ed razek

I am so glad that Alessandra finally leave that shit company called Victoria’s Secret.

She’s worked for them 17 years long. SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS. And for that long they did her so dirty. They never gave her a spotlight because all VS cares is their new bland boring angels, yet she still managed to shine. A true queen.

And on her LAST show, when she was SUPPOSED to close the whole show, VS still managed to do her dirty by changing the segment order, and let a new model (who were even a replacement for another one bc they couldn’t enter China due to visa issues). Real treatment for a legend, huh?

I want to thank Adriana for giving Alessandra a moment where she deserves a spotlight that VS never gave her in the finale. Adriana always get the spotlight and she knows that because it’s Ale’s last show, it’s her moment to have. On the other hand, a big fuck you to Ed Razek, Monica Mitro, Sophia Neophitou, Hamish Hamilton, and all of VS production team for letting this happen.

Two years from now Adriana will also leave VS and I’m gonna watch that company going downhill (eventhough it’s already started lol VS Fashion Show is now a joke).

Good luck To the timeless, effortless queen and legend Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m very excited to see her doing projects that will treat her right.