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I remember that when I was 8 I had dinner at a friend’s house with both of our families. Her mum put some peanuts and cashews on the table as appetizers. I had never eaten cashews before and they tasted like heaven. I asked my friend what was their name and she was surprised I didn’t know. Then she told me “they’re yummy but each cashew becomes 2 centimeters on your butt” and laughed. Then I laughed as well and ate on, but “cashew” became a bad word in my head. Cash=fat. It was the first and last time I had cashews.

This morning I ate cashews (and an apple). No, my butt is not larger. No, it’s not going to be larger in a few days. No, cashews don’t make people’s butts larger. Cashews make people happier because they’re fucking yummy and from today I’m going to eat cashews every time I crave them.

Cashews don’t ruin lives.
Eating disorders do.


Whenever you feel sad, listen to this beautiful song and watch our fav singer sweats and you will feel better.

in celebration of shinee’s comeback + reaching a follower milestone, i decided to do a follow forever ( + i accidentally deleted this the first time [screams] ). i follow a lot of fantastic blogs, so this was a bit hard to do. ilu all though ♥ anyway, without further ado, let’s go!


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not everyone can support you and handle the recovery process and that is ok. it is not a reflection of you or your worth as a person. you still deserve to recover and it doesn’t mean people have given up on you. learn from those who have crossed your path and allow yourself to move on. there are greater things that lie ahead. keep choosing recovery, and never ever give up.

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Au where everything is the same except Ed/Al accidentally calls Riza Mom

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Also, let me direct you to this fic where it does happen —-> (CLICK AND CRY)