I need everyone to know that as depicted in Perfect Guidebook 2, Winry’s more or less canonical reaction to meeting Truth is “Hold on, Ed, why is this guy naked? And he’s saying stuff I really don’t get. Just what kind of weird friends do you guys have, anyway?”

That’s right, Winry’s first thought upon meeting an all-knowing god in the form of a reality-defying human silhouette with no face is to assume Ed and Al just have really weird friends. Iconic

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Not a headcanon, but man, I'd kill for a fic where Ed and Al are separated at birth and meet as teens/adults, fall in love, and find out after-the-fact that they're siblings. The angst would be exquisite.

I’ve had this in my ask for…months? Thinking I would write a scene and post it with the ask. I still plan on doing that but I wanted to answer this!

I have the idea of them sitting in a waiting room after getting their DNA test results back. Ed is visibly having a harder time with it, remembering the more intimate moments that they previously shared. Al is more withdrawn, realizing the gravity of the situation but also not wanting to give up what they have together.

I just…. i love this transition so much. Mustang at least gets a couple frames to straighten up his gremlin ass self but Ed and Al are all ÓwÒ and ( ͡°  ͡°<~ to Business in 0.0001 seconds. it utterly captures the exact emotion of the moment when you and ur friends are fucking the hell around & there’s a knock on the door and for 3 full seconds the whole gang is ready to commit murder before you remember it’s the pizza guy. Just… Hawkeye’s gun gliding casually into view. The single frame delay between Ed and Al. I am being totally 100% unironic when i say this is one of my favorite pieces of animation ever

Promettimi che nella prossima vita ci incontreremo nel posto giusto ed al momento giusto ed io ti prometto che ti amero’ ancora.
—  Principessa Sconsacrata

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So you said bendy and boris sound like ed and al right? so what about brinda and boreese?

well; I guess Boreese might sound like Ellie from “the last of us” and Brinda might sound like Rouge the bat from “Sonic X”

I guess :p

Anime and Disney
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Frozen<p/><b>Al:</b> Brother, do you wanna build a human?<p/><b>Ed and Al:</b> *performs human transmutation*<p/><b></b> Aladdin<p/><b>Gon:</b> I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid...<p/><b>Killua:</b> *runs away with Gon*<p/><b></b> Tangled<p/><b>Hisoka:</b> Illumi, let down your hair...<p/><b>Illumi:</b> Use Bungee Gum, baka~<p/><b></b> Little Mermaid<p/><b>Eren:</b> Out where they walk, out where they run, out where they stay all day killing Titans~<p/><b>Also Eren:</b> *becomes a Titan*<p/><b></b> Beauty and the Beast<p/><b>Mitsuha:</b> There must be more than this provincial life...<p/><b>Also Mitsuha:</b> *switches body with Taki and experiences city life*<p/><b></b> Mulan<p/><b>Haruhi:</b> *disguises himself as a guy*<p/><b></b> Hercules<p/><b>Yato:</b> I want to be recognized by the other gods too<p/><b>Hiyori:</b> *makes a small shrine for Yato*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms in FMA!

Trisha Elric - Mother of Edward and Alphonse

Sarah Rockbell - Mother of Winry

Pinako Rockbell - Mother of Yuriy

Izumi Curtis - I think she can be safely called Ed and Al’s adoptive mother, don’t you?

Gracia Hughes - Mother of Elicia

Mrs. Bradley - Mother of Selim (…more or less)

Chris Mustang - Mother of Roy

Mrs. Armstrong - Mother of Olivier, Alex, Amue, Strongine, and Catherine

Satella LeCourte - Mother of an unnamed baby

Mrs. Harbinger - Mother of Rosalie

Rick and Leo’s mother

And although there aren’t any pictures of her, let’s not forget Shelley, Kip’s mother!

i love how fmab Greed is just lowkey supportive all the time

Ok, we see him being super samn angry at Wrath like 80% of the time, but before he got his memories back? 
Dude was basically just born, is seemingly not at all fazed by Envy’s appearance and just rolls with everything. Then Mei and Scar break into their hide-out and he just applauds them and then lazily starts chasing Ed around and even comments on Ed’s fighting moves, congratulating him on “a nice, solid kick” and so forth and he is just so. supportive?? And has so few fucks to give at the same time?? Or like when he gives Ed and Al the message Ling had written for Lan Fan. Greed had zero reason to do this, but just rolled with it and did it anyway. He is like the guy that does his hardest to convince everyone he is the bad guy, but is just so lowkey-supportive all the time, he might as well join Team Skull for all it’s worth.


Hey guys! So I’ve been working on this project for over a month, and its finally done!

I’ve created my own Fullmetal Alchemist coloring book!

This is an original handmade book featuring illustrations of Ed & Al and the whole gang! (yeah the book quality’s not sooo great sorry -__-)

Choose from 15 drawings to color on high quality paper! I tried to include a variety of characters and settings

The price of the book is 23$ plus add. shipping

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Also note that FMA does not belong to me, but these are original drawings of mine based on the series.

Please feel free to message me with questions and thank you so much to anyone interested!