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Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the question the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones

Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to your post

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

my questions:

How old are you? - 18.

What’s your favourite song at the moment? - probably Addicted from Morgan Page feat. Greg Laswell

Which place would you like to visit before you die? - Scotland would be nice:)

Do you have any tattoos or do you want to get any? - No, I don’t have any and idk maybe one day.

Vans or Converse? - Converse

Favourite Disney Film? - I’m not a big fan of Disney..

What you enjoy doing in your free time? (besides tumblr lol) - reading

Do you like sports? - Yeah

Do you have a crush at the moment? - Sadly yes.

Liam Payne or Harry Styles? - NOOOOO just not this one! Harry… no, Liam.. no.

What would you name your first born? Say for both boy and a girl. - For a boy definitely Holden and for a little princess maybe Nina.

People I am tagging :











~ sorry for making this if you’ve had enough from this but I’d like to make one and you’re all so nice that I hope you won’t hate me for it.

The questions you have to do:

Favourite TV series at the moment?

Zara or TopShop?

Perrie or Eleanor?

Your favourite place? country, city or whatever you want..

Favourite book of all time?

A one night stand with Harry or a long relationship with Liam?

Do you practise any sports?

Your favoutire bromance?

Pepsi or Coke?

Do you like high-heels?

uhm… Favourite colour?

oookay here you go!