Call-out post for Wolverine because he’s fake af
  • Is a “loner” and yet he’s been a member of like 37 different teams, had MULTIPLE teenage sidekicks, is friends with like everyone , including many of his enemies
  • Drinks a lot of beer, but its only a metaphor bc his healing factor prevents him from getting drunk,,,,, 
  • pretends to be cool, but is actually a weeb
  • licked cyclops’s face…but not in a gay way
  • wakes up early every morning to style his hair like that…
  • and u know he only does his hair like that to make his short ass seem slightly taller
  • his name isnt even Logan! He stole that name!
  • its actually james… u can see why he changed it
  • is canadian but never sorry??
  • speaks like 12 languages, yet still uses ‘bub’ unironically
  • thats not how claws work
  • kills people and then lectures everyone else about not killing… shut up logan ur not that cute
  • why are there 0 fanfictions about the time he was a vampire i hate this fandom
  • most of his costumes are just the same things with slight variations… lazy
  • his hair always just grows back instantly when he heals so like… how does he shave
  • just kidding i love him
  •  \\^~^///      this is him but its only the top of his head because hes so short