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EDC Survival Guide: Be smart with your phone

There’s a fine line between using your cell phone to make the most of your EDC experience, and relying on it too much. Consider this an EDC survival guide: cell phone edition.


Time stamp text messages to overcome a delay in message delivery. By attaching a time stamp, your friends will know exactly when the message was intended to be sent.


Use mobile recharging stations to juice up your phone, or bring your own charger and use one of our outlets. Better yet, purchase an EDC locker. Each one comes equipped with chargers and charging outlets, so you can leave your phone to charge inside and rest assured that it’s safe. Be innovative and bring backpacks with internal chargers so you can charge your phone while dancing at your favorite stage.

Taking pictures and video

Take pictures and videos, but upload them after the end of each night. You’ll save time and battery not searching for a signal, and you’ll avoid constantly checking your social media outlets to see how many people have “liked” your posts.

Preserving your battery

Grab one of our booklets so you don’t need to keep checking your phone for set times. If you want to use your phone to access set times on the EDC mobile app, take screen shots so you don’t need to use your WiFi to look them up later. Turn down the brightness on your phone.
Close applications you aren’t using, or better yet, hide them on your phone (you can always un-hide them later). Turn off your data plan. You’ll still be able to make and receive calls and texts, but your phone won’t lose battery searching for WiFi. Turn off your phone (crazy, right!) and turn it back on again at the end of the night.

Cell phone alternatives

Bring walkie talkies (consumer grade only) and you won’t have to worry about phone signals or missed call and texts

Loss prevention

If you do lose your phone, go to the lost and found nearest where you think you may have lost it. If it’s not there, leave a friend’s contact information with the people at the booth, so if someone turns it in later, they will be able to return it to you. If you have a password on your phone that you don’t want to remove, make your lock screen your friend’s contact information so if someone does find it, they can still reach you. In the event that your cellphone is not at the festival’s lost and found, use theft prevention systems such as MobileMe.

By Anum Khan