Richie: eds, don’t do this to me

Eddie: it’ll be okay rich, you’ll be fine

Richie: no, please! Please don’t do this to me!

Eddie: Richie, I promise you. It’ll be alright

Richie: I love you, eds

Eddie: I love you too

The losers:



Stan: why are you guys so dramatic over Richie eating his veggies what the fuc-

Modern!Reddie Wedding Headcanons

This is my very first time doing headcanons so we’ll see how it goes! I definitely want to do more. Here we go.

  • The second that same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states, Richie dropped down on one knee and proposed with the ring pop he’d been eating.
  • After laughing (and crying) for a few minutes, Eddie enthusiastically accepted.
  • Richie decides to wear this horrendous Hawaiian floral print suit that Eddie says he hates but secretly loves.
  • Richie’s vows are hilarious as expected, but there’s a few particularly sweet moments.
  • Eddie’s vows are incredibly long and heartfelt like wow.
  • Most of the wedding party is in tears by the time he finishes.
  • He’ll later admit that he’d started writing them after his and Richie’s first kiss.
  • “Aw geez Eds, I had no clue you felt that way about me.” “We’re getting married, asshole.”
  • Their reception is the Party Of The Year™
  • The entirety of the Losers’ Club is in attendance, and they all make speeches loaded with inside jokes.
  • It gets to a point where the few other people in attendance can’t even understand what they’re saying.
  • Eddie cries a lot (tears of joy, obviously).
  • When Richie sees Eddie crying, he starts crying too.
  • They’re both just so happy and in love.
  • “I love you so much, Eds.” “I love you too, Trashmouth.”
DJ Tozier

Richie flung himself across the room to the other end of his large desk after having gently lifting the needle of the record. “You’re listening to the Rock Block with DJ Tozier aaaand that was ‘Hurt So Good’ by John Mellencamp and speaking of hurt, Eddie Kaspbrak you really hurt me but I’m hoping you’ll take me back?” Richie spoke casually into the microphone, not too close though so the sound wouldn’t fuzz up. 

“And now here’s…..” Richie flung himself across the room again on his wheely chair to find his notes. “ ‘Keep On Loving You’ By REO Speedwagon, requested for Julie from Adam, who’s hoping you’ll forgive him for kissing your sister.” Richie read the requested message while holding back laughter and changing the record, setting the needle down and taking off his headphones. He breathed a sigh of relief and bit his lip. 

He’d been building up all his nerves during his classes about asking for Eddie back on live radio…surely it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was only their college radio station but he put it out there anyway. He was expecting his phone to light up any second with texts from an angry Eddie but it remained dark. He frowned and waited for the song to fade out. “And this is DJ Tozier signing off for tonight. Thank you lady and germs!” He shouted and signed the show off with no problem. He pushed himself away and stood, forgetting the headphones were still around his neck and was tugged back violently as he walked away. 

“Shit!” He cursed and shrugged them off, storming out the door. 


Beverly was sitting in the courtyard with her legs crossed, sweating up a storm with Mike to her right. Between them sat a small radio they’d bought at a garage sale for just this purpose. Mike turned the dial off and sighed. “Richie’s nuts.” He shook his head and Bev giggled. 

“I think it’s cute.” She shrugged “I wish someone would do that for me.” She chuckled as Ben and Bill approached them. Ben put his hands on her shoulders and she looked up with a grin. 

“Poetry too outdated?” Ben asked and teasingly poked Bev’s shoulder. She tapped her fingers on his hand. 

“Never. Keep doing it.” She smiled and stood to kiss his cheek. Bill plopped down next to Mike and started to pull out all his homework. He set it down in a large pile as Stan strolled over, raising one of Bills books to his eye and browsing through it as he sat down. 

“C-c-catch Richie’s s-show?” Bill asked him and Stan put the book down. 

“I support him, so I turn it on but….If I’m honest, I put the volume so low it’s basically muted.”Stan said with a straight face. Everyone giggled and Bill punched his shoulder. 

They heard some distant shouting and all turned to see Richie Tozier barreling towards them, tripping over his feet and tumbling to the ground. He started to stand until Mike held his hand out and helped him. “You guys know if Eddie listened to my show today?” Richie asked, catching his breath and disregarded any possible injury he might have for what was important to him. 

The five of them looked to each other and shrugged. “Sorry Rich maybe he missed it-” 

“RICHIE FUCKIN’ TOZIER!” came a loud shout and all six of them shot their heads to the right and spotted the tiny Eddie Kaspbrak stomping over.

“Oh shit.” Richie went limp and stood frozen in his spot until Eddie came to stand toe to toe with him. He had to tilt his chin so far up to look him in the eyes, luckily Richie’s head blocked the sun. 

“Did you have to ask that on the radio? Do you know how embarrassing that is?” He crossed his arms and Richie bit back a grin. Of course he knew that, it was part of the appeal. The rest of the five watched them awkwardly. 

“Y’know me, Eds. I love to embarrass you.” He went to rub his fist through Eddie’s hair but he swatted him away. 

“We’re too frickin’ old for that Richie. Can we just have the fight I’ve been building up in my head?” Eddie pouted like a child and Richie nodded, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. 

“Does the fight end with you taking me back?” Richie poked him and Eddie sighed. 

“Possibly.” Eddie pondered it over in his head and answered. Richie nodded again. He took his hands out of his pockets and shook himself as if preparing for a physical fight. 

“Alright, hit me with your best Eds.” 

“You never shut your God damn mouth and you fuckin’ embarrass me any chance you get and never and I repeat, NEVER tell my professor I was late because I was dirtying it up with you ever again, you hear me Tozier!” Eddie stomped and their five friends gaped their mouths open, so that was the reason for the break up. 

“Dirtying it up? That’s not exactly how I phrased it, Eds.” Richie chuckled with amusement at the fuming Eddie who gave him an expectant look. 

“Alright. I agree. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.” Richie pouted and brought Eddie closer to him. Eddie allowed it and from the background they heard Mike whisper ‘Ohhhh gettin’ interesting.’ Eddie shook his head.

“Ok, you’re officially taken back.” Eddie smiled and Richie picked him up and spun him around. 

“Yeah! I knew you’d miss me!” 

Eddie giggled and punched his shoulder. “Put me down, ass.” 


“This is the Rock Block with DJ Tozier and that was ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by Peter Frampton, requested by myself for my boyfriend Eddie Kaspbrak because Mmmm Baby I Love Your Way.”  Richie hummed in a sing-songy voice before signing off. This time almost immediately, His phone bore light into the room from Eddies texts.

Richie picked it up and read 

‘That was sooo embarrassing!! (Keep doing it <3)’

Richie broke into the biggest grin. 

i wanna sleep next to you

summary: richie is the little spoon dont fight me on this. or do, i’ll happily defend the truth

notes: i wrote this all in twenty minutes so it’s not edited

it was a rarity, in their year of dating, that eddie ever saw richie without a goofy grin on his face.

scratch that, the two nearly sixteen year olds rarely showed anything but smiles and love to each other, and eddie couldn’t remember a time that richie didn’t have his signature smile. unless, of course, you count the summer they spent running from and defeating…It.

that all changed at three am on october 14th, when eddie was startled from his slumber by a persistent ticking at the window. his body tensed up with a fear he hadn’t felt in so long it had become foreign to him.

he couldn’t will himself to move and he especially couldn’t find the strength in him to move over to the window. he remained upright in bed, covers bunched at his hips and right hand clutching his bedside inhaler.

two minutes passed, the ticking having subsided a minute or so ago, and a little tuff of curly dark hair was visible at the bottom of the window. soon enough familiar coke bottle glasses came into view and eddie let out a bated breath.

“richie, you fucking idot.” he cursed, clambering out of bed and stumbling clumsily across the room to open the window the rest of the way. “ever heard of a front door?”

he expected to get a quick response, maybe something about eddie being repunzle and richie being prince charming, but when the taller boy straightened up eddie took in his tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes.

babe,” he whispered, concern etching lines into his face as he grabbed his boy’s cheeks gently. “what’s going on, what’s wrong?”

richie placed a hand over top one of eddie’s, the other coming up to rub at his eyes underneath his glasses. “parents, you know. same bullshit. don’t wanna talk about it.”

eddie nodded and gripped richie’s wrist to lead him over to his little twin sized bed. “lay down, we don’t have to talk.” he said and left the boy momentarily to lock his bedroom door, returning back to richie who’d already taken off his glasses and curled up facing the wall.

eddie slipped into the small bed beside him, hooking a short arm around the lanky boy, their legs tangling as if it were second nature.

he pressed a soft kiss to the back of richie’s neck, nuzzling his nose there, and the two sat in a comfortable silence.

“i love you eds.”

“i love you too, rich.”

“you really think i’m an idiot?”

“usually,” eddie says, eliciting a soft bit of laughter from his boyfriend, and that made him smile.

“goodnight, eddie spaghetti.”

“i fucking hate when you call me that.” eddie says, but he only pulls richie into his chest, closing his eyes with the essence of a smile on his lips.

I've been seeing lots of hate on my dash so...

I’m spreading love instead.

🎀 You’re gay? I love you
🎀You’re bisexual or pansexual? I love you
🎀You’re Trans? I love you
🎀You’re unsure? I love you
🎀 You’re straight? I love you
🎀 You’re POC? I love you
🎀You’re Caucasian? I love you
🎀 You’re Mixed? I love you

🎀 You’re more feminine? I love you
🎀 You’re more masculine? I love you

🎀You’re struggling with mental illness? I love you
🎀 You have a “scary” mental illness? I love you

🎀You have an ED? I love you and baby you’re beautiful
🎀 You were a recovered ED but have relapsed? Baby it’s okay I love you, you can do this, recovery is a process

🎀 You feel like something’s wrong with you? I love you
🎀 You feel unloveable? I love you
🎀 You feel like everyone hates you? I love you
🎀 You hate me? It’s okay I know you’re just angry, I still love you.

🎀 Do you have a heart beat? I love you
🎀 Do you have an assisted heart beat? I love you

Ed's hallucinations try to help him with his feelings

Hallucination Ed: “Okay let’s try this one last time. I’m here because you love yourself.”

Hallucination Kristen: “I’m here because…”

Ed: “I loved you.”

Hallucination Ed: “Yes good job.” *Points at Hallucination Oswald* “Tell us why he’s here.”

Ed: “…Because…”

Hallucination Ed: “Come on Ed you can do this. There is a pattern here.”

Ed: “…I hate him?”

*Everyone groans*

Cards on the table: I love Oswald most of all. I am #TeamOswald to a probably irritating extent. I also hate all the ways he’s (both knowingly and unknowingly) taken advantage of Ed.

I think he hates it too, honestly?? I think regret is part of the love-based weakness he’s vowed to do without; to even attempt to make things right with Ed would require him unraveling the way he sees the world like he did after his mother died. Self-preservation is one reason he won’t do that, yes, but I think it’s more complicated than that.

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Edmund X Reader: Betrothed

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and Peter or Edmund are dating, but due to royal duties, the king has to break their relationship up to go marry some other princess. And the reader is heartbroken but stays professional and diplomatic just to see him happy. Oh and I love your stories btw!

Word count: 851

Warnings: Very mild swearing

Setting: Golden Age

Hearing bad news is never easy. Hearing bad news from someone you love is much worse. 

You thought you’d be alright, thought that this wouldn’t have as much of an effect on you as it did. But when Edmund sat you down and explained what was to happen, you broke down. Not outwardly, of course, but nevertheless. 

It was in the days that followed that you truly began to think about what it all meant. What…being without Edmund meant. And, in turn, you became livid. His words still echoed in your mind, unable to escape.

“I still love you”

“I swear, it’s just for the sake of Narnia”

“Royal duties, Y/n ”

But none of these explanations filled the void left by what was to happen the following week. 

Edmund, the man whom you had been courting for no less than three years, was expected to marry a duchess in Terebinthia.

“You look stunning if it isn’t, uh…obvious.”

You looked up from the wine settling in your goblet to face the sculpted features of Edmund Pevensie. He was smiling, but the smile didn’t seem to match his eyes. 

An incoherent noise of acknowledgment escaped your lips as you fixed your eyes on the crimson liquid yet again.

 “Y/n-” He started, but you cut him off by harshly lifting the goblet to your pursed lips. The lively music in the hall was dying down, and a small wave of clapping could be heard from the center of the room. 

“Look, I know you’ve been trying to avoid me after-”

 “No.” You interrupted simply, lowering your wine and looking at him from across the able with a blank expression. Edmund sighed. 

It was true, you had been avoiding him, but, naturally, for good reason. This ball was in honor of his betrothal, after all. Were you expected to be jolly?

You glanced around the hall, seeing the cheerful smiles plastered across the faces of young maidens and the small chortles coming from Lords of Narnia chatting with the High King. The music had started up again.

You inhaled sharply, taking another sip of the aged Narnian wine. You and Edmund were the only two that had remained seated. 

“Uh, I really meant what I said, you know,” Edmund started again. 

You rolled your eyes discreetly, settling your cup on the linen tablecloth and leaning over it a little. “And what is that, exactly?”

 “You really do look lovely.” 

“I believe you said stunning earlier, but…no matter.” You said calmly, a small smirk forming on your lips as you leaned back again.

 Edmund raised an arched eyebrow. “You know, there’s no need to act this way towards me.” It was clear that he was beginning to get a bit irritated. 

“Oh, really?” You scoffed, “Actually, I think I have nearly every right to do so, Your Highness.” You put a sharp emphasis on ‘Your Highness’, looking rather pleased with yourself as the words left your lips.

“Don’t call me that.” 

“Why not, hm? I’m not a royal, Edmund. It isn’t as if I’m betrothed to a King.” 

You could feel the anger building up and rising in your throat as you shoved your chair back with a brisk motion and stood up. 

Edmund gave you a pleading look. “Y/n-”

“Please excuse me.” You growled under your breath, walking out of the great hall with your hands clutching the folds of your dress. 

You brushed off the concerned looks from passers by as you stepped out of the brass doors that contained the room, a single tear making its way down your cheek. 

You were shaking now. You knew all of this wasn’t Edmund’s fault, but the unsettling feeling in your chest wouldn’t vanish. You felt as if a piece of you had been torn away. 

With a muffled sob, you fell to the floor against a wide grandfather clock in the corridor, your gown spreading out under you. 

In the silence of the hallway, you heard a small cough coming from your left.

“I hope you realize trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my attraction for you.”

You looked up from the marble floor beneath you up to a pale-faced Edmund. “Oh?” You croaked out. 

“Oh, to hell with it all.” Edmund whispered ruggedly. He held out his hand for you to rise to his level, and you took it, though you knew not why. 

“Y/n, I’m not doing this. I don’t give a rat’s ass about a damn girl in-” 

You interrupted him with a small giggle. 

“What?” Edmund asked, rather annoyed.

“Rat’s ass?” You said quietly, meeting his eyes now.

“Y/n?” Edmund asked at a volume that matched your own, a gentle smile forming on his dry lips.


“I love you.”


“No,” Edmund said, louder now, “No ‘Ed’. I don’t care. I love you and-and I don’t care.”

 His face was now so close to your own that you could feel his warm breath against your lips. “I’m not leaving you. I won’t.” 

And, as Edmund’s lips brushed against your own, his words were confirmed.