Snapchat List

I’ve remade the whole list over again. If there’s someone that’s not on there just let me know. 😇

5 Second Of Summer- wearefivesos

Aaron Carpenter- Aaroncarpenter

Anastasia Karanikolaou- stassiebabeyy

Andrea Russett- andwizzle

Anjali World- anjali_world

Annie Wilkinson- anniewilkinson

Ansel Elgort- anselelgort

Ariana Grande- moonlightbae

Armen- Azillian

Arzaylea- arzaylea

Austin Mahone- yungmahone

Austin McBroom- therealmcbroom

Bea Miller- beaamillerr

Beau Brooks- brooksbeausnap

Bradlee- bradwannemacher

Brent Eslava- Eslava

Brent Rivera- thebrentrivera

Bryce Hall- ibrycehall

Calvin Harris- Calvinharris

Cameron Dallas- Camerondallas

Cameron Fairfax- CamFairFax

Catherine Paiz- catherinepaiz

Chantel- chanteltaleen

Chris Miles- notchrismiles

Christian Collins- weekly-Chris

Christina Marie-beautychickee

Cindy- wolfiecin

Cody Ryle- codyjryle

Colby James-colbyolivella

Connor Franta- theconnorfranta

Crawford Collins- crawfordcollins

Dakota Brooks- soccerplayer321

Dallas Cowboys- dallascowboys

Daniel Lara- danlaraa

Daniel Sanyounie- Daniel.skip

Dash Dobro- dash.dobro

David Gilinsky- dgilinsky

Declan McKenna- decllama

Delany Luh- DLuh

Derek Luh- derek_luh

Dez Duron- dezduronmusic

Dez Bryant- xdb88

Dillon Rupp- dillonrupp

Dinah Jane- dinahdime

DJ Khaled- djkhaled305

Dominic DeAngelis- dommydeangelis

Drew Chadwick- drewchadwickk

Ed Sheeran- teddysdaytoday

Ellen Degeneres- Ellen

Emily Wilkinson- E.wilk

Ethan Dolan- ethandolan

Ezekiel Elliot- zekeelliot

Frimzy- therealfrimzy

Gigi- kawaiikitten

G-Eazy- young_pedialyte

Grayson Dolan- graysondolan

Hailee Steinfield- haiz

Harrison Webb- harrisonwebb007

Hayes Grier- Yaboyhayesg

Issa- twaimz

Jack Gilinsky- jackgilinsky

Jack Johnson- jaaackjohnson2

Jacob Sartorious- jacobsartorious

Jacob Whitesides- jacobontour

Jai Brooks- jaibroo95

Jake Foushee- drfoosh

James Maslow- realjamesmaslow

James Yammouni- kingyammouni

JC Caylen- chamclouder

Jesse Wellens- jessepvp

Jiffpom- Jiffpom

Joe Jonas- joseadam

Joe Santagato- joesantagato

Joe Sugg- thatcherJoe

Joey Graceffa- joeygraceffa16

Jofish Wraps- fishface_16

John Swift- JSwazz

Josholz- Josholz

Joshua Dun-joshuaDun

Justine Skye- justineskye

Kalin White- ksmoov10

KDL- Fuckkdl

Keaton Stromberg- masterkeats

Kehlani- tsunami

Kendall Jenner- kendalljenner

Kenny Holland- kennyholland

Kevin Hart- kevinhart4real

Kian and JC- kianandjc

Kian Lawley- swifferme

Kostas Garcia- kostasgarcia

Kyle Massey- MR.kylemassey

Kylie Jenner- kylizzlemynizzle

Lena- Lena.maaa

Lia Marie Johnson- lia

Lily Singh- iisuperwomenii

Lisa- Lisa.maaa

Liza Koshy- lizzzavine

Lucky Whitehead- mustbeluck11

Luke Brooks- littlebitofluke

Lucia Faith- lyciafaith

Madison Beer- whosmb

Maggie Duran- maaggsd

Maggie Lindemann- magsmoneymil

Mahogany Lox- itslox

Manu- manuriosfdz

Matthew Espinosa- notmattespinosa

Meech- realxmeech

Melvin Gregg- Melvingregg

Meso Sacred- meso_sacred

Mikey Barone- mikeybaronee

Mitch Grassi- mitchgrassi

Myles Parrish- YBM

Nash Grier- nashgrier

Nate Maloley- natemaloley

Niall Horan- niallhoran

Nick Jonas- jicknonas

Noah Boat- loveliveserve

Normani Kordei- moniloves31

One Direction- onedirection

Papi Flacko- yungscrew

Pierre Bailan- pierrism

Reed Deming- reeddemingsnap

Rhino- rhinosoccer2

Ricegum- ricegums

Ricky Dillon- Ricky.dillon

Rihanna- Rihanna

Romeo Lacoste- Romeolacoste

Ryan Abe- pizzacrustdude

Sahar- saharm

Sam Clark- samclark14

Sam Dresslar (skeez)- Samdresslar

Sam Pottorff- sammpott

Samuel Wilkinson- sammywilk11

Sawyer Hartman- sawyerhartman

Scott Hoying- scotthoying

Selena Gomez- selenagomez

Shawn Mendes- shawnmendes1

Sierra Dallas- Sierra-Dallas

Steven Kelly- steve_kells

Stew Maloley- stewly15

Tal Fishman- thetalfishman

Tana Mongeau- tanamongeau1

Teala- ttlyteala

Tez- Tez

Tina woods- tinawoods

Tommy Coyote- tommycoyote

Tom Phelan- tomphelann

Trevor Moran- trevormoran

Tre Coast- trestherapper

Troye Sivan- troyesivan

Tyler Grosso- tylergrosso

Tyler Oakley- snaptyleroakley

Wesley Tucker- wesleyfinn

Wesley Stromberg- wessnappinchats

Xavier Serrano- xavierserrano93

Zayn- zayn

“Places that hold meanings for people result in the construction of unique ‘memory maps,’ yet many memories manifested in the landscape leave little, if any, physical trace. A pile of water-worn cobbles on the riverbank to mark the time and place when you first learnt to swim–the autumn floods that year would have removed those. The tree bark or bus shelter where we inscribed the initials of our first love–the tree’s new growth will have erased most traces, and bus shelters are repainted or replaced. A first pet buried in a garden, or offerings put into the ground to commemorate a family member’s death–most are unlikely to survive the rigours of time. […] At Malin Head in Donegal, thousands of beach pebbles spell people’s names, signing themselves on to the landscape through a physical act. In many cases, the names within soon become illegible, the pebbles displaced by the feet of subsequent visitors, or re-used for new acts of commemoration. The ways in which people choose to mark space and commit events to memory suggests that similar, small-scale practices in the past may also have been transient or overwritten, with the vast majority not visible in the archaeological record at all.”

Adrian M. Chadwick & Catriona D. Gibson, from “‘Do You Remember the First Time?’ A Place through Memory, Myth, and Place,” Memory, Myth and Long-term Landscape Inhabitation, ed. Adrian M. Chadwick & Catriona D. Gibson (Oxbow Books, 2016)