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I have a (crack?) headcanon that the relationship between Logan and the princess before the events of Fable 3 runs something along the same lines as Mother Knows Best from Tangled. 'Broooother knows best!'

oh my god that’s so beautiful and on point YES headcanon accepted

also slight connection to theresa like when rapunzel finds out her mom wasn’t such a good mom lol



PM: OH, COME ON. You’re supposed to be Satan. Besides, no one will know it was me. I’ll send them anonymously to people’s doors when no one is looking. Pretty please?

Besides, the alternative was way worse. I was planning on sending little dicks in a bag with a card saying ‘eat a bag of dicks’, but that didn’t really sound like a prank.

Okay, for the record I still officially don’t know what you’re even planning. As much as I like your ass in one piece, I feel the same about my own.

Yeah no, bad idea. I’m not gonna let you get both of us into some crap. Besides, where do I even get glitter from? It’s not like I just casually store whole drawers full of them. Unlike some of us, I don’t shit sequins.


Some more of my unit Logan and Palico Zero Monster Hunter fanart! New cat in the team and his name is Kaz. I got my dream Zinogre armor few weeks ago. Zinogre is always my favorite monster and I still love the armor. another dream armor is tigrex and the elder dragon. I am at the elder dragon part til I stop. Just too busy leveling my HR and farming Tigrex items. I had fun playing online with my awesome good friends. I really love this game a lot.

Multiple Playable Characters in KH3?

In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, one of the most refreshing features is the idea of multiple playable characters. In each of these games, we are able to play as Riku, Terra, Aqua and Ventus instead of just Sora. Don’t get me wrong - Sora is my favorite character in the series, but playing as other characters was a breath of fresh air, especially since we see this overdeveloped, convoluted plot from more than one perspective. With the expected plot of KH3 leaning towards gathering the seven guardians of light to face the thirteen darknesses, what better way to tell this story than through the eyes of each of these seven guardians?

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