Edward Elric - Fanart. After a relatively long break at summer camp, this is my come back, and I’m starting out strong. I really love how it turned out. And I missed drawing digitally so I enjoyed every moment of quite complicated shading and lighting and special effects :3

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Steps to a healthier you:

1. If you have anxiety and/or depression: as hard as this sounds, sit with your feelings. Write it all down in a journal as best as you can. Try to understand why you’re feeling this way, did something happen that day or week to upset you? What do you feel? Can you address these feelings proactively with someone you trust? Have you given thought to therapy or have you spoken to your therapist about what worries you, feelings of emptiness or loneliness, fatigue or loss of energy, etc.? Give yourself validation for having the strength to live through this. It’s not easy, and you’re a fighter. This world needs you in it. So don’t give up on yourself.

2. If you have lost interest in your life: Step outside your comfort zone. Do something new and for yourself at least once a week. Take a yoga class, paint, draw, make pottery, fly a kite, hike, go to a new restaurant with your loved ones, visit a museum, enjoy a bubble bath, read a new book, etc. You don’t need to book a $10,000 trip somewhere to gain happiness. You can find it wherever you are. When we face adversity in life, whether that be from mental illness, loss, breakups, change, etc. we often lose sight of ourselves and our true passions. We go through the motions instead of letting go and living adventurously. Do you, and do things for you. Don’t wait around. You only have one shot at life. Make the most of today. (If you feel as though nothing you do is helping this loss of interest, please talk to your doctor. They may have some medicinal options for you that can give you back your sense of self.)

3. If you’re nervous to begin a workout routine, get gym intimidation, or feel like you aren’t “fit enough” to be active: First, know that you are not alone. I have struggled with those concerns, and I know many other people who feel or have felt similarly. Second, you don’t need to look like those photoshopped models you see on Instagram or the like. You are worthy of health, strength, and self confidence. You are enough as you are now, and getting active will make you feel more energized, self accepting, and strong. You don’t need to be thin, lean, lift x amount of weight, be super flexible, or run a six minute mile to get active and workout. All you need is your body. That’s it. Get out there and don’t be afraid, because everyone starts somewhere. The sooner you begin, the sooner you get to where you want to be.

4. If you have low self esteem, worry excessively about your weight, have ever restricted, purged, or binged, engage in self harm, experience feelings of worthlessness, or have thoughts of suicide: Please see a doctor. Please tell a loved one. Get the help and attention you need mentally and physically. You matter.

5. Love yourself first: Regardless of your situation in life, remember that no one does you better than you. Eleanor Roosevelt says, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” You have many choices in life. One of the most important is accepting yourself flaws and all. Imperfections are not blemishes. They are beauty marks. Everyone has them, and everyone is uniquely beautiful.