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*Back to Tord and Edd*

Tord: Matt doesn’t have to stay with me! He can have fun and I can totally care for myself!

Edd: Don’t worry, Tord. Matt volunteered to stayat the house. He didn’t want to go out for the night anyways.

Edd: The others are waiting for me. I’ll see you later. Call me if you need anything!

Tord: But- Ok. Bye, Edd.


Tord: faen.

Okay everything about this picture I just love.


Edd and Ringo being buds.

The husbands.

Tord don’t hug my bae or I throw couch.

OMG Tom’s like right by me do I act natural okay act natural you handsome ginger prince maybe he’ll ask you out!!~

Lol dunno who this Todd guy is but Imma let him shoot me into space.

Cutie Edd.

Eduardo be the lucky.


jinglcjanglcjinglc  asked:

♞, ♪, ۞, 까, △


  • ♞: Showers or baths?
    I like baths, but I take showers more often.
  • ♪: Do you find yourself singing or humming to yourself sometimes?
    I have a terrible singing voice but I do like to sing and hum occasionally when I’m writing or drawing something up. 
  • ۞: What shows did you watch when you were a child?
    I watched the generic kid shows that were on TV like : 
    Spongebob Squarepants, Ed, Edd. Eddy, Teen Titans, Judge Judy, The Simpsons, etc. Some other shows too I bet but those were all I remembered in the moment. 
  • 까: Cookies or brownies?
    Brownies! They tend to taste sweeter and are often more abundant than cookies are. [Though I really like subway cookies more than anything] 
  • △: Have you ever painted the walls of your room?
    Oh yes I had painted Van Gogh’s starry night painted on my walls for a few weeks before I went back over it with white paint so it’s not really noticeable but !!! I plan on going back and doing it again.