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It Wasn’t Real (part seven)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

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A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader and very slight Eddie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, so….

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The next day you walked into school with a skip in your step. It wasn’t just that it was Friday, meaning another hell week done, or the fact that you almost felt free in a sense. Or that your mother hadn’t been home when you finally got home yourself, and you woke up to a silent house. There was more and you couldn’t describe the feeling that ran through you, other than for the first time in a long time you felt happy. And it was weird, because you hadn’t felt that way in so long.

Of course, the morning hadn’t been flawless. You received many looks because of the bruise on your cheek, which no matter how many layers you wore, you couldn’t cover up. Ms. Green had even gone out of her way to ask you what had happened or if you needed to see someone, you’d made some bullshit excuse up about tripping or something. You didn’t really remember.

Though you knew, realistically she didn’t care.

And of course, your science teacher give you another lecture about you skipping detention and when you were going to make that time up… but it didn’t really matter. 

You most definitely didn’t express your happiness in anyway, and mainly kept to yourself despite the small smile on your lips. And the biggest plus of all was that you hadn’t seen Henry all day, which had actually been a fear of the day. You figured he’d just skipped or something, but you didn’t really care. Belch and Victor were at school though, and they did their very best to ignore you as well. 

Smiling contently, you shut the door to your locker with a satisfying click. Your hand hanging there for a moment longer than normal with a sigh, still, life might be looking up but now…. you had no one to eat lunch with. The very bottom of your list of problems was having no one to eat with, but normally you’d have Henry. Now, you didn’t even have him. You turned your head in the direction of the cafeteria, biting your lip before looking in the direction of the exit. You never really ate during lunch, so there was no need to sit alone at a table for thirty five minutes. 

Nodding to yourself, you turned in the direction of the exit, fully prepared to spend your lunch break intoxicating your lungs. But, as you made your way through the crowed hallways a hand gripped your wrist and tugged you back. For a split second you feared it was Henry until an arm wrapped around your shoulder and you were pressed into the side of a lanky, bony body. “Richie!”

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Daily reminder that

It’s okay if your hair wasn’t perfect today

It’s okay if your clothes weren’t perfect today

It’s okay if you failed an exam, you are not a worse person because of it

It’s okay if you still don’t have friends in school/uni/college/work/etc, be patient

It’s okay to have a bad day

You are not obliged to work out if you are tired, if you ate something “”extra””, you are not obliged even if you don’t like it or enjoy it

It’s okay to have fat (it does not mean you are fat)

It’s okay to be fat. It’s okay to be thin. It’s okay to be fit or not. It’s okay to be the way you are

You do not need an excuse to eat. You are always allowed to eat what and when you want

If you are recovering from an ed, you are still valid when you reach your weight restoration. You are still allowed to struggle, and you are still allowed to have bad days. Your weight does not determine, in any way, your mental state or how your recovery should be.

Also, if you have an ed and are weight restored, this does not mean you should eat less and start working out again. It does not mean you have to be careful not to “keep gaining weight”, because this doesnt happen and, again, your weight does not dictate your recovery or your life

It’s not your fault to have an ed

It’s not your fault to have depression

It’s not your fault to have anxiety

Nothing of what is happening to you is your fault, and it will pass

All of this will pass

You are going to be okay. You are beautiful. I love you