gen eds are actual bullshit what the fuck did i go to high school for…. college is supposed to be for focusing on shit youre interested in and yet here i am taking fucking english 


LARRY. TWEETS. PROVED. FROM. THE. OHERS. (Ed Sheeran,Anne Cox,Kingsland Road,Sugarscape)
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I think we should talk about Ed Sheeran and Larry
We don’t need no proof #4


“Friends just sleep in another bed And friends don’t treat me like you do Well I know that there’s a limit to everything But my friends won’t love me like you”
“We’re not friends, we could be anythingIf we tried to keep those secrets safe No one will find out if it all went wrong They’ll never know what we’ve been through”
- Friends.


The context of “pro-ana” has shifted quite a bit over the past few years, as it used to be much more impudent and direct than it is now. People used to shamelessly post their disordered goals, specific calories during the day, weight loss progress photos, etc. but that has recently changed. 

Much of that explicit content is subdued now (not completely, of course) but it is presenting itself in other harmful ways on this site. Rather than posting eating disorder-specific goals, they post about their goals in the gym, goals to be vegan, goals to elimintate certain foods to prevent binging, etc (i.e. something more socially accepted). Rather than posting caloric intakes, they post photos of their giant plates of veggies/fruit/low-calorie foods and tiny plates of everything else. Rather than posting progress photos, they post photos with their feet together to accentuate their thigh gap or photos with their arms extended to divert attention to the bones in their shoulders/chest. 

These blogs often receive messages questioning their intent but they typically respond with something along the lines of “I would never promote this illness” or “I would never tell anyone else to do things like that.” 
However, their material is just as harmful, if not MORE harmful. Their posts normalize their disordered behaviors because they follow axioms of diet culture rather than those of their eating disorder; they hide behind a mask of “just being healthy” to deflect from their illness. 

Is your blog promoting eating disorders even if you are not directly wanting to  promote them? The recovery tag has become the new “pro-ana” and the only way that will change is if people can start being honest with themselves about their intent behind their posts. Do not perpetuate this illness under a facade; start tagging your disordered meals, photos, etc. with the tags that they deserve. 

So I just looked at a popular “recovery” blog and the first thing I saw was a salad with all veggies/chicken breast and a bottle of fat-free dressing, a diet yogurt, some green smoothie shit, a rice cake, plain bread, and eggs.

The best part is this person claims to be so healthy and inspirational? Like no? Her poor starved and deprived body.

I wish our images of “health” were actually healthy. I am sorry that so many of you in recovery are seeing bullshit like that and then assuming that is what recovery is. I promise you that it is not. 

Why the FUCKING hell are so many people posting weight loss “progress” photos and posts about their intent to lose weight and get fit on the recovery tag? 

I do not give a shit if you are struggling with binge eating disorder or if you are above your body’s natural weight; if you have an eating disorder, your goal should be to heal your relationship with food and to heal your relationship with yourself. Recovery is not achieved exclusively through gaining or losing weight. There are underlying reasons for your eating disorder and until those are addressed through years of cognitive/emotional work, you WILL remain stuck. 

So no, you are not “crushin’ it” by following a rigid diet or compulsively exercising instead of binging.