Unhealthy ideas in the vegan community

I follow a lot of vegans on ig and some of them have really distorted ideas about what a healthy diet is, so as someone recovering from anorexia I’d like to address a few things. (I’m not a health professional though). I’m at a healthy weight now, my bloods are all perfect, and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been just fyi.

  • Your body isn’t meant to run on only fruit and vegetables for extended periods of time, let alone only fruit. You need the vitamins, minerals and energy in grains, seeds, proteins, etc. Fruitarian is a dangerous trend.
  • Fasting for longer than 24 hours is dangerous and bad for you body, this shouldn’t be news. You can’t survive on juice and lemon water, your body will shut down.
  • Eating 1000-1200 calories a day is still considered restriction by health professionals, your body needs at least that much to run its most basic functions. Eating less than 1500 is gonna leave you exhausted and unable to think clearly and live your life properly.
  • Losing your period is a sign of poor health, unless your going through menopause. You’ll have low estrogen which will give you osteoporosis.
  • Indulging in a little treat every now and then isn’t going to kill you and it’ll probably do good for your mental health.
  • Obsessing over your diet and only eating clean foods and counting calories is the beginning of an eating disorder and let me tell you they kill a lot of people.

Something I truly can’t wrap my head around is the concept of “fake body positivity.” Like, I understand that not all forms of positivity are helpful to every individual person, but that doesn’t make the sentiments that are being conveyed fake or disingenuous. Different people have different standards for helpful positivity. For example, someone recovering from an eating disorder might love to hear that their weight doesn’t define their worth. Someone who struggles with being confident at a larger size might prefer to hear that their weight is beautiful. It honestly just depends on the person, and their individual experience. Don’t shame people for trying to spread positivity. It’s counterproductive, and ultimately doesn’t help anyone.

Yesterday’s University Visit…

It was a very long day!! Both of us having periods and me with extreme hunger/Anxiety!!!

We got the train and thanks to the prep work I did with my psychologist I did ok. Extreme hunger hit on the train, flippin typical!! 1 x triple chocolate shortcake, a chocolate bar, chocolate filled croissant, ½ my bag of (Steph Marie) mix & a red bull later….Hmm hormonal much!!! When we got there, I had a venti Frappuccino 🙃 We had to get a bus to the university. It was super busy & noisy, literally my worst nightmare but with ‘G’ by my side we got to the campus.

We signed in and basically just looked around and explored. We went to a lecture on studying abroad as my daughter would love to do this. We didn’t go to the education talk as ‘G’ had been to the talk with a friend. We took a tour of the accommodation, they were lovely rooms with en-suite. And a really nice kitchen/dining area.

The campus is huge, a lot of concrete but clean and friendly. We visited the sports centre, which my daughter was really excited about as she wants to take up yoga and they have a rock climbing wall (something I really want to do but know I have to keep eating/gaining strength to do, as right now it’s just too dangerous. So that gave me a massive recovery push!!)

We had both been snacking on and off but it was 2.30pm and we both needed a proper meal. So my daughter was ‘let’s get the bus to the centre/shopping arcades?’ Que inside meltdown I was already up to my quota of being brave but I put my emergency big girl pants on and off we went. We ended up in a food court eating KFC, it was incredibly anxiety provoking but seeing the happiness on my daughters face was so worth it. Especially when she told me how proud she was of me and ‘isn’t this great, we’re eating together for the first time since Christmas Day’.

We had to get back to the station but went via the American Sweet Shop, where I brought ‘Reece’s mix bag’ my reward & a bag of mini ‘Reece’s peanut butter cups’ for ‘G’. And then to Krispy Kreme and brought donuts 🍩 yum 😍

Then it was another bus ride, back on the train and then finally home. We were both knackered but I did it! I had 10mg of diazepam alongside my KFC!! But ‘G’ had a lovely time & so did I and best of all I survived!!

I constantly have to remind myself that it’s okay if I need to eat more frequently than my friends. That it’s okay if my portions are bigger than theirs. Every body is different, and if mine is asking for more food, then I need to listen to it, no matter what anybody else does.

diet culture is so rooted in the idea that our bodies are machines that our minds have to outwit. it pushes for the idea that hunger is something you have to “beat”, that cravings are an annoyance to ignore or outwit, that the way our bodies want to look and want to be is something to fight, that it needs to be helped to do things it was built to do.

here is the liberating truth- your body is so smart and it is trying to help you. it works so hard to keep you alive- sometimes it fails at what it’s trying to do, sometimes it does it in unconvential ways, but it is trying to keep you alive! hunger is our body saying “we need food”- it’s not something to ignore or supress. cravings are our body saying “we need a specific type of food”- they aren’t something to trick or prevent. natural weight and weight distribution are our body saying “this is the shape in which we work best”- they aren’t something to control or reduce. denying this is what hurts us most- even though diet culture tries to tell us that listening to our bodies and treating them with kindness and forgiveness is wrong.