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Ah yes. It’s that time of year again when this stupid and judgemental meme pops up on my social media or it is sent to me purposely as I post about the fun I’m having at EDC. This meme in particular was obviously made by someone who has never attended Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s right off the bat condescending and insulting.

“Pull me over I have drugs”, such a gross and misinformed stereotype. Drugs are in EVERY SINGLE MUSIC SCENE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Weed and alcohol are still drugs incase you forgot and caffeine is also considered a drug and they are readily available everywhere. Whether some one does them or not is absolutely NONE of your business if it’s not affecting you directly.

“I have shitty taste in music”, no I don’t. I value and appreciate a different form of music that you do not regularly hear being regurgitated over and over again on the radio or whatever Hot Topic tells you to like. EDM is different and there’s nothing like it. Because radio stations wouldn’t play EDM or sell them at record stores, distribution had to go underground and make own shows and events long before social media became the norm. And in the underground concerts and events, the rave culture began, PLUR was created, and has been thriving for 30+ years. And even now, it’s still not welcomed or accepted in the mainstream.

“I make stupid financial decisions” first of all, HAH! I have been going to EDC since 2007 and this weekend is my 10th one. Every year, I can afford my ticket, my travel expenses, and my hotel just fine. You know, having a job and all helps out with that, and I’m pretty sure the other 125,000+ people there have jobs too. “Paying $200 to watch some people press ‘play’” Actually no, djs create their own music and mixes and remixes for every show and during the show as well. They engage with the crowd, set up visuals and designs to play during their sets, and really, truly care about their fans. BTW, EDC tickets are up to $450 for the 3 night event. Sorry you can’t afford to go. Maybe you should have made better financial choices huh?

When I first attended EDC 10 years ago, I knew nothing about EDM or the rave culture, but I’m an open minded person and I don’t judge others until I can experience something for myself first hand. That night was huge game changer for me and I really learned what PLUR was, peace, love, unity, and respect. The rave culture is so amazing, accepting, and non judgemental people I have gotten the pleasure to get to know. I have met some many great people and some of my best friends there. Not once have it ever felt ashamed of being who I am, of my body or gender. Do you want to know who the most judgemental people I have ever met are? Cosplayers. I enjoy cosplaying but I can’t stand most of the people in the scene. They’re clique-y, get over protective of a character that is 'theirs’, body shame on each another, spread rumors about each other, and judge your costume in how accurate it can be all while trying to sell prints because they couldn’t make it as a model the old fashioned way. I have never met people like that in all the years I have been raving. When I run into other Harley Quinns at a rave we run up to each other, hug, dance, trade kandi, and take pictures. There’s no competing over who has the better costume or more followers, it’s straight, pure fun and I can nerd over a character i love with a stranger while listening to a set.
You want to know another post I’ve fact about raves? They are SO MUCH MORE SAFER than attending a bar or club. Not once have it ever felt threatened or unsafe there. I have never been verbally assaulted or groped by a man there like I have at a club because I turned them down. The EDM community is an incredibly respectful group of individuals and help each other out. The police the attend EDC absolutely love working the event. They do a lottery to draw names to see if they can work it. I see cops walking around enjoying themselves and taking pictures and having the attendees come up and dance with them, give them kandi and thank them for working the event.

Bottom line, EDM may not be for you and I respect that and will never shame you for what you like and enjoy, but don’t judge me on what I spend my hard earned money on and music taste, especially if you have never attended before. So while you spend your Sunday night watching reruns or doing chores, I’m going to be dancing with my rave family from dusk til dawn on the Las Vegas Motor speedway and you are always welcomed to join us under the electric sky