Siete tutti uguali, lo fate solo per hobby, drogarsi nelle notti per dimenticare i ricordi.
—  Resi
Holmes and Watson in their free time

They’re not out solving cases all the time. Sometimes they’re up to other things. Here’s a small list of some times spent together we only catch a glimpse of:

Three hours spent walking and talking together, Watson “amused and enthralled” listening to Holmes in The Resident Patient:

For three hours we strolled about together, watching the ever-changing kaleidoscope of life as it ebbs and flows through Fleet Street and the Strand. His characteristic talk, with its keen observance of detail and subtle power of inference held me amused and enthralled. It was ten o’clock before we reached Baker Street again. 

An hour or more having “a pleasant little meal together”, Holmes talking about “nothing but violins” and Paganini the entire time in The Cardboard Box:

We had a pleasant little meal together, during which Holmes would talk about nothing but violins, narrating with great exultation how he had purchased his own Stradivarius, which was worth at least five hundred guineas, at a Jew broker’s in Tottenham Court Road for fifty-five shillings. This led him to Paganini, and we sat for an hour over a bottle of claret while he told me anecdote after anecdote of that extraordinary man. The afternoon was far advanced and the hot glare had softened into a mellow glow before we found ourselves at the police-station.

Two hours on a spring morning in Cornwall, walking along the cliffs together with Holmes talking about artifacts of neolithic man in The Devil’s Foot:

“It won’t do, Watson!” said he with a laugh. “Let us walk along the cliffs together and search for flint arrows. We are more likely to find them than clues to this problem. To let the brain work without sufficient material is like racing an engine. It racks itself to pieces. The sea air, sunshine, and patience, Watson—all else will come. […] Meanwhile, we shall put the case aside until more accurate data are available, and devote the rest of our morning to the pursuit of neolithic man.” I may have commented upon my friend’s power of mental detachment, but never have I wondered at it more than upon that spring morning in Cornwall when for two hours he discoursed upon celts, arrowheads, and shards, as lightly as if no sinister mystery were waiting for his solution.


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lotus063  asked:

Well Lucas is probably going to die in Not a Hero. He's dealing with Chris Redfield, let that sink in.....I don't think traps will do anything to boulder punch man.


fullysowerewolf  asked:

I've realized another important thing to note about "Redfield". He doesn't wear any green on him. Now, this may not seem like an important detail, but Chris has always worn green in some fashion while out in the field. It's his signature color. Why would they change that after 21 years? Unless it's not Chis at all.

Exactly. Pretty much every returning character so far has had a signature color that has carried over throughout the series.

Jill -> Blue
Claire -> Hot pink/Light red
Wesker -> Black
Ada -> Red

Hell, even Sherry, despite only being in 2 games, has a color theme of white (Leon I think is a weird mixture of blue/brown and always with a leather jacket, the nerd)

Chris has had some green in every single one of his outfits, even in Vendetta it looks like

Why would they suddenly drop this tradition that has persisted for more then 20 years, hmmmmmmm???

The plot thickens