Macachi di Jikogudani

fotografia di Paolo Torre

Questi macachi in inverno si radunano nella località di Jikogudani (Giappone) dove le calde acque termali li proteggono dal freddo intenso. Quando non sono immersi, per proteggersi si stringono fra loro dove i più giovani ed indifesi rimangono al centro.

  • me:fma is flawless... perfection...
  • someone:*points out that the chemical formula for a human that Ed and Al used to try to bring back their mother was actually wrong from the very beginning even omitting the lack of soul equivelent*
  • me:listen,, , sweaty. shut your fu c k
Ok time for a little edwin rant

So I just watched episode 24 from brotherhood again, and I noticed a little detail that totally went over my head the first time I saw it. There’s a moment before Ling, Ed, and Al part ways with Roy and Riza, where Riza offers Ed her gun. At first, he’s really hesitant to take it, but there there are two quick flashbacks to some previous episodes: Ed holding Winry’s hands after she tries to shoot Scar, and a moment where she tells him not to die. Then, he takes the gun. YOU GUYS THIS IS HUGE. Ed has firmly established that he doesn’t want to kill anyone, and even talks Winry out of shooting the person who killed her parents. Yet, once he remembers Winry asking him not to die, he takes the gun, which opens the possibility that he could possibly use it. Basically, Ed’s accepted that he would be willing to kill, discarding a moral he’s firmly followed, if it means staying alive for Winry. 

OMG YOU GUYS ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)