Back Where I Belong - Chris Evans

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Chris are dating and she meets him at the airport after he’s been away filming for months?

people: Chris - Reader (You) 

warnings: FluFFY 

word count: 1000+

a/n: This is a request that someone asked so long ago, I’m so sorry I neglected your request, anonymous person! Thank you for this lovely idea, though, I’ve had this tucked away for so long.

“These seats are hurting my ass. God, now I know why airport seating is so fuckin’ painful, they want you to be motivated so you haul ass to get to the plane,”

I stopped to laugh at my joke, chuckling loudly enough to awaken the elderly lady next to me who was waiting for something she was not willing to talk about.

“Would you, for the millionth time, shut up! It’s three in the morning!” Across from me was this bitchy woman around my age, most likely a lot older. She had this weird orange hair, that I knew was dyed but she still had ginger-like looks to her face. She had the whole nine yards of freckles, ginger-tinted brows, and even wore green just to brighten her orange complexion.

“No! It’s three in the morning and I’m here because I’ve got someone to pick up that I’ve been waiting for. For four months!”

The Irish-wannabe looked at me and smirked, giggling to herself like I wasn’t ten feet away from her. “Who are you picking up? Your boyfriend you ordered off some sex website?”

Jesus, when will Flight 4301 land, dammit! I don’t have time for this!

Smiling sweetly, I got up and grabbed my bag along with my third cup of Starbuck’s black coffee. “Yes, you got me Lucky Charms, I ordered a sex companion. His name is Julio and we’re gonna get married in Vegas. Good day.”

Ginger-snap wasn’t fast enough to shut her wide opened trap that had fallen when I was quick to reply to her. Walking off I went to sit at another set of empty seats, hopefully not causing controversy with whoever lands up near me.

Chrispy Creme:  I land at BOS @ 4:45 baby! Sorry it’s so early :/ I love you xxx

It was two to forty-five and no signs of his flight were announced. Deciding to let it be, I plugged in my earphones and brought up my Itunes, clicking on a much-needed song right now, one that would ease the ache of Chris’s arm not being wrapped around my waist right now. It would numb my lips that could almost feel the pressure of lips on mine.

Humming along to the beat of Alicia Key’s ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ I closed my eyes that burned with lack of sleep. I hadn’t even slept all night because I got too excited about Chris finally coming back home. So I made myself an espresso and watched musicals that would make me stay awake because I could never sit through one without getting up and dancing to the beat of the melody or singing along with the cast. I was hitting my breaking point, though, my head throbbed, and my ass still ached, my eyes were burning with tears now, from sleep-induced stress. I felt my chin waiver as I silently prayed for Chris to just get here soon, I was waiting for him, Dodger was waiting for him. Then tonight there’d be a huge surprise party for him courtesy of Lisa, Carly, Shauna, and I. My fingers roughly rubbed my sunken eyes, I cannot fall asleep! No Sleep, no sleep, no sleep-

“Flights 4305, 4308, and 4301 have arrived. The gates are open for you to pick up your guest, thank you for choosing Boston’s Logan Airport. Have a nice day!” With that I grabbed my bag and abandoned my coffee, running to the sea of people who seem to have magically just appeared out of nowhere.

Now, I’m not the tallest bean in the stock so my only resort of finding Chris was jumping up and trying to get a glance of a NASA Cap, some blonde hair with ashes of brown in it, or those blue eyes that we’re quite hard not to miss.

After my twelfth jump with no such luck of a glimpse of him, I gave up on that plan and went with sour plan b. “Humph..Ugh! Fine, people. I’ll go to the back you asswipes.”

Leaving the crowd I went to the terminal area, watching the people pass by with their collected loved ones as I stared at them angrily, pissed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I didn’t lose hope, though, I waited for a good twenty minutes before finally, I caught sight of a very familiar looking button down.

I don’t know whether it was the possible dangerous amount of coffee in me or just the adrenaline of seeing him again but I bolted down the hall.

“Chris!” I yelled just in time to have him catch me in his arms, wounding me tightly around his hips. I was a koala bear that refused to let go of him. The numbness of my subsided when he kissed me fervently, almost clawing at my hair with a desperation to be closer to me, than he already was. we already were.

Pulling back just enough to let himself whisper breathlessly to me, I couldn’t help but kiss away the tear that leaked from his glassy eyes. “You..have no idea…how long… I’ve waited for this.” Beaming with a smile that hurt my cheeks I laughed sneaked a kiss from him again.

“Oh love, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you… but… now that I have you back-”

“Oh I’m never fuckin’ leaving again, that’s for sure.” Both of us burst out laughing at Chris’s words.

I let my feet hit the ground and soon we became just another couple walking out of the terminal, smiling with each other’s arm wrapped around their waist. We looked so ordinary, so normal. No one asked Chris for a photo or even a question. They just smiled as we passed, on our way to my car in the parking lot.

I felt Chris let out a sigh of relief, feeling his fingers dig into my hip a bit, as we walked out of the airport. “It feels good to be back home…”

“It feels good to just have you here…” Chris smiled down at me when I softly answered back to him. 

I stole another glance at him again, just wanting to see that face once more. Letting it sink in that he was actually finally here. Finally in bed with me at night, eating my terrible made up foods, and listening to my awful karaoke. I let a few tears fall to the earth, not caring if my mascara made me a raccoon or not. 

All that mattered was he was here with me. His burly arm around my lower waist, cuddling into me like no time had placed since he’d last held me like this. 

“I can’t believe I went so long without seeing your face, Y/N. God, it hurt sometimes just to think of seeing you on skype at night because I couldn’t reach in and just grasp your hand,” His arm left my waist and he took my left hand into his right, interlocking our fingers. “Or just see your eyes in the real sunlight… I don’t know how you summoned the strength because I sure as hell was caving in on week three…” 

Giving only a smile, sincere smile, I kept his hand clasped with my own, holding his palm just a bit tighter to mine as I felt my throat tighten with a sob I refused to release. “Oh love,” I replied. Staring at his beautiful face while Chris looked at the sun rays starting to beam their light down on us, letting the skies lighten with a blue color so beautiful it lifted his spirits even higher. 

Just looking at his widening eyes, and dopey smile and felt a sob and chuckle come out at once. God, I’m in love with this man…How did I get through these months away from him? Lord knows it was spent sometimes with my face in a pillow or my body tucked under the sheets all day… all of it, though, I’d do again and again just to be able to hold that face…

How hard was it to be away from you, Chris? 

 Love, you have no idea.

Tell me your thoughts! I wrote this on a whim so constructive criticism is always welcomed haha! - R .xx 

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Clear Blue Departure
七瀬 遙 ( CV.島﨑信長 ) / 橘 七瀬 遙 ( CV.島﨑信長 ) / 橘 真琴 ( CV.鈴木達央 ) / 葉月 渚 ( CV.代永 翼 ) / 竜ヶ崎 怜 ( CV.平川大輔 ) / 松岡 凛 ( CV.宮野真守 ) / 山崎宗介 ( CV.細谷佳正 ) / 似鳥愛一郎 ( CV.宮田幸季 ) / 御子柴百太郎 ( CV.鈴村健一 )
Clear Blue Departure

♫ 「Free!-Eternal Summer-」 Ep.13 Ending Theme ~  Clear Blue Departure ♫

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Somebody To Love - Chris Evans

summary: Chris keeps trying to tell you he’s in this for the long haul. You, however, don’t think he realizes what the haul will enquire. Does he know there’s more to you than what you show him? Does he see the pain in your eyes?  

people: Chris - Reader (you)

warnings: none. 

word count: 1.6k

a/n: I want this to be dedicated to a loving and caring person who knows what having everyday pain is like. @sfreeborn you are a warrior, and like me, you have to get up and go on with your day even when it feels like hell. You are so amazing and I just hope this imagine is something you’ll enjoy, I only want to make you happy, dear. - R .xx

Have you ever felt just…so angry at nothing? You just endure the anger because you can’t blame anyone! You just swallow the pill of tolerance every day and wait until you’ve reached the point of no return. You become your anger. Water that’s boiling hot in a spot right inside your heart. Your loved ones, they try to help but what can help a lost cause? I’m gone, I’m done. I can’t keep pretending, and I know it’ll feel like ripping off a band-aid of a bee sting. But he knows it, and I know it.

I’m not enough.

I’m just so angry, all the time… but who am I angry at? Myself? My body for defying it’s one duty of protecting and nurturing me? No. I was just angry. Angry.

My eyes opened fast and immediately I regretted my decision to wake up. I lifted up my arms to rub my eyes and sit up but fell back into the bed. My arms felt like I’d gone to the gym last night and lifted twenty-pound weights; all night long. Aching so badly my hand shook as I reached for my phone on the bedside table. Typing in my password, I opened up my messages and saw his name right at the top of my contact list, with a blue dot on the left.

Chris: Love wake up! Your coming to set today to meet the cast! Anthony says he’s excited to meet Mrs. America haha XP

Chris: Honey? :)

Chris: Ladybug? You’re normally awake by ten… are you okay?

Chris: Babe?

Chris: okay I’m worried now, I’ve called ten times, I’m coming home.

Jesus… why the hell was he up my ass right now?

Glancing at the time my body released a tender sigh, 2:45 P.M.

How had I missed his calls? I always knew it was him by his custom ringtone; “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. My ringer was on loud too, so why the hell had I missed them all?

Dropping my phone onto the white comforter that held me hostage in a tight, comfy cocoon. Awaiting for Chris to come through the door in panic any minute. He’d be racing the highway to get here and I was already guilt-ridden enough, I didn’t want to cause him an accident by calling him so I awaited his booming voice he never realized pierced my eardrums like shards of glass.


The fight started when he found her in her pajamas, rifling through the tea collection in the kitchen. When he saw her, looking to him like just a lazy-ass, he started in on her. Never seeing the pain in her eyes as his voice hurt her ears like he was scraping his nail down the chalkboard. She tried to hold her own, but there was a Mardi Gras that was going on inside her brain that prohibited her from even hearing his voice. That was, until he slammed his keys on the kitchen counter, making my pain suddenly become power. Angry, nasty, vulnerable power.

“You listen to me, Chris!” His head jumped up to look at her red, puffy eyes. They poured anger into his, and immediately Chris felt himself realize his fuck up of yelling. 

He knew she had chronic pain. Normally, she would just power through it. Lately, though, she seemed… slower, more tired and less driven to be intimate with him… he should’ve known that there was more than just a headache to her chronic pain.

“You listen, okay? I’m am a fucking mess, Chris! I have days, where I can’t get out of bed! I’m depressed, therefore I’m not a confident person, ever. I’m always uncomfortable, scared or tired! Do you know how that feels? A-And, s-sometimes I’m just…sometimes I have days where I need someone. Because my brain is questioning everything and everyone. My brain goes into overdrive and suddenly I’m terrified we’re going to get a nuclear attack or I am gonna have like this… massive stroke! I have this severe anxiety and then come to the panic attacks. I have chronic. pain. I am not going to get better, it just a fact. And I hate that! I hate that so fucking much but it’s my life! I deal with it. I do what I can, but I will be damned if I drag someone I love into my personal hell, Christopher. You don’t need someone like me. You deserve a lot bet-”

“No, I don’t, Y/N because you’re mine. You are my woman. I love you, dammit! More than I ever thought I possibly could. I want to be here, there, anywhere you have to go! I want to be at your side. To help you through the pain, cheer you on as you continue getting your therapies. Baby, I don’t need anyone else. I don’t know how to convince you, darling… how can I get you to believe in me! Believe in the truth! There’s no one else I need or want. You’re my one, baby. You must know that, or at least feel that.” You shook your head, though, looking down at the blue tips of your hands, angry with Chris’s words. 

Standing up I went to walk away but halted, feeling that gnawing off my anger bubbling up in my stomach for some reason, this time I didn’t suppress it, I took it in and embraced that anger, letting it flood the room with my poisonous tone. Even Chris jumped when he heard my roar.


Tears streamed like rivers down your cheeks but you couldn’t care less, you felt broken and wanted help. You hurt and wanted to be cared for. You were exhausted to the point of just passing out on the floor. You wouldn’t even mind if that happened, though. It’d help in forgetting that this fight ever occurred.

Chris decided to come back at me one final time. Throwing his emotional pain into his words, finally letting me see an emotion I rarely saw in Chris; desperation.


When he stopped. It was like his final words did it for me, things clicked and I saw behind those blue eyes that he was telling the cold, hard, truth. He was leaving me, he wanted to be with me… and though those words didn’t make sense in my mind now, I felt comforted in a weird way, like I was actually… loved, by someone.

 We didn’t speak. we just let our bodies talk to us. 

Maybe it was the pain that finally got to her, letting her emotional barricade be broken down, allowing Chris to come over to her side of this violent, kitchen war. My legs were shaking and he could tell I was in immense pain from standing so long. Quickly he swept me up from the floor and into his arms. I relaxed into his chest while my arms hung around Chris’s neck.

He pecked my forehead steadily as he reached our bedroom, laying me down on the comforter while he searched for a blanket to cover me. I felt my eyes getting droopier and droopier by the second. Like they always say, you never know when you slip into sleep, it just comes over you and takes you in. I gladly let sleep take away me in, dissipating the pounding headache and throbbing limbs I was suffering with. I knew when  I woke up, he’d be right by my side. Things would be different, though, he’d know what’s happening, he’d be different when he talks about going out and doing active things. 

  Chris would take a while to mildly understand what my chronic pain felt like, but I would gladly wait with him as he learned from watching. He was a guardian for me, I guess. I could hold my own if I wanted too. But sometimes, you just want to be loved and taken care of.  


Looking at her, I studied her silently. She looked so… defeated. Defeated by her own body, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than getting fucked over by myself. Never being able to stop it. She closed her eyes slowly and let out a sigh of relief. From what? I don’t know. I silently padded around the bedroom, grabbing her two blankets and a glass of water in case she had a headache in the morning. Which normally was the case. Crawling onto the other half of the bed, I just… watched. I watched over her, feeling like I was protecting her from something. Maybe whatever I was protecting her from was all made up in my head, but frankly, I didn’t give a fuck. 

This was my woman, and I was going to care for her. Every moment, of every day. Because she deserved this.

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From Your One and Only - Bucky Barnes

request:  Hey doll! Since valentines Day is coming up could you do a love letter from Bucky to the reader??? Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ - @winters–doll

summary: The heart can only hold so much emotion before it breaks. Bucky decides he can’t hold his emotions in any longer and writes to you while he’s away on a mission. (really crappy summary, sorry!) 

characters: bucky barnes / reader 

To the one who holds my heart, I owe you this.

I’m in Albania right now, and I’m sorry that’s all I can tell you. I know you understand that I can’t say more, so I’ll just say that the snow is falling like it does at home. The windows are covered and the heater is jammed (just like at home haha). It’s freezing but don’t worry; we have other heat sources. I will not be cold, doll, I promise. We are all in tack, no one is injured or sick. I’ll be home in seven days, I can promise you that much right now. I wish I could say how much I miss you but we have a limited amount of paper supply and I’m already using up the last of Wanda’s journal paper to write to you.

       This letter will reach you on the 14th if all goes right. I will be home in seven days. I love you girl, I love you with all the fiber of my being. It’s been awhile, doll, and I can’t make up for those weeks you opened your mailbox to just be met with a black hole of nothingness. I hope, beg, pray, that you will forgive me. It just wasn’t safe… and to put you in peril, would destroy me more than being stabbed in the chest. You are my heart, my love. You are the drum that beats in my chest. My drum beats faster than the clock’s movements in seconds. It’s so hard to breathe normally when I watch you fall asleep on the couch or see you walk in the house after a day out in the city. It’s like the relief of seeing your eyes all shining and bright finally returns to my body, and I can relax. But the wind in my chest has caught itself in my throat. You make my breath disappear in my lungs when I can smell your shampoo right after your showers. The way you dance in the kitchen to different bands you’ve introduced me to as our years together have gone by. I love the way you have no worries on your face, but they lay right behind your eyes, so tightly sealed, darling. I can see the fear you try to hide when I have to leave for missions that sound probably sound like death sentences to you.

I can’t let my past define me, and you can’t let your fears define you. My past is my fear. 

        One day it comes back and I do something so regrettable and so unforgivable. It would kill me to see you leave in fear. In fear of me. Please know that these missions and these tests I have to do with Steve at Stark Tower; they are all for you. 

Because I want you, I want you forever. Because you are it. You are the one thing I ask for in this life I’ve been given a second chance at. 

You tell me in the mornings before you leave for work, in the middle of the day when I get to hear your voice through the phone, and then when you get home, how much you love me. And I can’t count a number of times we whisper it in each other’s ear, while we lay together in our bed. I can only ask you to love me for what I am.  I can’t change the past, and I can not predict the future for myself. I can only hope.

       You can never do anything that would make me love you any less. Because my love is finite for you, doll. It always has been, but like you’ve always said, men take longer to realize the truths about love and life. It took me only 70 years to finally realize that you will always be right. Because you always speak from your heart. It’s the one honest thing that the earth has ever created. 

The heart tells you what you believe in, what you want, what you love.

And I love you.

I’m scared, doll. I’m sorry to end on such a bad note, but I know you’ll want to know what I’m feeling. I’m scared right now, I’m terrified that I’ll be taken again, even though I fully aware that I have more strength than twenty of HYDRA’s men combined. It’s okay to be scared, though. Right? Even a super soldier can be scared. I may be scared but the knowledge that you are waiting in Brooklyn, with a cup of tea for me and cookies that I know you are making nonstop right now because the little fighter in your belly is kicking like mad.

     You’re so brave, sweetheart. So brave to let me love you. So brave to let your husband go off and fight the evil of the world, while you carry around the most precious thing in the world. I will be home. I’ll be home to be with you two after this. This is the last mission. I swear to you, when I come home, I will not leave our apartment. Just with the exception of getting food for us and diapers for the baby. 

We’ll live as one family. No craziness, no fighting, just peaceful love. 

I wish I could write more but it’s time to go and finish what we’ve started here.

With all my heart, I love you.

- Your James

a/n: I hope this was good for you, @winters–doll ! Remember, you can always message me if this wasn’t what you wished for and I can rearrange it or write another one :). I love you all so much, thank you for reading my stories! <3         - R .x

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Requested: Once... / Chris Evans x Reader

Request: 24 or 25 pleaseee 

Requests? Open - (ask here!)

Here’s my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two  - My Masterlist Chris Evans / Steve Rogers Masterlist 

Warnings? Angsty! 

People: Chris / You 


“Why does everything turn into a fight with you! God damn it! I never said anything, and you fuckin’ believe those pieces of crap lying out there over me?”

Reaching the door you turned around to a green-eyed Chris. Breathless, not just from the yelling but also the ten flights of stairs you flew up as you were yelling at Chris behind you.

“I’m just sayin’ that your never givin’ me a clear, fuckin’ answer! It’s so fuckin’ simple! Why is it so hard to say your not fucking another guy behind my back?”

Not believing the words that flew out of his mouth, you let the coldness seep into your stare and opened up the door to the loft you both shared, for two years. Two years together and he still did not trust you to not stray and fuck another guy while he’d be out of the town, city, or country.

You slammed the door to your Boston apartment, letting Chris just barely slide through the slit left open before it rang out a loud bang into your silent home.

Shrugging off your heavy yellow rain jacket onto the floor, not caring where it landed.Chris knew you were always like this. He never when the steam came rolling off your head, you wouldn’t be giving a fuck about where anything landed.

“How long will it take for you to trust me? Huh? Is there some fuckin’ ex-girlfriend issue I need to know about? Because this is getting ridiculous! There was no pictures! It was some bullshit headline you stupidly fell for, like you do. Every. Single. Time!” As hot tears hit your cheeks, you could see the steam blowing out of Chris’ ears, as his jawline tightened up to the point of pain.

For some reason, those last words were what pushed him over the edge. 

Stupidly fell for it. Every. Single. Time.

“No, it fuckin’ not! It’s you and your fuckin’ flirting with every guy. What the hell is wrong with you! Don’t you see? What is it, you can’t keep it in your pants? Is that too much to ask of you?” 

Your whole body stopped in motion while searching for the remote controller, to cool down with some Netflix.

Those words though, they stung like he’d poured lemon juice over an opened wound on yours. Was that really what he thought of me?

“Are you calling me a slut?” Your voice came out as a whimper. Like you’d become some wounded animal. That’s how you felt though, to be honest. 

He’d just opened a jar of salt and spread it all over your open, wounded heart.

It was the way he never even replied. He just gave a loud sigh and you knew, even with your back to him that he was rubbing his face in frustration.

Your voice was crackling like a fire but you had to set out the plan for your departure.

“I’ll be out by tonight.”

Tonight. Out. Leaving? Why was Chris’s head just finally starting to process the actions his words caused. How painful they must’ve felt, not just the words but the intentions he had with them.

Surely enough, Chris was rushing to follow the wet boots that flew off your soaked feet when you slammed the door in his face. Sinking down against the other side of your bedroom door, you felt tears well up. Your tears made dirty rivers of mascara run down your face, and your eyes turn pink as the sunset you both use to watch together in every chance you got. Once got.

You didn’t even feel you body move, or grab the suitcase on the top shelf inside your shared closet. This luggage bag use to mean a fun travel of adventure for you and Chris. A new adventure to tell your children one day, or a new country to discover a passionate love for.

Now this luggage bag was just yours. Yours to travel with, alone. Have new adventure with, alone. You kept a mantra in your head while tears spilt on your white duvet, whilst you shoved clothes into the expansive luggage case you couldn’t believe was all you had to leave with. That- and your dignity, what little you had left of that is.

‘One day, this will pass. One day you’ll live like you once did. One day, you’ll be okay.’

The suitcase was packed within an hour. Making it approximately four o’clock. You didn’t leave the bedroom though, until eight. When your tears we’re finally dry. Your flight scheduled, your parents notice to be aware that you’d be arriving home a few weeks earlier than planned, alone, for Thanksgiving.

A cold washcloth to your face and one final look around the memory filled room you wish you could stay in forever. Pretend that this fight was all a dream. That the silence that broke you was never unspoken. That at least something was said to you. You could pretend all you wanted that this room was still your sanctuary, but that would be foolish. You could only call this your sanctuary now in your wildest dreams.


One final word, that’s all you could give. The final statement you’d want Chris to live with for the rest of his life. It was the words that would help your heart’s door to close up, and the sewing up of your wound. It was all held within your final words to him.

Staring into those blue, deep and sorrowful blue eyes, you held your fort up, and let the words roll off your robotic tongue. You we’re dead inside. You’d just lost the love of your life from the one thing you’d always believed would never tear you two apart.

“One day, when you look back… will you regret this?”  

Then a slam of a door and a sound of your luggage rolling away. Your suitcase stuffed with two years of your lives spent together.

A sad, quiet groan was heard in the silent Boston apartment you once had lived together in.

Once lived in. Once had. He use to have it all, and now? He had nothing but despair of what once was- and what once could have been.

How had this happened so quickly? Could one you loved with all your heart leave that quickly, and you don’t do a damn thing about it? 

Why didn’t I fight? Yell! Bang on that damn door and tell her I was sorry and I trusted you? Sorry i ever doubted someone as lovely as you. 

Sorry, unfortunately, wouldn’t fix your ashes of a relationship now.

All he had left was this burning inside his heart. A regret that he was going to live with until he forgot the beauty of what once was.

Will he regret this, one day? No…

“I already do…” 

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I Can’t Lose You - Bucky Barnes Fanfiction (Intro.)

A/N: So… I’m not sure whether to make a new series out of this. I wasn’t sure if this was any good or if it was anything anyone would be interested in. So I guess this is a sneak peek? 

words: 700+

warnings: angst (not really kinda, IDK it’s up to your feels), dramaaah

people: Bucky, Steve & Tony, and Unofficial OC 


This was never supposed to happen.

“We we’re a team, right? Then why are ripping apart? Tell me! Tell me, Tony! Tell me… why, why you’d risk killing us, over our parents.”

Tony’s face fell so far you’d thought he’d just witnessed an execution.

Our eyes, both brown and immense with dark long black lashes covering our inner feelings.  Our pair of eyes were opened wide with the same fear.

Losing each other.

“He killed our parents and you just saw it in front of your goddamn eyes! What- that just is fine, because you know…he didn’t mean it after all, right! Am I right?”

Tony screamed across the vast Hydra laboratory at a tense Bucky, whose MK14 was pointed right at my brother in quiet defense.

I read Bucky’s aura and saw immediately that it spoke of somber feelings and regretful memories that he couldn’t control. He was still so broken from Hydra. It was like he couldn’t seal that gap of his past away, it laid on his shoulders like a hefty blanket. I knew he was sorry and never would hurt our mom and dad if he had gotten control of his mind. Tony’s eyes were angry and red as his hot cherry suit of armor.

He wanted vengeance, and he wasn’t letting anything get in his way.

A tear slip out of my eye as I asked one more time, one more chance for him to back down. I didn’t want this to happen, but I already saw what was to come in my mind, and it broke me in pieces.


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Just A Fan: P.2 - Chris Evans Fanfiction

Part One 

A/N: This is the only part without Chris *sorry!!* or the cast. It’s just the “Extended End Credit” scene with Bucky and Red Heart!! 


Robert interjected, “Um! If I may…I think Chris would really love to know who is in the extended ending, Anthony. Joe?” Chris pondered Robert’s words for a moment, giving his friend a confused look. Before finally, the gears in his head started to work.

“Oh my god!” He shouted into the microphone, almost blasting off the ears of all the fans in the audience, who didn’t seem to care either way. 

“Is she here? Do you… are you insinuating, sorry guys! I’m…just like perspiring, just thinking of this clip.” The audience gave a loud ‘Aw!’ to Chris’ infatuation with the idea that she was actually in the building. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the shrieks of excitement bounced off the walls of Hallway H. You could hear one voice talking, and it wasn’t anyone on the panel right now. No, no. It was the legendary, Red Heart.

The black screen started to dim into an intensely white hospital, letting the viewers know where the scene was going to be taking place. The fans roared let out praising claps for the Russos. This was the thing they’d been waiting for and now that it was happening? That Red Heart was finally going to be meeting her main love interest and, in times to come, Red Heart’s fellow partner for missions.


“Is he here?”  

Red Heart walked past the guards and down the steps of the King’s chambers. Coming fully into view with her signature yellow rain coat and lavender hair. Planting herself in front of the guard, her thick brunette eyebrows went up as she looked at the man guarding the door with determination set in those big emerald pools of eyes. 

She was seeing him before he left her, again.

 Bucky gave Steve a smile he’d thought Bucky could never give again, after HYDRA, a smile of hope. “It’s best…for everyone.”

“I’ll be here the moment you open your eyes, Buck, you can count on that.”

A look of sincerity flashed across the two best friends faces as Bucky gave his goodbye by best friend for what felt like the first time in years. Patting Bucky’s right shoulder, Steve made his exit out of the hospital room.

Steve took one more glance back soon at his, soon to be, frozen best friend, Steve left with a small seedling of happiness, but a large feeling of optimism. Hope in the world and hope of his friend finding solace for the first time in his life. Bucky was going back into the giant machine that was intimidatingly staring at him just twenty feet away.

A sigh from Bucky’s lips echoed from the walls of the empty operating room. Glancing down at the one hand he had left, Bucky wondered all the possibilities that would be there for him when woke up. He could only think of Steve being alive, and there with him, and HYDRA finally out of his mind.

The possibilities of good things to come ended there inside Bucky’s mind. That was until he heard an unmistakable voice across the room. 

“I’ll be there too, James…you think I’d let you leave that easily?”

Bucky didn’t need to look up to know who the voice belonged too. The thumping of Bucky’s heartbeat was in sync with the dirty combat boots trekking towards him made Bucky’s lips curl upwards and shift slightly to the left. Forming a smirk that was hidden under a curtain of his brunette hair. 

“I thought you may… miss my grand exit,” Bucky teased back to the woman now standing in front of him, his eyes only drawn to those damn rugged lace-up combat boots that he had seen so many times before. 

Somehow Bucky couldn’t find those memories in his mind, all he knew was that these boots had been by his side hundreds of times before, the questions now was when? and why? She kept wearing them even when she had worn out the souls. Bucky detected the unmistakable hole in the leather on the right side of her left boot, he saw a bright colored green cloth pop out to him.

She was still just the same as ever.  Always late, always messy, always beautifully imperfect.

“I wouldn’t wanna miss a moment with you, James, now would I? Seems like…any second that I can get, just to see you, is too precious to be reckless with.”

Gradually Bucky lifted his head and let his eyes shine on the exact face that he believed for so long he’d never get to see again. Only in his wildest dreams would those eyes stare back at him, as beautiful as ever.  

Persephone. Persephone Queen was no dream, though, she was a reality that slipped through his fingers so long ago. Appearing in a lot of the memories he still had left from his old, real, life. So with Bucky’s track record on memory retention, any sort of moment caught in time that stuck with him was priceless now.

She was priceless now. Although, she was always priceless, even before he left her in the train station.

Only now, looking into the spell-binding eyes, did a realization dawn upon Bucky: 

He had missed so much. 

Tears rose Bucky’s eyes at the thought of all the days he could have had with her, all the moments. There would be no assassin in James Barnes, either. If Bucky never left that fateful Saturday morning, then he wouldn’t have left behind the woman in front of him. He didn’t need to ask how she was still the same age, he knew. He could see she’d aged maybe a year or two, but nothing more.

They must’ve kept her in Cryo for so long…  

Inside the bewitching eyes, he stared at daringly, Bucky could see a sort of yearning within them. A long, well-awaited desire for something. Even buried deep inside her. Hidden within her heart of hearts, Bucky could still take one glance inside those eyes… and know exactly what that desire was.

The mahogany eyes, so warm and cozy like logs on a fire, never spilled a tear. Looking through her lashes, she just smiled at Bucky Barnes, the long forgotten love of her life.

“My man, have the years caught up with you, Sergeant?”

Though the sound of supply shuffling to his door could be heard neither left the other’s eyeliner. Bucky gave a half chuckle, half shaking his head at her.

“I can’t say the same…” As she opened her mouth to retaliate, T’Challa’s presence was felt as soon as the door opened. His ora held such esteem; he was royalty.

“Sergeant Barnes, it is time… Miss Queen, you must leave. It is not safe for you to be near the radiation.”

Bucky let out a breathless laugh that sounded almost as if it was all he could produce.  

Bucky almost couldn’t believe his lack of luck with granted time to spend with Persey. 

Reaching out to touch his hand, she wrapped her fingers around his bandaged hand that laid lifelessly on the operating table whilst he sat still. “At least I got a moment with you. That’s all that counts, James.” 

“Until next time?” Bucky asked, with a kink in his brow. 

Persey could only smile at the wit the man still held even though he’d spent most of his adult years in human-created hell. She missed that look of hope and sarcasm within his eyes, he was always deflecting the worst to come. Always deflecting the negativity and taking in the positivity of the world around. HYDRA had killed that soulful piece within James Barnes, and it killed Persephone in the process by seeing him without that gleam of hope in his eyes.

They always slipped out of each other grasps, it felt like. That’s what Bucky’s worst thing was. They could align the stars to their choosing it seemed, ever.

“Until you wake, J.” His breath caught on the last words Persey, before letting herself out of the laboratory room. 


Bucky hasn’t been called that since 1933…

As they led him into the cryogenic tank, Bucky kept that nickname bouncing off the walls of his brain. The name he’d heard so many times, and yet still wished to hear again. One more time, Bucky wished for Persephone Queen, the captor of his heart, to whisper one little name in his ear. 

Bucky’s eyes suddenly caught her green eyes glimmering with tears as she stood outside of the room. Watching Bucky through the looking glass.

Bucky gave her a small smile, whispering three words to himself before his lips froze in the cryo tank for God knows how long.

She gave a tearful smile as she read his lips right before he closed his eyes. 

“I’ll remember you.”

Letting out a whisper, Persephone smiled at Bucky one last time,

“I’ll remember you as well…J.” 

Red Heart stood there for a second, collecting herself before she would retreat back to the doorways, on her way to New York for some unfinished business to be attended to. 

Sorry, there’s no Chris x Reader in this one but I wanted to show the full scene so sorry this kinda like a little Bucky Imagine?! Anyways, I promise, next part we’ll finally get to see some Chris x Reader action ;) 

Love to you all! - R .x

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Marry Me For Christmas? // Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: What matters most about Christmas is the appreciation of the love we’ve found in the years we’ve had. Sebastian’s realized that this year he was going to make sure he gave the best present of all to you…

Warnings? None 

Characters: Sebastian / Reader

Enjoy! (Send in requests! Doesn’t matter whether it’s detailed or not! Whatever floats your boat I’ll cool with it! :)) 

Every year I spent with Sebastian was just extraordinary. No present or gift would compare just to be able to see the sight of him asleep in the morning light, with the sound of taxi cabs and people bustling down below us, it was New York waking up, and I couldn’t love it more. Hearing the muffled voices and beeps of the rushing business men and women were always drowned out by opening my eyes to the beauty they say only God’s possess. If that is so, then I was dating fuckin’ Zeus.

His long eyelashes hid those blue eyes that sparkled in the sun’s passionate rays. His hair, which stood about a foot high in the morning and was all askew, just begging me to run my fingers through it. Always gentle so I didn’t harshly hit any knots that came from his constant rolling around in the night.

“Are you staring at me again?”

His raspy morning voice made my heart skip a beat and my cheeks turn into a soft rose colored blush. I didn’t take my eyes off of him, though, I just continued to stare at his face, focusing my eyes on his jawline. I raised a hand from where it laid on Sebastian’s chest, giving the scruff that was formed on his chiseled chin, a loving touch, lightly gliding my hand to and from his right side jaw.

“Can you blame me? I get to wake up to this in the morning…” Moving slowly to his lips, I gave a tender kiss, to which I happily felt reciprocated by the sleepy man that I was hopelessly in love with. With a slow tug of our lips naturally sticking together, I let them part to open my eyes and see those dazzling blue eyes sparkling just like they did every morning I blessed to see them.

“I’m the lucky one here, baby.” His toasty hands ran their fingers through my messy hair that had fallen out of its bun while I had been sleeping apparently. A doting smile was plastered on his face, and I couldn’t help but give one back. “How did I get so lucky?” Sebastian asked quietly. I gave a small shrug and let my head fall to his chest, snuggling itself into the gap Sebastian left in the nook of his neck and shoulder. Kissing his neck as I snuggled back into the arms of my love. “Are you gonna be miss sleeping beauty all day?” Purring into his neck, I signified that I had no intentions of leaving his arms today.

I murmured into his neck and felt his chuckle rumble slowly in his chest where my arm was laid across.

“Eh chri-mah, bae-bee.” His cold lips pressed against my heated forehead, giving me a long kiss before pulling away and letting a breath of his fortunate life in the present sink in. “Don’t you wanna open gift’s honey?” I grunted a ‘no’ and didn’t hear a reply back, just a tightening of his grip on my waist, pulling me closer to him as he wrapped his other arm around me, enclosing me in an embrace no one else could ever give me. It was the embrace of a man in love. A man in love with me.


His head was resting on the top of mine, looking out at the snow falling down onto the terrace our New York apartment had in the master bedroom. It was a walk out terrace and Sebastian could see the outdoor furniture starting to become camouflaged with billions upon billions of white snowflakes. He’d heard that every snowflake was unique, not one had the same pattern as any other.

That was what you were to him, one small, minuscule snowflake that he could proudly say was all his, unique and one of a kind. Not once, did you complain about his life’s never ending unpredictability? Or the fact that his job involved potentially kissing other women, changing his diet drastically and going to the gym almost for four to five hours a day. You never let one rumor spread about you touch your velvety skin or the words people wrote about you online. Nothing broke your skin, penetrating your heart with the hate that sometimes seemed almost too overwhelming for him.

“I love you. So much, dahlin’. I feel like my heart’s gonna explode sometimes when I get thinkin’ about how much I love you.”

You didn’t unravel yourself from Seb, but you did lift your head just a bit, so your lips were right next to his ear. It caused shivers to run down his back with your soft morning lips lightly touching the bottom of his ear, “There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t thank the heavens above for you, Sebastian. I don’t think any present will ever make me happier than when I’m here with you.”

His heart pounded and his temperature rose while he removed one arm from your warm waist that was hidden underneath the mountain of blankets you two had piled on. The heating system broke and since it was Christmas week and then New Years, the guy to fix the system wouldn’t be here for another two weeks.

You were getting sick of the bitter cold inside the apartment, and every day that passed New York seemed to condemn us both with more and more snow, aka, less heat. We had a plug in heater in the living room and a fireplace that was hazardous considering the two stockings that hung dangerously close to the licks of fire that crackled in the scalding hot wood and coal.

It was only two weeks ago when you had been out with your mother and sister, shopping for Christmas gifts, that Sebastian himself, snuck out of the house; on a determined mission to get to the place that made him sweat with anxiety. The thought of what he was to do in that place him petrified with fear.

But two weeks ago he somehow summoned the courage; it was after you’d left him asleep, slipping out of the house to catch breakfast with your mother and sister for shopping. Even though you’d be gone, he still awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of soft piano music playing in the open living room and kitchen.

When he saw what you had done, leaving him with some warm coffee and gentle ambiance to wake up his senses, that he realized there was never going to be another woman like you in his life, never ever.

You went out of your way for the man who was gone from two to six months out of the year and took the time to set up the record player and brew his coffee so he’d wake up in a peaceful daze.

That’s what made him rush down to Tiffany’s and grab the ring he had his eye on ever since he’d taken you there on one of your very first dates. Your favorite movie was Breakfast At Tiffany’s and so coming to New York made you feel almost entitled to at least stop outside of the store and see the legendary jewelry store in all it’s morning glory.

“What’s wrong, gălușcă mea de dolofan?” my chubby dumpling. 

Sebastian didn’t even know that his hand was holding the cold ring in a tightly balled fist until you put your hand lightly over his, touching the tips of your fingers to his white knuckles.

A smile graced his lips and before he could even think, he turned his head to face yours. Concern knitted through your eyebrows and eyes gleaming so bright he’d never thought you looked more beautiful than you did in that moment, his white sweater covering your freezing figure. Hair all askew just begging him to run his fingers through, gently, though. So he didn’t pull any strands too hard if he hit a knot. Face clear of anything but your skin. Flawed and yet it was perfection. You were it for him, the one he wanted for the rest of his life. He hadn’t even known he had his palm around opened and the ring just sitting the sweaty palm of his hand. You know did not look in the least bit worried, you looked like you were thinking, wondering perhaps.

Wondering why he hadn’t spoken the final words that would start the rest of your life with him.

“Vrei să te măriți cu mine?” Will you marry me?

You looked as if you had no clue what he’d just said, but by the gleeful tears forming in your eyes and coloring of your face turning into a soft baby pink blush he always loved seeing on your face, you must’ve had a good hunch. Too excited to lay down anymore, he held you as you two sat up in bed.

The only sound was the beeping of horns on the snow covered streets and the soft beats of Stevie Wonder that was playing on Sebastian’s phone in low volume.

“Yes, Sebastian. Yes, yes, yes.” Your hands held his head as you pushed your lips onto his in such a force he hadn’t felt before. Pulling away, a tear slipped out of your eyes that glistened with joy. A joy he gave you, the look on your face was precious, priceless, and simply perfect.

Your shaking voice made his brain become unfuzzy. Suddenly he realized he had done the thing he’d feared the most: Asking the woman of his dreams to marry him. 

“Merry Christmas, my darling.”

There’s a Christmas-y one for you guys! Sorry, it was so late since it’s literally 3 days away lol. But I hope you liked it! :) 

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Jellyfish Sting - Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: (Bit of a weird one, tbh… but fuck it!) 

P.S. Please send feedback! Or even give requests me for more fluff or for more angst, or rather a new Chris/Steve story than a Bucky/Sebastian one! 


Summary: One burning question that both have been secretly thinking about for the last few months… 

“Seba, please!”

I begged on the floor as my lazy ass boyfriend slumped his bulky body on the couch. I tugged on his dangling arm as if I had a chance of pulling him off that couch. Because 1. I was weak as hell and 2. He was bulky as hell.

“No, baby. Please! Can’t we just stay in and watch more Friends-”

“But chinese food! Common, Baz…” I had given up on plan A and went onto plan B: Seduction by food inquiry. I was giving my legs rug burn anyway, and so I hopped up onto my feet and immediately planked right onto my boyfriend’s chest.

How seductive I am when I’m hungry! “Oomph! Jesus-Lord, you’re just a lil’ trouble maker, huh?”

I nodded as I laid my head on his chest. Chin resting on his right peck that leaned into the sofa’s back cushion, making it so I wasn’t stabbing his man-boob. “I haven’t had anything since this morning! You don’t want your girl goin’ hungry, right?” A smirk appeared on Sebastian’s face even though his eyes were still glued to Monica getting a jellyfish sting, and Joey saying that they must pee on it.

A classic if you will.

Sebastian tilted his head though, when I gave his cheek a chaste kiss, smiling innocently when his eyes met my hungry ones. He truly saw I was starving, and that was no good.

“Fine. Fine. Fine. Get the menu outta the drawer, I’ll call them up.” Giving a toothy grin, I kissed his lips and lingered, letting just our lip’s outer pouts touch each other softly, gently like they belonged together.

And they did.

Quietly I mumbled to his lips; my eyes suddenly becoming fatigued by soft, comfy position I was in. Head, tucked into my lover’s shoulder, his arms instinctively coming and wrapping around my waist protectively. Rubbing soft, warm, little circles into my lower back. “I’m actually… not really hungry… “ I mumbled.

Giving his lips a ghost kiss before laying my head comfortably back into his shoulder. Seb rubbed my arm and gave my warm forehead a kiss as he wrapped an extra blanket within his arms reached, over our bodies. I was already fading quickly, since I’d woken up at 5 for work and got home at 5 with nothing but our dog, Princess Consuela to keep me company as I waited for my man too come home from his second daily workout.

(Yes, I know… we have an addiction, alright?! We’re aware of our very unhealthy relationship with  Friends.)

“P.C.!” Sebba said sweetly, patting the couch for her to jump up onto and curl around our feet perfectly. Completing the world’s most comfortable position of all time: On top of a godsend-looking man, warm and comfy. With a dog wrapped up just below our feet.

She obliged and jumped happily up and onto the end on the couch. Feeling a little sleepy herself. Resting her little head on my foot I smiled in a love daze. Seb’s chest gave off a vibration with laughter as he watched the television, the whole ‘gang’ gathered around, discovering that Chandler and Joey had peed on Monica. 

I smiled and giggled quietly to myself, allowing my mind to drift away just a bit more… until my brain had a dreaming state of mind question for Sebastian. 

He loved my questions that were randomly mumbled out when I was so close to full on dreamland- they were questions that a normal person wouldn’t dare ask their boyfriend, or anybody for that matter. I had the unfortunate habit of this; especially when I heard voices as I drifted away. 

His chest was soft, covered by a new cashmere sweater he must’ve bought while he was away for press tours. I patted it softly, as if it was a puppy and gave a small silly smile. Mumbling into that soft, cashmere sweater, I asked Sebastian a question; “Seba?” 

He hummed in response as he was even floating away. His eyes were closing slowly as I blurted out my question; which left Sebastian smiling from ear to ear. Fully awake and on the verge on tears with holding in his laughter. He didn’t want to wake me up so he kept his chuckles in, but they were pushing to the surface with every breath he took. 

I don’t know why he even responded, knowing that I’d never hear his words. But maybe it was just for the hell of it. Whether it was out of humor or warm-heartedness, I didn’t care. All I know is that my answer was received with a loving mutter of, 

“yes, my matcă…” 

As I drifted off into a desperately needed sleep with one more sentence left in my mouth which was the seal on Sebastian’s confirmation that indeed- I was the one for him.

Because no one would ever ask their boyfriend this question-except for me. Sebastian loved that most of all, my honesty and frankness. It was a refreshing dose of reality-checking when he needed it and when the world seemed too overwhelming for Seb to even comprehend. My frank-blunt quality also gave him moments like these that left him softly wondering whether there was any other woman out there that could top me.

The answer was always, “No.” to that question in his mind, and forever would be. Because, who the hell, in this world will ever going to ask their boyfriend of ONLY one-year, in complete comfort, and total confidence if  

“They would pee on them or not?” 

“Yes, my matcă… I would certainly pee on you. If you got stung by a jellyfish.” 

Knowing full-well that I was 80% asleep, he repeated my question towards me, with a smirk settled into his voice. 

“Would you pee on me?”

“I’m not the one with the flexible urethra thrower.” I mumbled, moving so my back was looking out and my body was jammed straight into Sebastians arms. “Piss on yourself…” 

With a loud chuckle that didn’t even disturb me by any means, now that I’d finally passed out. He kissed my cheek softly and felt his heavy eyes start to close as well.

Well… now we knew where we stood in that obviously awkward couple question that all had to go through, who’d pee on who? 

That’s a normal, casual question one has with their lover of one year. Right? 

Just before falling asleep to the infamous intro song for a new episode of Friends starting, Sebastian felt himself giggle at the tiny voice that had come from the crook of his neck. Followed by a soft lipped kiss right under his ear.

 “Never say that again.”

He was always reminded everyday of why he was so in love with me; and this was just one reason why.

I was nothing but a small town girl. And he wanted nothing more and nothing less. 

His matcă, was an average girl who enjoyed good starbucks coffee- and wasn’t afraid of telling the world that she fuckin’ loved pumpkin spiced coffee/lattes/machiatto’s/ etc. That she didn’t wear $200 sweaters, she got her clothes from target. I was all he wanted; a unique, normal woman who could ground him by one simplel, idiotic question.

 That’s what love is. It’s simple, really-

Love is telling the other you’d pee on them. 

Matcă = queen

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Requested: Talk To Me // Sebastian Stan One Shot

Request: #4: “I’m scared,” “Of what?” “Myself…” This was from this prompt list I made right here: Prompt List

You can still request anything from that prompt list if you want or just send in a one shot / imagine idea if you fancy that. I’m chill, don’t worry.

Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 800+


The meadow was not far from the set, but it felt like a hidden treasure to us, Sebastian and I.

Slowly, Sebastian grabbed my hands entertwining them. Standing behind me, holding me closer with our entangled hands crossed against waist, tucking me even tighter towards his covered “Bucky” chest.

“Why is this so much? What’s wrong baby-” Sebatian held my head firm yet kindly in his palms. Pulling my eyes to his, I knew I couldn’t lie my way out of this one.

I’m scared… petrified actually.” I felt tears fill my eyes rims and I let them go down my cheeks in defeat- we had to have the talk.

Of what, sweetheart? Please, tell me!” He just looked so deperated that I couldn’t let myself hold back anymore- I wanted freedom from this anxiety that rode my chest whenever we went anywher near an open area together. I wanted to set my demons free- and confessing greatest fears was the key.

Myself… I-I ju-” Pushing the loud shouts that wanted to escape from my lungs away, I let go of tense muscles that Sebastian felt all through my back as he rubbed it soothingly.

“Just what? You are so beautiful, and magnificent, and talented. I can’t believe I get to work with someone like you and make love to you as well when we get home. What’s so fearful about yourself that you can’t tell me? What’s happening in that busy mind of yours?”

He kissed my forehead lovingly. Longer than just a little peck, but an ‘I love you’ sort of way. Like his lips where speaking what he couldn’t blurt out in moments like this. Holding me closer, he rubbed away the tension in my lower back from the anxious thoughts that had been consuming me like water down a drain.

What did you fear? What was it about yourself, a successful actress, that made you want Sebastian to find someone who was better for him, not in the…

There it was. You wanted him to not have the spotlight shined upon him twice with you. You carried paparazzi around like they were dogs and you were the meat. But now, with Sebastian by your side, it’d only make them hungrier. I could never do that to Seb, I could never let my own issues get in the way of his life. 

“Everything will go so wrong… what if this is a mistake and it’s all in our minds and we are crazy to think that this sustainable?” Sebastian didn’t move, he just kept our bodies swinging side to side laying his head on top of mine, contemplating my words. 

“I don’t know about you, but there’s been nothing I’ve wanted more than you, baby. I can’t help my mind just thinks about you, how you talk, laugh, scream when you get surprised, and that perfect smile…” I turned into him, letting his hand fall in place on my back as I curled into him, “I have nothing that’s perfect. Perfection is an illusion of the mind. I’m just a picture on a celebrity magazine, with a nasty caption… do you really want to be dragged into that?”

Sebastian pressed two fingers gently underneath my chin. Tilting it so we landed, lips together in a smooth, softening embrace with a tinge of craving for each others lips.

“You see! This why I love you… this..you are like- this Philosophical Angel that I can’t help but wanting to wake up to, and hug instantly. I want to love you and everything that comes with a package as big as you.

I laughed along with Seb, the crinkles of happiness gathering around my eyes. We still kept eye contact as the laughter died out. We let the silence between our hearts keep speaking though. Sometimes words can’t convey what you truly ever mean.

"My package is just… it’s weird though, and sometimes it sucks, okay? But… Your’s is big! And- don’t act like this relationship is just one big package and one tiny package.” I poked at his chest as he chuckled and shook his head, letting put a long piece of hair behind his ear become loose and draw a curtain between those blue eyes and mine.

“We sound very sexual talking about our personal lives and issues.” I shrugged, and then, almost as instinct, I pulled him into a kiss that held a craving too strong this time for me to let it pass by too quickly.

He went along as well, dipping his head in dominance as he let himself in through my lips with that blessed tongue that had me burning in my core. I was well aware though that he was burning in his as well…

Pulling away I put my hand to his chest and stared into his eyes almost making mine go cross. I smiled and gave him a quick peck. Knowing we had to go back to set now, or we’d be in trouble. (Not like Sebastian and Mackie didn’t cause enough shit on set anyways)

“Well whatever we have in front or behind us. Even shoved in our faces I’m sure we can handle it.” I whispered to his lips.

Taking off to set, I heard his giggle that was the sound of angels singing to me: I’m sure of it. It was innocent, and I was lucky too hear it behind me as he took off to get me, “Okay, now your just trying to make it sexual!”

“What’s sexual about your package or me having something come from far behind!”

That giggle was heard through the set, as we chased each other to it like children going home for a summer’s day lunch. Everyone knew now that we were back. More than ever to rehearse the fight scene.

We were already revved up, and ready to go now. Especially Sebastian, who had to stay two paces behind me and figure out his ‘situation’, before he could step onto set. Mackie wouldn’t let him ever forget it if Sebastian came back to set with a boner too obvious against his combat pants.

The camo designing was definitely not going to be able to conceal that concealed weapon.


How was that? I worked on this plot line a long while ago- and never published it. Now another bites the dust ;) - R .xx 

P.S. I wrote such a good request for another one last night but I couldn’t fricken save it cause my computer is a hunk of junk… don’t worry I saved it, in a different way and will post that asap ;) 

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