EDC Costume Inspiration - FAFI

“Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi’s strong presence in the graffiti and fine arts scene was first witnessed on her hometown walls in 1994. Back then, as she was painting and hustling, her sexy, funny, and sometimes aggressive girl characters made the whole world look and help kick-start a whole new graphic language; by exploring feminity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans. Europe, USA, Japan, Hong-Kong, the planet is a playground. And it’s only started.”

I’ve been a fan of Fafi’s work for quite sometime now. I’m in love with the boldness of her art, and the creativity she brings into portraying a ‘sexy female.’ Her art work alone has been a HUGE inspiration in prepping for this year’s EDC costumes. 

'Fafi’ girl(s)’ would be a perfect theme for a group of girls attending EDC this year. The costume is fun, super cheap to put together, and filled with endless color scheme variations. 

Here is my quick rendition of the costume:: 

External image

I created the look using a bright colored wig, fun glittery hair accessorie,  and finished it off with the signature hearts on the cheeks. You can dress this with bright colored clothing mixed with a touch of fun patterns. 

Super easy, right?! Enjoy! 

xoxo- Drea

Ps. You can peep more of Fafi’s work over at her tumblr, found here. 


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