Luna and Amber to release new SM Station song ‘Heartbeat’

The song will be released in both Korean and English, and is a collaboration with Ferry Corsten and Kago Pengchi. It is an EDM song and will be released on October 2.

It will be the main theme song for SM’s Spectrum Dance Music Festival, where Luna and Amber will perform live.


Guinea Pig posing for the camera by Neftali C . u


L1000263 by Zengame

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3 - winteriron?

3.) Student/Teacher AU

A/N: College AU too.

Rhodey was doubled over laughing with tears streaming down his face.

Tony huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. Unfortunately the new position angled his exam so that the fifty-seven in red glared up at him. Tony scowled and crumpled up the paper into a ball. “It’s not that funny. I failed a test, Rhodey. I’ve never failed a test!”

Rhodey’s laughter died down to snickers and he wiped his tears away. “I’m sorry, man. I’m sure you’ll find some way to raise your grade. I’m just laughing because…” Rhodey’s eyes slid into the small classroom where Professor Barnes was packing up his things to move to his next class. The man taught history and martial arts–a smarty with a body as Tony had once told Rhodey.

Tony groaned. He leaned against the wall, hitting the back of his head on it a few times. “I know. I know, it’s pathetic, but every time he moves his arms his muscles flex, and he has such an amazing back and ass.”

The corner of Rhodey’s mouth twitched, his eyes once again sliding into the classroom. “Uh, Tony…”

“And the day of the test!” Tony gesticulated his exasperation. “Did you see what he did? Did you? He picked up his desk! Picked up! Not dragged! Picked up! That thing weighs as much as me! I have never been so grateful and spiteful for that Paganism class before ours that likes to move the furniture around.”


Tony sighed dreamily. “Is it wrong that I spent most of my exam time imagining professor Barnes picking me up and having his way with me on the desk?”

“Considering the grade you got on your test I would have to say so, Tony,” Professor Barnes said right next to Tony.

Tony yelped and sprang away from his teacher. “Professor Barnes!” Tony scowled at his best friend. “Rhodey!”

Rhodey shrugged. “I tried to warn you.”

Professor Barnes looked highly amused. “Don’t worry. I’ve heard worse. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it for now.” Professor Barnes strode a few paces away then paused. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. “I’ll also ask someone else to move my desk next time. Wouldn’t want you failing your next exam.” He waved goodbye then left Rhodey and Tony alone in the hall.

“God, why did that make him only more sexy?”