Gov. Day­ton has made it clear that it’s ASC’s re­cal­ci­trance and at­tempt to squash labor for profit that’s pre­vent­ing a so­lu­tion. “It is time for Amer­i­can Crys­tal’s man­age­ment to reach a fair agree­ment with its work­ers, who have con­tributed so much to the com­pany’s cur­rent prof­itabil­ity,” he ob­served.
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Dear Anderson Cooper,

I love you for this segment.




The media wants you to believe Sen. Bernie Sanders is unelectable, this is not the case. Ed Schultz is joined by Tad Devine, advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders to discuss what it will take for him to win.

Ed Schultz and the hate speech

Liberal, conservative or centrist… is anybody else disgusted over this kind of rhetoric? We can disagree all day long, but when is it right to call anyone a “slut” or to say “i hope god comes and takes this man to the promised land. i dont wish him to go to hell, just the hell out of here” or “they want to see Obama shot?”

Seriously people, when is this EVER ok? Where is civility in this country? Sometimes I just wish i could get everybody to just realize that being vulgar and hateful is NOT making your arguement anymore valid. I’m not picking on Ed Schultz alone, hes just one of the more notable ones doing it (also, Bill Maher). 

Listen people, when it comes to politics and journalism, you have to ask yourself “is this the legacy i want to hand down to my children on day?” Is it?



My girl Dana is too much. Not sure whom she can’t stand more when it comes to Jeb Bush or Ed Schultz. Well at least we know where Schultz always stands. 😠😂👎 🐍🐍🐍🐍 I didn’t have a Rino for Bush but the snake emoji will need to work.. kelseywithakay, theprincessallieee, mediamattersforamerica, guns-and-humor, texasinmyrearviewmirror, god-guns-guts-glory, kaitlinthebaker and forensicallypolitical


Robert Greenwald on Ed Schultz Radio: Koch Brothers and Cancer in Arkansas.

Charles & David Koch: wanted for climate crimes, fueling catastrophic climate change, peddling fossil fuel addiction, funding junk science to deny global warming, endangering people, the planet and our future.

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TRMS: Rachel on the Ed Show- Ten years ago, our government was making its case to go to war with Iraq. We now know, the Bush Administration had no case for war, but they forged ahead with their plan anyways. Ed Schultz talks with Rachel Maddow, narrator of the new MSNBC documentary, “Hubris: Selling the Iraq War” and David Corn, co-author of the book by the same name