edc weekend

The majority of my roomates went up to Las Vegas for EDC Weekend tonight and im still stuck at home trying to remember facts and dates for my last final tomorrow. I usually sneak into huge events like that but Im debateing on even going cause I highly doubt sneaking in to EDC would be an easy task to do and with no forsure spot to stay out in Vegas for the weekend things could get real ugly real quick. At this point if I end up finding myself going to Las Vegas after finals tomorrow it will be a grand surprise and adventure alike. 


This was when I was wasted at the Symbols party Kastle thru in Las Vegas last Saturday and my buds Falcons & Trippy Turtle played. And at this point I had to take it for the team and go holler at some fine ass honeys at the pool party for my pals. Twas successful however, this girl in particular happened to be friends with a couple of our other producer pals lol small ass world. But her friends were tight. Yeeeeeeeeee. I was straight up a dude this entire edc weekend.