When I bought this for Logan at the store earlier, it had a ball in the middle of the rope. I thought it was tough enough to last a few, but the ball is now crumbs in the garbage because Logan is the Master of Destruction.


logan: oh hi, you’re finally back
storm: hey, so I want to go get some more photos later, today. wanna come too?
logan: uhm, i was really gonna stay hom-
storm: please..
logan: alright, fine.. but if i miss the new episode of the office, its gonna be all your fault.

The Sides as Winter Mittens

Logan: Solid black gloves with blue touch-screen fingertips. Simple and practical.

Patton: Blueberry-colored knitted mittens he made himself. There’s a hole in the one side from where he messed up the stitching, but he’s proud and happily wears them anyway.

Roman: Fingerless gloves that convert into mittens. Fingerless to make sword fighting easier, and mittens for questing, to keep his hands from getting blue. Blue is NOT his color.

Virgil: Thick, warm, purple ski gloves. He always worries about everything, and worrying about his fingers falling off from the cold is one less thing to be so scared about.