Had a bad week? Never fear Ed Balls is here!

I literally can’t explain what I just witnessed or how much I laughed.


If ever you’re feeling down, just watch this video, it’ll make you feel pure joy!


HEY there’s an updated version of this here!

Part 2 here.

Lots of people tell me that politics is boring and irrelevant. This makes me sad. Voting turnout in the UK has gone down massively and lots of my friends (who will be old enough to vote before the next General Election) tell me that they don’t care about politics or that they’re basically clueless. They scarcely know who the Prime Minister is in some cases. I’ve decided to try tackling this with a quick whiz around the best bits of the British political system!

Every year for a decade he gamely ho-ho-ho’d as Westminster’s Father Christmas. “There were lots of bells and hugs” he says.
“I’ve been up close and really personal with Samantha Cameron, Frances Osborne, Miriam Gonzalez and Michael Gove’s wife. I’ve had clinches with most senior wives while wearing a Santa suit.