‘Youth’, Paolo Sorrentino (2015)

You say that emotions are overrated. But that’s bullshit. Emotions are all we’ve got.


my favourite voice actors
▶ Ed Stoppard


Portia: You are Evelyn on those pages, just as much as I am Rosalinde! It’s your story, too.
Blanche: And your novel.
Portia: I did consider making Evelyn into a man. Evelyn can be a man’s name. All I would have had to do was change the pronouns.
Blanche: But we never could change the pronouns, could we?
Portia: No.

Upstairs Downstairs (2010) | 02x03 - A Perfect Specimen Of Womanhood


Mrs Thack: We’ve all got the weight of the world on us, it’ll be raining bombs by Friday teatime.

Agnes: The British Museum on the telephone. Something about embalming jars.
Blanche: Tell them that from now on, the only embalming jars I’m interested in are those containing Hitler’s vital organs!

Upstairs Downstairs (2010) | 02x06 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow