The teenage girls of CW’s ‘The 100’, a summary:

When Clarke went down to Earth, she fell in love with Finn and had sex with him. Finn never told her, though, that he left a girlfriend, Raven, back in the Ark - a girlfriend he thought he’d never see again. Then, when Raven went down to Earth looking for him and found out that he cheated on her with Clarke, everything between them went to shit.

Classic CW teenage-romantic-triangle, right?


Turns out that Clarke is a strong and fearless leader and everybody listens to her and follows her orders, even the boys. Meanwhile, Raven is a genius. She creates weapons and usually saves everybody else’s asses with her brilliant ideas. They both are in love with the same guy, but they don’t need him to save them. Actually, Finn is the one who often needs them to save him instead and, when he declares his (different kind of) love for the both of them, they just say “sorry, dude, you broke our hearts, we deserve better”.

Of course, they still are normal teenage girls with their insecurities and flaws. Finn was the love of Raven’s life and she often feels jealous of his relationship with Clarke. She thinks Clarke is better than her, while Clarke utterly admires Raven. They both are brave and intelligent women that are not defined by their beauty or their gender. Not even once. Clarke’s wisdom, Raven’s intelligence and Bellamy’s sense of leadership are the reasons why the other teenagers are still alive on the ground.

And here we have this moment when Raven has a bullet in her back and is telling Clarke how little she [Raven] thinks of herself, how unworthy she is feeling after everything that happened with Finn, on Earth. And, then… only then, Clarke tells her that she’s worthy. They are not quite friends, but Clarke tells her that Raven would be her first and best choice in this time of war. Not Finn, not Bellamy nor even Jasper. Raven, the ex-girlfriend of the guy she loves. Clarke is basically telling Raven that “sisters come first. You are stronger than anyone else here and we’re stronger together”.

A few years ago, when I was 15 or 16 years old, I would choose one of them like I once had to choose between Juliet and Kate, Peyton and Brooke, Britta and Annie. Not this time, though. No Ship Wars for me or pointless lists with reasons 'why Raven is better for Finn [or Bellamy] than Clarke’. No! Give me reasons why this guy [no matter who] deserves to be with those wonderful girls, please.