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Edd believes that his parents don’t love him.

You really can’t blame him because his parents are non existent. They don’t want to be a part of his life. The sticky notes pile up day after day never letting him forget what he did in his childhood.

They have been leading him down the wrong path filling his head with nonsense. Edd doesn’t like who he is. He has to hide his past from everyone only because his parents were embarrassed.

What about Edd? He’s traumatized. He’s hiding a scar. Edd believes this makes him a monster and then everyone he meets will turn and run away. He relives this memory every day from when all the kids laughed at him.

I saw somewhere that during Edd’s confession he also told how the school made him apologize to everyone. And then I think they removed his hat.

Edd was only five years old. He did wrong, but he already learned from that lesson. He has been emotionally scarred enough.

This is a very heavy line that is interpreted in so many ways. When Edd refers to Ed and Eddy as the only two people, it could mean that he is with right now or in general.

Think about it. Ed and Eddy are the only two people who care about him, hang out with him, and understand him to an extent. The other kids dislike him mainly because of the people he hangs out with.

Edd doesn’t even like the kids for a fact. He calls them shallow and he hates the way they have treated them for all these years. I don’t see Edd ever wanting to make a bond with the kids post BPS. The kids think the Eds will forgive and forget automatically. They don’t know them for a fact. How can the Eds forget all the cruel acts? A small bond will last for a little while, but not for a lifetime like the Eds.

And then out of all the adults in Edd’s world are the teachers in his school. They love Edd because he is always doing what he is told. Edd wants to make it seem like nothing is wrong. He doesn’t want anyone to find out what his life is really like.

This is why he was cautious of letting Ed and Eddy in during the first season. He was just learning what friendship was like he now he is letting them in on how his parents treat him and how he has lived his life in solitude.

Edd has never said anything as heavy as this line. I’m not sure how much Ed and Eddy think about Edd’s parents. They have nothing to go on, but the sticky notes. The only time Edd ever mentions his parents is about a certain rule that he is not allowed to go against.

Within the past year, I believe Eddy has grown suspicious. It’s mainly how Edd acts. He notices how he’s always trying to get them to notice and be proud of him. That reminds Eddy of himself who has been trying to impress his brother.

They have both been trying to impress people who have never cared about them.

I like how Eddy first starts off in this scene. He is scared when Edd comes at home nearly knocking him off his feet. If you notice before Edd runs towards him, Eddy is protecting the hand that got slapped away.

He has inkling that what he did was wrong, but he can’t show that.

The first time I did this analysis somebody told me that maybe the reason why Eddy begins laughing is because he is trying to hide his true self. There is no way that Eddy can be that cruel.

People tend to laugh at wrong times when somebody is angry. They could be acting very over dramatic or make the funniest of faces.

Watch Edd’s facial expressions very closely because you’ll notice by the fourth image that his anger begins to diminish. He is guilty because he is showing his true self and his ‘dark side’ that he hates letting people see.

Edd’s dark side comes up briefly throughout the series. Edd must have a temper issue and has gotten help for it. It’s implied by how he is trying to make himself calm down. This is something that his parents must have suggested.

There are moments where they do care about him, but it’s not enough. Edd is falling apart.

Edd just let Eddy in on how horrible his life really is. How often does this happen. Right, NEVER!

My only hope is that Edd’s parents will be waiting at home once he returns.

Dolorous Edd Appreciation Post.

I will write no meta or add any commentary. I will just compile quotes from the unappreciated wonder known as Dolorous Edd. Enjoy.

Jon was paired with dour Eddison Tollett, a squire grey of hair and thin as a pike, whom the other brothers called Dolorous Edd. “Bad enough when the dead come walking,” he said to Jon as they crossed the village, “Now the Old Bear wants them talking as well? No good will come of that, I’ll warrant. And who’s to say the bones wouldn’t lie? Why should death make a man truthful, or even clever? The dead are likely dull fellows, full of tedious complaints-the ground’s too cold, my gravestone should be larger, why does he get more worms than I do…”

A Clash of Kings.

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