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Everyday i am reminded of how amazing and lovely and talented and awesome you are and I just thank whoever might be hearing that I could share a fandom with you and meet and…. Thank you so much for everything, dear, you make me feel like its my birthday every day because you are such a gift <3 <3 <3 I love you and I am just forever grateful that I was able to become friends with you! I wish you all the happiness I know you deserve :’) good luck on everything in your life, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Juliana I think I’m going to actually cry

As promised - The House of Hador fancast entirely by Golden Retrievers.

You will notice of course, that the House of Bëor (plus Túrin) are Black Labradors and the House of Haleth are Alsatians. This is because of shut up they just are. You will also notice that a couple of the names are off centre because it was getting a bit silly how long I spent on this and I wasn’t willing to go back and tweak it.

With special thanks to avantegarda who found most of the pictures, and also apologies that I changed a couple dogcasts, because I couldn’t cope with Morwen and Rían being different breeds because I am a saddo.

Sigil by squirrelwrangler


Andreth and Adanel’s Map

As briefly described in the drabble linked above, I imagine that the Wise Women of the Edain made maps of the lands they’d travelled across to reach Beleriand, based on tales and songs and scraps of records made by the travellers.

This is just a part of it - the Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains. This is the bit which is probably most accurate, because they’re there right now - you can see Ossiriand, and the seven rivers of Ossir, and markers for where the great dwarven strongholds of Nogrod and Belegost are. You can also see in the top left-hand corner, more effective than any “Do Not Pass” or skull symbol - a stylised three-headed mountain.

I tried to include parts of the map of Eriador beyond the mountains - but naturally it’s not perfectly accurate cartography, as Adanel and Andreth are working with old stories and memories rather than careful geographical surveys.

This is for week 7 prompt for the Standard Bingo Cards.

EDIT: Forgot to say - I painted it with coffee! It smells amazing! :P

Gorlim and Eilinel

A fic lottery request for Kaywinnet .

Gorlim and Eilinel ,  <1000 words

Gorlim, for those of you who haven’t memorised every obscure member of the House of Bëor (like, I don’t know why you haven’t, you should get on that, but anyways) was a member of Beren’s father Barahir’s group of outlaws. He betrayed them all to Morgoth, in the hope that his wife Eilinel might still be alive, and Morgoth would free her.

Yeah, obviously she wasn’t, but Morgoth has a history of convincing people to make stupid decisions once he’s captured them (shout out to Maeglin!)

So my thinking here was – why is it specifically said that Gorlim got home, and found his house trashed and his wife gone? Like…was his the only house it happened to, he wasn’t tipped off by other burnt out cottages along the road? He didn’t have any neighbours who headed him off and broke it to him gently??

…I guess he didn’t, then.

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