The Bar Italia painting ‘Golden Day’

I called into the famous Bar Italia in Soho after dinner this evening, whilst waiting at the counter I picked up a postcard that caught my eye of a painting entitled 'Ladbrooke Groovers’

The postcard was advertising 'All This Useless Beauty’ a new exhibition of artist Ed Gray’s London paintings and drawings at GX Gallery in Denmark Hill, which upon perusing the artists website looks to be a must see for art fans and Londonphiles alike:

The artists statement;

“I paint cities and people. First and foremost I paint about London, my city. These paintings are celebrations of the people and places that I walk through with my sketchbook. My aim is to expose the rich contrasts of modern city living, the excitement and vitality that glitters through the grime of the contemporary urban landscape. This work is an ongoing narrative chronicling the cycle of decay and renewal of the modern city.”

'All This Useless Beauty' runs through October 29th at GX Gallery, 43 Denmark Hill SE5 8SR




Hello lovelies! 

I was tagged by the ridiculously kind and talented @constellunaa​. Always love these ^.^ thank youuuu!

Name: Hanna

Nicknames: Hannie, Han, Harley, Satan, Luci.

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Aries. I’m stubborn and I’m fiery. 

If I had a cat what would I name it: Black cat. Toothless. Totally.

Height: Average. 5′6

Hogwarts House: Well…according to Mary I’m a mix…what was it again?

Pokemon Go team: VALOOOOOOOOR! At heart too really. I made my brother join Valor with me but he’s all about IV’s and stats [total Mystic] while I just try to get the most powerful pokemon and button mash. Or phone tap smash now?

Favourite Number: 3 and 9

Last thing you googled: Uhhh…probably a fanfiction link to send to someone. I dunno…I’m at work right now so…

Favourite Fictional Character: Too many. Natsu. Gray. Ed. Levi. 

Favourite Fictional Character you want as your younger sibling: Alphonse Elric. He is precious and must be protected.

Favourite Bands / Artists:  Currently? A lot. Uhhh…Hedley, Halsey, My Chemical Romance,  Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Maroon 5, Florence and the Machine, The Fray, The Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morissette.

Dream Trip: Fiji, Hawaii, Ireland.

Dream Job: Writer or a baker. I love baking cakes and stuff ^.^

What I am wearing now: I’m at work in black capri leggings, a tank top, and a long sleeved sweater-type shirt.

When I made this blog: I made it February of last year and didn’t start posting anything until a little over a year ago during NaLu week.

How many blogs I follow: Around 90 as well. More as of late.

What do I post about: Mostly Fairy Tail, a lot of art and fics and a few things from other fandoms. But mainly anime.

First letter of your Tumblr name: X

Why did you choose your URL: I state this way too much. It’s haunts me -.-
X was shortened from a nickname given to me by my exbf. Benihime is from bleach cause I thought “crimson/blood princess” was pretty kickass.

I’d totally tag you Shan, but that would be redundant XD

@hellojawsie, @jarrynx, @567random​. If i’ve sent this already, I’m sorry :P