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[Eddsworld MAD] Hurting For a Very Hurtful Pain
A part of an Eddsworld MAD that I made heavily-based on and inspired by an Osomatsu-san MAD of the same song. Could not manage to finish it due to some compl...

It’s unfinished (and I doubt that I will be able to complete the whole thing anyways) but here’s a short clip made for the MAD I had planned and posted about last year, finally up on YouTube. Also my first video on the channel so do check it out! 

Thanks a lot to @nicktoonsunite for helping to edit the video!

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Eddsworld as interpreted by the fandom;

Tord now replaces Edd as the main character. The whole world circles around him; he is a badass and the coolest one out of the whole group. He is the overprotective edgy boyfriend and either; 1. nobody likes him because he is the ultimate outsider and very nihilistic/mildly suicidal or 2. He is an adorable smol bean who dresses up as a neko and must be protected (even though he’s a communist leader who’s killed people). Literally no other villains exist anymore. Tord is the only person outside of the main three worth mentioning. Basically he’s the Sans of Eddsworld.

Edd is the positive, naive, bubbly character who believes that everyone that can be good. He is the lovable true smol bean who can do no wrong and is too pure and good for this world. He has never sworn in his life or even thought anything outside the perimeter of angelic goodness. He is only there to be cute and a love interest for Tord or Matt.

Matt is literally the same as Edd besides the fact that he doesn’t like coke, is more vain, and is a little more stupid. The only reason people care about him is his vanity.

Tom is the only character besides Tord actually cared about and given considerable traits. He’s a full-blown alcoholic suffering with delirium and depression after Tord’s death and doesn’t care about anything or anyone except for his love/hate edgy angst relationship with Tord, and I mean he TOTALLY HAS FEELINGS FOR TORD because there’s so much subtext and they totally don’t hate eachother or anything and HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT THEY’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP TOMTORD4EVAH

Patryck and Paul serve Tord and are gay. That’s it. That’s all we know and care to know about them.

Eduardo and Mark are both just assholes (Mark especially because he literally has no character.) Jon’s a little cute and sometimes he’s shipped with Eduardo but that’s about it.

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The 4's reaction to their teenage daughter introduces there boyfriend

Edd: Daddy Edd here is gonna try and embarrass the ever loving hell out of his little girl. He’s going to tell and show the boyfriend all of their most embarrassing moments that he can think of, he’ll be extra punny and pull out his worst jokes. He wants to annoy the boyfriend in the highest way possible, this is his method of scaring off boyfriends. Anything horrible that you thought would happen, will happen.

Matt: Matt is going to be very dead pan while meeting his previous daughter’s love interest, he stares at him blankly while shaking his hand and doesn’t even nod a response to his greeting. While they talk at the table he doesn’t show any signs that he’s actually listening until it’s his turn to talk, when he does begin to speak all he does is brag and brag about his daughter, it goes on and on, he puts her on the highest of pedestals and makes her seem like the queen to be. Obviously the boyfriend is hugely out of her league. When the boyfriend tries to respond and talk about what he likes and likes about his daughter Matt always interrupts him with a remark on how that’s not a good thing. No one is good enough for his little princess.

Tom: Now Tom isn’t apposed to his little girl finding love, but love is when you get married and have babies! She’s only a teen, nothing she should be getting involved with at the moment. She can date when she’s in her late 40’s… Or when Tom dies… When he meets the boyfriend he puts off his most intimidating aura he can muster, he wants to show that he can kick the guy straight into next year. He just stares at the guy angrily and defiantly makes the kid sweat and stutter nervously, he’s a big protective papa bear. When the boy leaves he turns to his daughter and begs her not to dAte, she’s his sweet little baby girl and needs to not grow up anymore, please.

Tord: Guess whose getting a personal tour of every single one of Tord’s weapons? The boyfriend! Tord has lots of stories to tell of how he’s personally destroyed anything and everything in his path and how to dispose of a person properly, he has many “friends” in his life that are very capably of doing the same as him and more even. Interesting fact on how easily people could go missing without a trace. Would you look at that? I’m sorry to say this daughter but you’re boyfriend might have ran out the second the door even opened.

Edd’s world has begun to stop spinning…

Since the FANDOM JUST RUINED EDDSWORLD, don’t get me wrong but JUST LOOK AT THE FANDOM. EDD’S POOR WORLD IS STOPPING TO SPIN, AND ONLY MATT IS LEFT! Please, do not ruin the fandom, i got inspired from Edd to animate, the ONLY inspiration was Eddsworld. Nothing more. Please, whatever you do, DON’T RUIN AND MAKE US HATE EDDSWORLD JUST BECAUSE OF THE FANDOM! No, i still love it, but so much harrassment was given to Dudul and Paul. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, BEFORE EDDSWORLD WILL STOP SPINNING.

Please. Just don’t send them porn drawings, shippings and don’t harrass ANYONE. People are begging for you to stop this madness or Edd will be gone from our hearts, of course we don’t want that to happen. Stop this shit, right fucking now.
Everyone is leaving Eddsworld, and if Matt will leave, Eddsworld will be gone far far away. We all don’t want that, we all have feelings. But that doesn’t mean YOU NEED TO HARRASS AND SEND THEM PORN/SHIPPINGS! Stop this, please. We are all begging, do NOT harrass everyone in the squad, please. We want our fandom to be friendly, right now it’s full of people that harrass, give threats, ETC. If you want, you can reblog this so that everyone knows. No, i don’t want fame, all i care is life and Eddsworld. Go ahead, judge me for being a total dumbass just because of caring about EDD’S world. You all do realize what is it like to be harrassed? Pain, hurt and feeling like huge shit. PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS. End this stupid bizarre and let people be themselves, i am trying to do this friendly way. But hey, i can’t. Now, good day. Remember, DON’T HARRASS, SEND PORN/SHIPPING TO THEM, PLEASE!

Thank you for reading thus far.

I edited this because some people did not understand that i made this in 10 PM. I was obviously really tired, if i have wrote something not right, please tell me and i’ll redo or repost this. I am really tired right now too, i am not having enough time to rest. Goodbye!


Edd realizes he likes Tord when they play videogames. Maybe because how good he was at his favorite game, or because Tord would talk about girls (“”“manly stuff”“” as Tord would say), and Edd would get mad or use sarcasm as a way to express his annoyance

Day three. this was kind of hard tbh? like, coming up with something… “original” idk I still love it I’m

(this is just minutes lates in my country im sorry)


Characters of the first fandom, I have met a set of good friends in, drawn as characters of the first game I’ve played with a set of good friends. XP (villager always did look like they’d set a village on fire, but oh my stars Edd came out demented as heck)


Okay so I’ve created another au. It’s called the Powermad! Eduardo au.

Basically he’s had his superpowers too long and starts going mad with power, destroying buildings just for the hell of it, demolishing industries, he doesn’t even care about the people in the building anymore. He’s just having fun being himself for once and it feels great! What could possibly be wrong about this? Edd sees that he’s being evil and goes to intervene and things go from there.

Hope you guys like my au!!!!

“You and your nefarious scams!”

Nefarious -  Wicked or criminal.

That smile finally vanishes from Eddy’s face.

Eddy does have quite a vocabulary which he has demonstrated in different moments of the series. He’s a smarter kid then he let’s on. He let go his true self to be a mirror image of his brother.

Here is the contrast between Edd and Eddy. Edd always uses big words to make his point. Does he really understand what he is saying? I feel that most of his smart attitude is a mask. He doesn’t want the world to find out his past. A bit similar to the Kanker’s, but he tends to make people avoid him. He is fully aware that he annoys others upon over thinking or not giving other idea’s a chance.

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Tom is really fucking sadistic. Getting his way into edd by force. I still don't know why you guys support tom. He's being an asshole to both Matt and edd. What's makes me more mad is that you guys get mad at edd for his words instead of tom and his actions

Woah woah woah! let’s hold up a minute there buddy! 

I wanna take a minute to talk over a reoccurring theme in my asks lately: Tom forcing/tricking/manipulating Edd to mirror his feelings.

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Eventually Matt fires his skin enough for it to heal slowly and he he has to give up. He manages to hide the scars from Edd and Tom but someone else sees them one day. They think Edd was responsible for the injuries and take Matt aside to talk to him. Once Matt realises why the person is asking him weird questions, he's devastated. He just wanted to help Edd, but now Edd might be in serious trouble and he doesn't want to tell the adult why incase Edd finds out about his failure and gets mad.

ALTERNATIVELY Edd doesn’t let Matt push himself too far. He explains that he only proposed exposure therapy to make Matt more comfortable, never because he wanted him to push it. He’s so sorry he ever made Matt feel like he needed to do so. Edd and Tom are both very patient and they happily change their plans to include Matt because they love Matt more than any sunny day adventure they could have had