My Edublog Awards 2013 Nominations

Here are my nominations for this year’s Edublog Awards.

Best individual blog - Anseo.net
Best new blog - spellingitoutblog
Best ed tech / resource sharing blog - Seomra Ranga
Best teacher blog - eLearning Island
Best individual tweeter - domaho
Best twitter hashtag - #edchatie
Best free web tool - Kidblog
Best educational use of a social network - #HowILearn
Best mobile app - Tweetbot

Counting down

Counting down

Another week done and one week closer to probationary year! A fellow student teacher told me this week that there was just over 5 weeks left of lectures and the rest of the time on the course is either holidays or placement. That sounds good to me!

I’d like to thank the Degree Source website for listing me as one of the top 10 influential student bloggers. It was a pleasant surprise and once…

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I’m often reminded of this great slam-poem by Taylor Mali - What Teachers Make and now it’s been made into an illustrated comic strip: http://zenpencils.com/comic/124-taylor-mali-what-teachers-make/