.”

- then Richie leans down and kisses him sweetly and starts watching fireworks

- Eddie is in love with Richie

- Richie is in love with Eddie

- and they’re the happiest people on Earth

Stranger Things Reddie AU Part 2

-The next morning Eddie woke up before Richie and found himself looking down with a small smile on his face at the boy who saved his life  

-”Cute”  Eddie whispered 

-”Take a picture it’ll last longer” Richie chuckled when he opened his eyes and saw the mysterious boy looking at him.

-”picture?” Eddie asked confused “Yeah ya know picture,click” Richie said while forming a camera out of his hands around his eyes

-Eddie mimicked Richie’s hand motions and made the click sound with his mouth 

-Richie chuckled at him “Yeah there ya go”

-Richie took Eddie downstairs to get them something to eat. He knew by 8 his father would already be long gone, and his mother would be asleep for at least another 4 hours 

-Richie searched through the cabinets and the refrigerator trying to find something for breakfast. He finally, looked in the freezer and found a carton of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. He pulled out the carton, grabbed two spoons, then set the ice cream on the table in front of Eddie.

-”Breakfast of champions” Richie said while he pulled off the top and stuck his spoon inside

-Eddie did as he saw Richie do and shoveled the ice cream on his spoon before sticking it in his mouth. 

-Eddie’s eyes lit up when the foreign flavor hit his tongue, he had never tasted anything so good in all of his 13 years.

-Richie smiled when he saw Eddie’s eyes go wide “Pretty good huh”

-After finishing almost half the carton Richie had decided he’d had enough and put his spoon in the sink. Eddie on the other couldn’t get enough and decided to carry the carton with him when Richie lead him back up to his room. 

-Eddie continued to eat the ice cream as he sat on Richie’s bed, still wearing the over sized sweatshirt that Richie had given him the night 

-Richie smiled at the small boy sitting on his bed, swallowed by his sweatshirt, and eating ice cream as if he had never had any before. He didn’t know much about the boy, really he didn’t know anything about him at all, but he did know one thing, he was cute as hell.

-Richie decided to blow off school and stay with Eddie. In fear of leaving him alone for his mother to find him and for the simple fact that he really just wanted to send more time with him. He knew that no one would miss him, except for his friends Bill, Ben, Mike, Stan, and Bev. But Richie skipped school all the time and they wouldn’t think much of it.

-”Alright Eds moment of truth. What happened to you? Why were you hanging out in alley in a hospital gown?” 

-Eddie didn’t say anything he just looked back down at his ice cream the as starting to melt. Richie had half a mind to take the ice cream away from him but didn’t because he for whatever reason didn’t want to make the boy sad.

“Eds look i’m not gonna tell anyone okay? i just need to know why you were out there” 

-”No” was all Eddie said.

-”No huh? That’s not what your mom said last night” Richie said slightly annoyed that the boy didn’t trust him enough to tell him what was going on

-”Richie, what is mom?” Eddie spoke in voice laced with innocence. He really had no idea what a mom was.

-It was then that Richie realized that this kid wasn’t just some run away. He was something else, Richie just didn’t know what yet. 

high school losers hc’s

@eddiekasp and @eddiesbadbreak helped a lot with this and i love them

- all seven of the losers would sign up for a class that literally no one else takes so they would have at least one class all together

- bev and richie take theatre all four years and bev heads up the costume and makeup crews and richie always gets comedic roles in the shows

- bill plays football and baseball, and mike plays football too, but the other losers are more hyped about football season. they come to every game and richie is a student section leader and flag boy

- one of the game’s student theme is jersey theme and stan wears bill’s letterman jacket

- stan runs for student council and all of the losers help with his campaign and he ends up winning

- richie and eddie have biology together and they sit in the back at the same lab table and richie doodles all over eddie ( @eddiekasp has a post abt this gO READ IT)

- all of the losers would come to every play and musical that richie is in and eddie brings him flowers and afterwards when they are taking pictures, eddie is CHEESING SO HARD

- stan plays on the baseball team for his sophomore and junior year with bill and they have so much fun. they throw the ball with each other during lunch while the other losers lounge near by and chat with them.

- eddie will always run lines with richie either for his auditions or the show itself and he always reads them without any voice inflection and it makes richie laugh

- they carpool with each other a lot

- they all have “study sessions” around finals which are really just them avoiding studying at all costs

- in the classes they have together, they have a system to help each other out with answers during tests through a series of foot taps and arm stretches

- ben runs track and bev comes to every meet and cheers for him the loudest

- ben convinced richie to join track because he has so much energy and eddie gets super happy that richie is doing something healthy

- richie comes home from every meet and practice so exhausted and he conks out all curled up next to eddie

- one day per semester they will have a skip day and drive into bangor for a fun time

- a dumb senior tries to pick a fight with richie on the first day of school one year and richie just turns around and lays that boy out in the middle of the cafeteria and no one messes with him for months

- richie and eddie skip class sometimes and bum around either the empty locker rooms or auditorium

- mike gets sick for like a straight week and the losers go see him every day after school and bring him food and his school work

- during pep rallies, richie is the one who leads all the cheers and he announces all of the football players in one of his big, booming voices

- everyone loves richie

- when it isn’t track season, ben takes part in model un and youth leg

- eddie is in HOSA and DECA and richie gets super sad when eddie has to leave for state/national competitions

- eddie also takes art and sketching class with bev and for one project he does a portrait of richie and it turns out AMAZING and richie sees it at Arts Night and tears up

- mike is super good at algebra and geometry and tutors for some extra cash

- one time the teacher left the room and richie called a pizza place and ordered lunch from the teacher’s phone then got detention 

- bev is in debate club and she absolutely kills her competition with her quick wit and killer outfits


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“There were still patches of snow in the shade, and the wind blew through his thin shirt. The hill was steep, and he was quickly out of breath, but he climbed on until he reached the empty porch of the temple. … He hadn’t come to pray. He’d come to hide.”  - The Queen of Attolia, by Megan Whalen Turner

An Eddis landscape linocut! (Attolia | Sounis | Medea)