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Daypack and Outdoor EDC

I have hiked 1000+ miles on my trip around the US and Canada since last Fall, and this gear almost always comes with me when I’m outdoors. 

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By now, you might’ve seen Magpul’s DAKA line of pouches and wallets recommended as weatherproof EDC options thanks to their rugged construction and protective materials. The newest addition to the DAKA line, the Suppressor Pouch, is like a trimmed down version of the original DAKA storage pouch. Officially, it’s designed to fit a suppressor and its required NFA paperwork. But since you probably don’t EDC one of those, you can look at this pouch in a different way. This is one of the most rugged tactical pen and pencil cases available today.

At 9 x 3 inches, the suppressor pouch is smaller than the rest of the DAKA line. That’s just the right amount of space to store the writing implements of your choice and keep them safe on the go. Even if you don’t carry multiple pens, it’ll stash a few of those awkwardly long items in your EDC, like 2-cell flashlights, dedicated screwdrivers, pry bars, and more.

The Suppressor Pouch retains the rugged polymer construction that’s welded to keep the elements out. Plus, a reliable, water-tight YKK zipper its contents safe from dirt and water. Each corner of the pouch also features a lanyard attachment point, letting you easily clip or tie the pouch into your EDC pack system.

If you’re looking for a pencil case that’s more on the rugged tactical side, consider giving this pouch a shot. Pick one up at the link below.

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to give him the perfect addition to his carry. Whether he’s a jetsetting businessman or spends his weekends outdoors, Dad deserves nothing but the best and most useful gear. Get him something practical and memorable from our Father’s Day EDC Gift Guide.

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Festival Starter Pack: The Lady Daytripper

There’s nothing worse than walking around all day in the sun without sunscreen, or waiting for your favorite band to start and realizing you have no water…

FEAR NOT! This festival/rave starter pack is just for you! Whether you are a music event virgin or a seasoned vet, this little kit has all the basics you’ll need to survive the festival/rave scene.

* * * * 

This does NOT come with a bag! 
This is perfect if you have one you already want to use!

* * * *

This kit includes:

♡One aluminum waterbottle with carabiner♡
Because staying hydrated is rule #1! 

♡One LED bracelet AND one LED flashlight (that glows like a lava lamp)♡
Because they’re fun to play with, and it’s a good way to keep track of you and your friends.

♡One disposable camera♡
Because who wants to get their nice SLR dirty???

♡Baby wipes (20 in a package)♡
Because you literally are disgusting by the end of the weekend, especially if you are camping. Also, rogue dust storms will cake you in dirt!

♡One energy shot♡
Because at 7pm on Saturday, you will still be hungover, and need a little boost!

♡One pack of gum (flavor of your choice)♡
Because, duh.

♡One lighter and lighter leash♡
Because, also, duh.

♡One Chapstick with SPF 15♡
Because chapped and sunburned lips suck.

♡One mini tube of sunscreen (SPF 70)♡
Because sunburned ANYTHING sucks! 

♡One mini plastic container (Tupperware) with safety pins, hair ties and bobby pins♡
Because you will forget hair ties, bobby pins, and will probably rip your pants down the front seam at the worst possible time and need a safety pin. 

♡One mini deodorant♡
Because you will smell.

♡Two condoms♡
Because things get crazy sometimes! 

♡One Emergen-C packet (citrus flavored)♡
Because a mega boost of Vitamin C is always helpful! 

♡One Airborne pack of chewable Vitamin C tablets (4 tablets, citrus flavored)♡
^ See above!

♡One pack of Tums (8 tablets, 750 mg each)♡
Because your stomach will not take kindly to the abuse you are doing to it.

♡One bottle of Ibuprofen (10 tablets, 200 mg each)♡
Because your head will not take kindly to the abuse you are doing it.

♡One regular tampon♡
Because it always happens at the most unexpected time.

♡Two colorful band-aids♡
Because the chance of you falling and scraping your knee increases with increased alcohol consumption.

♡Two cough drops (Halls Defense with Vitamin C)♡
Because you will be screaming all your favorite songs all weekend and they will feel so good!

♡One mystery gift for you♡
Just because you’re awesome!