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December 5:ft


A/U: So this story was actually a request from a friend of mine. Send me requests if you have any, I take almost all, no matter what pairing! :) Feel free to like and reblog, Enjoy! :)

Warning:  Fluff, (Contains some sexual content i guess)

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You hurried to close the apartment door to get away from the cold.

“Hello?” You called to see if he was home. No answer. You took off your jacket and hung it up. It had been a long day at the studio and you were exhausted. You walked into your bedroom and searched for something warm to wear and found one of Eddies navy blue knitted sweater. You stripped and put it on before heading to the kitchen in your panties. A yellow post-it note was left on the table.

“In a meeting, I’ll be home in a few hours, Love Eddie” With a little heart on the end.

A smile formed on your lips as you looked through your cabinets to see if you had any wine left. You found an unopened bottle of some cheap red wine and poured it in a glass. His regular meetings would end about five p.m. , meaning you had a few hours for yourself.

But you were bored. For the first time in a week, you felt like you had spare time.

With your wine glas in your hand, you walked to your living room.

Sitting down, you turned on the tv. But you felt too distracted to concentrate. You sighed in frustration and went to the kitchen to refill your glass. You stood in silence for a few minutes before going back to the hallway.

 Eddie kept a folder with all his finished work under a little table by the door. You sat down on the floor and began reading some. You tried to sound like Eddie and said:

“This story describes a miracle” You laughed a little at yourself before closing the script and finding another.

Soon enough you’d read through them all. You sighed again and went back to your bedroom.

Plugging your phone into the sound system in your apartment, you put your playlist on shuffle. The song Someone new by Hozier came on and you put up the volume. You loved Hozier. 

You put down your wine glass and started dancing in the mirror. Your hips swung from side to side as your hands made their way up and down your body. You felt sexy. You couldn’t but laugh at your own reflection. You picked up your wine glass and drank the remaining liquid. You closed your eyes and let your body swing to the music as you sang along with the lyric. The song came to an end with you singing

“I fall in love just a little, oh little bit, everyday with someone new-” You almost dropped the glass when you heard the familiar voice behind you.

“Oh, well I sure hope not” Eddie was standing in the doorframe with a big smile on his lips, his hands in his pockets. You knew you flushed a little as you walked towards him.

“Shit, you really scared me” You said and sat down on your bed.

“Can’t I watch my beautiful girl dance?” He raised his eyebrow but the smile remained on his lips.

“And… well why are my scripts laying all over the floor?” He said and made a gesture towards the hallway as he got closer to the bed. His hands remaining in his pockets. You felt a little embarrassed again. He sat down on the bed and pulled you into a hug from behind.

“Well can’t I read my boyfriends old scripts in funny voices” He gave you a weird look before laughing a little.

“Did you find them interesting? Any favourite parts?” Hi smirked and played with your hands.

“Yeah, I think i remember something about giving Eddie Redmayne head.” The words that came out of your mouth surprised you as much as it gave you confidence. Eddie squeezed your hand before pushing your back against the bed, making squeak and laughter leave your mouth. He laid on his side, almost over you. You both laughed as he gave you a fast kiss.

“God, you’re so hot when you dance. In my shirt” You cupped his face and kissed his freckled nose. You had complete eye contact as the room stayed silent.

“God I love you” He said as he rested his hand on your cheek, stroking away some hair from your face. You answered him with a kiss.

“Should we go make dinner?” You said and pouted your lips. You really wanted to lay there forever but you weren’t sure if he was in a cuddly mood. He smirked and put his hands around your waist.

“Not before I make love to my beautiful future wife”

Cold Nights and Comforting Cuddles

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader
Notes: I’m like freezing right now, so I thought it appropriate to make something kinda fluffy and sweet.
Warnings: Nothing really, just fluff.
Word Count:533

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“I-I just don’t see h-how it got this c-cold so quickly.” You shivered, rubbing your hands together before you reached blindly for a box of matches on the countertop.

“Here.” Newts gentle voice called out from behind you, and suddenly a veil of warmth was placed over you. Looking down at your shoulders, you saw a glimpse of that soft, thick fabric that you knew so well to be Newts very own jacket. Giving him a small nod, you turned back to your task at hand, quickly lighting three candles and placing them on the table and counter. Once that once finished, and you had some sense of sight in the darkened room, you turned back to Newt, a grateful smile on your lips.

“T-thanks.” You nodded thankfully at him again, but even though the jacket did relieve some of the coldness clouded around your flat, goosebumps still littered your skin. The frosty air nipped sharply at your skin and nose, turning it a light hue of pink as you stood there.

“It’s no problem.” Newts hands found themselves resting on your shoulders, soothingly rubbing up and down your arms to get the blood circulating again before he pulled you into a warming hug. “I’ve managed to light a fire in the other room. We could go in there, it would probably be a more lot warmer.”

You quickly nodded in agreement at his statement, and wrapping your own arms tightly around his waist, you both shuffled into the living room. “Here we go.” Mumbled Newt, briefly removing his arms from around your shivering body to fall on to the couch. You shortly followed behind him, nuzzling deep into his side as he threw an arm around your shoulders again to pull you deeper into his embrace.

“W-why did the power h-have to go out?” You grumbled, burying your face into Newts shoulder as you pulled his jacket over the two of you. “A-and it had to b-be during the winter time.” Newt chuckled a bit at this, rubbing your shoulders again as he leaned his head gently against yours.

“Who knows.” He replied shortly, pressing his face into your hair and sucking in a short breath to inhale the comforting scent. “Are you feeling any warmer?” He asked, shuffling just a bit in his spot to get more comfortable, and pulling you with him.

The two of you were still situated in front of the fireplace, the blazing heat glowing in front of you. Your legs had wounded up in Newts lap, while your were leaning comfortably against his chest, trying to bathe in his warmth. With his arms wrapped around you and his head resting against your own, you two were the perfect mass of warm tangled blankets and jackets.

“Yeah.” You nodded in reply, titling your head to smile up at him as he looked back down to you shortly to return the smile. “Thank you, Newt.”

Leaning down just a bit, Newts lips grazed your temple gently in a sweet kiss. “Don’t worry.” His voice echoed quietly in your ears, sounding almost like a whisper. “I’ll be here for you, always.”

In the shadows

Name: In the shadows.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Angst. Newt’s comforting ability. Death of one of the main characters (not Newt, breath out, lovelies <3 ).

Tags: @seninjakitey @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @elvirateaqueen13 @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader  @rawrcoptergaming  @seaweedredandbrown @fantasticbeastsimagines @ohlookfanfiction @hirainhisrain @waywardtimemachinejellyfish @this-is-a-unique-username @socktrollqueen @eli-cya @casfaith777 @n-octicolor @fairylightsandfandoms @kazezakura @animeo2l @aeichajoanes @coffeeandmondays @misofine @sweetlittlequeer @officially-a-magizoologist


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10 Male Fictional Characters I’d Marry in a Heartbeat

No. 6: Newt Scamander

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Jacob's sister (Newt Scamander x Reader ONESHOT)

Request by : @immuchtrash

You got off the ship swaying a little.
‘Hey, Y/N!’ Your brother Jacob said. ‘You don’t look great.’
‘How sweet of you.’ You responded, your voice dripping with sarcasm. He was right though.
'Still getting sea sick then?’
You nodded.
'How are you anyway?’ You asked.
'Oh, I’m doing great! I just opened my bakery and-’ he suddenly stopped, looking over your shoulder. 'Mr Scamander!’ He shouted, waving at a ginger man in ablue coat.
The man came toward you two.
'Mr Scamander, what are you doing here? You never told me you were coming back! Bored from Europe, huh?’ Jacob said.
'You can call me Newt, Jacob.’ He chuckled. He then looked at you wonderingly with his bright green eyes.
'Hey.’ You said shyly. 'I’m Y/N.’
'I’m Newt’ he said, shaking your hand.
'Oh, yes this is my sister Mr- Newt.’ Jacob said. 'So what are you doing here?’
'Well I came by to see how you’re doing. I’m going to South America after.’
'Looking for more beasts, huh? Well you should come over to my bakery while you’re here.’
'Yes, definitely!’ Newt saud excitedly. 'I’m glad it worked out!’
'Wait so you’re Newt Scamander?! Jacob has rold me so much about you!’ You said. 'Don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone.’ You added when you saw the glance he threw Jacob.
'Well I’m flattered!’ Newt laughed.
'So should we go to the bakery now or..?’ Jacob said.

(Time skip….)

The three of you went to the bakery and Jacob showed you and Newt around. He was just about to close, but sone emergency came up so he had to deal with it. Meanwhile Newt offered to take you to Central park.

'And then I finally managed to put it in my suitcase, just before it reached your brother.’ Newt finished his story about the Erumpent and you laughed.
You walked in silence for a while and them you said 'Thanks by the way.’
'For what?’
'Well for trusring me.’
'Are you joking? You’re awesome I’d trust you with my life!’ Newt said and then after realising what he had said, flushing a little. ’ Do you.. Um… Wanna see them? My creatures?’
'What, really?’
'Yeah, why not?’

Newt stopped dropped his suitcase on the ground and walked inside.
Hardly believing that you were going INSIDE a suitcase you followed him, leaving the cold of the winter night outside and entering a small crammed room.

'Wow.’ You said and Newt chuckled.

He showed you around - every single creature he had. He let you cuddle them pat them and a Hippogriff even let you ride it.

After what seemed like a few minutes but was probably hours you went back outside in the cold air.
You sat on a bench and you watched the sky become brighter.

'Hey, (Y/n)?’ Newt said after a while.
’ I-I… I know w-we just met and like I’ve only known you for a few hours but… I really had a good time.’ He took a deep breath. 'Would you be interested in coming with me to South America?’
You were startled by the question at first.
'Really?’ You asked not believing your ears. 'B-but I know no magic, I don’t think I can be a lot of help-’
’(Y/N).’ He took your hand. 'I saw you down there. I have never seen my creatures trust anyone else like that. I mean even Pickett trusts you! You’ll do perfectly.’
'Then…. Yes, obviously, yes!’ You laughed and hugged him.

You both blushed when you broke the hug awkwardly.

You couldn’t believe that you were going to look for magical creatures with Newt Scamander…. Hell, you only just met him!
But to be honest, it felt like you knew hjm your whole!e life.


Okay, so some of my family came over for dinner and one of them was my cousin, Marie. She’s from Ireland and works in film as a costume designer. We struck up a conversation about her work on a new TV show in town. • Me: Hey, have you heard of Eddie Redmayne? Marie: I know Eddie quite well actually. Me: *chokes on egg salad* Are– are you serious? Marie: Oh, yes! I’ve been to dinner with him many times. He’s a lovely, lovely man. Me: You’re kidding me. The conversation continued on about how they actually know each other (through a makeup artist that’s one of Eddie’s good pals) and the whole time I sit there like

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