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Everyday i am reminded of how amazing and lovely and talented and awesome you are and I just thank whoever might be hearing that I could share a fandom with you and meet and…. Thank you so much for everything, dear, you make me feel like its my birthday every day because you are such a gift <3 <3 <3 I love you and I am just forever grateful that I was able to become friends with you! I wish you all the happiness I know you deserve :’) good luck on everything in your life, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Juliana I think I’m going to actually cry

30 Days of Headcanon - Day 21

Something you find funny

One of my favourite things in the Silmarillion is Edain sass. Oh my gosh, First Age humans…they don’t care who you are, if you’ve been alive since the beginning, if you participated in the music of the Ainur, they really never had any Fs to give. If you are doing something stupid, they will tell you. Every elven stronghold should have had an Edain advisor to tell them, without mincing their words, when they were being stupid. My headcanon is that this would have avoided a lot of the ridiculous Noldor drama that went down. In fact, maybe it did avoid some.

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crocordile  asked:

do you have art headcanons for the cultures present in the silm?

YES I DO. Lemme tell you about:

  • Dwarven mosaics
  • Himring tapestries
  • Iathrim abstract art
  • Edain music
  • Statues in Gondolin
  • AND MY FAVOURITE: Post-Númenórean Ceramics (no no I swear this one’s really good it’s based on actual history and the possible origins of the Atlantis myth and there are pictures).

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Andreth and Adanel’s Map

As briefly described in the drabble linked above, I imagine that the Wise Women of the Edain made maps of the lands they’d travelled across to reach Beleriand, based on tales and songs and scraps of records made by the travellers.

This is just a part of it - the Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains. This is the bit which is probably most accurate, because they’re there right now - you can see Ossiriand, and the seven rivers of Ossir, and markers for where the great dwarven strongholds of Nogrod and Belegost are. You can also see in the top left-hand corner, more effective than any “Do Not Pass” or skull symbol - a stylised three-headed mountain.

I tried to include parts of the map of Eriador beyond the mountains - but naturally it’s not perfectly accurate cartography, as Adanel and Andreth are working with old stories and memories rather than careful geographical surveys.

This is for week 7 prompt for the Standard Bingo Cards.

EDIT: Forgot to say - I painted it with coffee! It smells amazing! :P

avantegarda  asked:

I like to think about an AU where Luthien and Idril become buddies and go out to lunch and laugh about their human husbands.

*In a nice restaurant downtown*

Luthien: Is yours stupidly proud of his beard?

Idril: YES.

Luthien: Like it’s an achievement. Like he personally toiled to make it come into being.

Idril: I like his beard…but not as much as he does. Does yours try and stand taller around your father too?

Luthien: I think he gave up, actually, there’s hardly any point.

Idril: Awwww, they’re so cute.

Luthien: I know!!!

Happy Birthday!! (Whenever your birthday was in your time zone :’) ) hope you have nothing but the best of luck this year. 

Here’s Morwen, Rían, and Haleth in a rainbow-butterflies-universe where nobody dies and timelines don’t exist. They wish you a happy birthday as well.

*incoherent scream of pure joy in Janie’s direction*

Even the freaking INDEX of the Silmarillion has hidden feels!

Baragund: Father of Morwen the wife of Húrin; nephew of Barahir and one of his twelve companions on Dorthonion.

 COCK I DID NOT KNOW THAT. Morwen left Dorthonion leaving her father behind - and her father never left. Did she ever even find out that he was betrayed to death by Gorlim, one of his closest companions? Or did she just have to assume the worst? Can you imagine them parting, much like she parted with Túrin when he went to Doriath? How many people has she had to part with like that, standing straight and tall, not crying, promising she’ll see them again - her father, her husband, her son…and what about the women in her life, where ws her mother, did she even survive the joiurney out of Dorthonion? What about Rían who left, pregnant, to find her newly wed husband on the battlefield, and never returned? What about Lalaith, who she only got to hold for three years? And then when she was separated from Niënor she couldn’t even say goodbye.

*throws book out the window*

Edain and Eldar - Part 2; Choices

In Part One, I talked about the arrival of the Edain in Beleriand, and the problems they had at first in relations with the Green Elves, Sindar and Noldor. That was all before anyone became a vassal of anyone. But as time went on, decisions had to be made.

 In part two I want to talk about why some of the Edain chose to become vassals of the elves, why some chose not to, why some returned east, and what the benefits and consequences of each choice were.

Also, it was remiss of me last time not to thank Juliana and Kate for reading this through to check I didn’t say anything stupid. Which I totally did. Thank you for helping me to come off as smart, guys.

All quotes from the Silmarillion.

(I think you can probably read part 2 without studying part 1, and vice versa, I just had too many thoughts).

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The Ring of Barahir, for the tolkienreadalong bingo!

…green jewels gleamed there that the Ñoldor had devised in Valinor. For this ring was like to twin serpents, whose eyes were emeralds, and their heads met beneath a crown of golden flowers, that the one upheld and the other devoured; that was the badge of Finarfin and his house.” (The Silmarillion)

Eh, you can’t see the little bottom snake very well. He’s busy “upholding”. Also could maybe have done with another flower to the crown, so that Devouring snake is definitely “under”. He got a little carried away with the devouring maybe. (THANKS FOR THE SUPER VAGUE INSTRUCTIONS, FINARFIN).

Anyway, #livefastdieawesome.


Statues of important First Age Edain women - lost in the Downfall of Númenor.

Adanel - Adanel was a Wise Woman, born into the House of Hador, and married into the House of Bëor. She was one of Andreth’s teachers in lore.

Beleth - Beleth was the eldest child and only daughter of Bregolas, of the House of Bëor. She was Morwen and Rían’s aunt, and the ancestor of Queen Erendis.

Hareth - Hareth was the daughter of Halmir, chieftain of the Haladin. She married into the House of Hador, and her children were Húrin and Huor.

These women were survivors, loremasters, huntresses. In the loss of Beleriand, and of Númenor, few records of their deeds survive, but it’s very likely that the Númenoreans, at least, would have honoured them with statues.

Dec 4th - Tuor and Idril

The Gil-galAdvent Calendar

Yeah, I brought the gif back for today, seeing as how I spent five whole minutes making it. ANYWAY, today’s door opens with a creak of wooden boards and a smell of the sea. It’s for Molly, my Tuor/Idril muse.

By the way (and this goes for all of you) just because I like you doesn’t mean I won’t attempt to break you with fic.  (✿◡‿◡)

And judging by some of the messages and posts you’ve made - it’s mutual.

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xwingrey  asked:

? Andreth

As well as a lorekeeper, Andreth is of course a singer, because before the Edain had writing their history was handed down orally. She’s an alto, and doesn’t lose her House of Beor accent when she sings. She knows songs that are so old nobody can remember who composed them - and it’s a mistake to think that just one person did, anyway.

Andreth sometimes adds lines to the old songs when she has some relevant lore - such as the name of the hero’s mother as well as their father, for example. Unfortunately a lot of songs, and particularly her additions, were lost when the House of Beor was scattered in the Bragollach.

She also composes her own songs, many of which have an obvious story/meaning, and also a more subtle, ironic meaning. She taught a couple to Finrod and thinks he’s not too bad at singing either.