Art: I got a call this morning from AUSA David Vasquez. Wants to talk to you about your shooting Boyd Crowder.
Raylan: Well, what’s there to talk about? He pulled first. There was a witness.
Art: But, you see, 10 days ago you shot a man in Miami. Put it like this: if you was in the first grade and you bit somebody every week, they’d start to think of you as a biter.

[Rewatching Justified] S01E02 - Riverbrook

Watchlist [2013] → Band of Brothers | 1.01 - Currahee

We were in a store, and a guy in that store told us to put our uniforms on, “What the hell are you talking about?”. He says, “The U.S.A.’s in a war with Japan.”

We couldn’t believe it. Our country was attacked. It’s a different… it wasn’t like Korea or Vietnam. We was attacked. And, you know, it was a feeling of… maybe we’re just dumb country people where I come from, but a lot of us volunteered.