favourite musicals: Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet street

(Broadway 1979, West end 1980, Movie adaptation 2007)

They all deserve to die. Tell you why, Mrs. Lovett, tell you why! Because in all of the whole human race, Mrs. Lovett, there are two kinds of men and only two. There’s the one staying put in his proper place and one with his foot in the other one’s face. Look at me, Mrs Lovett! Look at you! No, we all deserve to die… Even you, Mrs Lovett, even I! Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief. For the rest of us death will be a relief. We all deserve to die… And I’ll never see Johanna, no I’ll never hug my girl to me… FINISHED!

Sanders, Ed. Fuck God in the Ass. New York: Fuck You Press, 1967. First edition. 4to, 17 pp, stab-stapled; mimeographed from typescript, holograph and drawings.

This was published the year after the raid by police on Sanders’ Peace Eye bookshop and his ensuing legal difficulties on obscenity charges - the title perhaps inspired by his obscenity battles with the authorities, and another salvo in Sanders’ all out assault on culture. This is the trade edition of 500 copies - the colophone states “Printed in 4 editions - the Trade Edition of 500 copies - The Rough Trade Edition of 10 signed & numbered copies, hardbound - The Tree Fig edition - an edition of four signed & spewd-on volumes, each containing an actual photograph of Ed Sanders coming into the oily summer crotch of an Elm tree - The Marianne Moore Fantasy Edition– an edition of three signed, numbered, boxed copies with beautiful drawings by the brilliant artisit Joe Brainard revealing the author’s secret dream fantasies of carnal union with Marianne Moore. Never in the history of Western civilization have such frank depictions of poetic polugropy been published." 

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