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Spring Awakening Songs Explained
  • Mama Who Bore Me: Give Me Sex Ed
  • Mama Who Bore Me Reprise: Give Us Sex Ed
  • All That's Known: Oppressed White Boy Wants Education
  • Bitch of Living: But Why Am I not Having Sex Right Now?
  • My Junk: I Masturbate Over You
  • Touch Me: Everyone is Lonely and Horny
  • Word of Your Body: Pain Kink
  • The Dark I Know Well: Sexual Abuse (I couldn't make this one funny)
  • And Then There Were None: Fuck the Only Person Left Who Cares About Me
  • Mirror Blue Night: Very Poetic Masturbation Sequence
  • I Believe: Church Kink
  • The Guilty Ones: We Sinned Instead of Going to Church
  • Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind: Please Don't Kill Yourself Moritz
  • Left Behind: Goddamit Moritz
  • Totally Fucked: Grown Ups Really Suck In Case You Couldn't Tell Already
  • Word of Your Body Reprise: Pain Kink Gay Edition
  • Whispering: Babies Make Everything Better
  • Those You've Known: All My Friends Are Dead
  • The Song of Purple Summer: We Know This Song is Meaningful But it Just Sounds High

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Hmm,,okay so,,,this isn't an ask for a story but like,,,,:p what's your view on the egos, personality traits, color (like warf pink, dark black), do they say in the same clothes all the time for you? Oh boy this is kinda long sorry :p

I tend to write and draw them in the same clothes by I imagine they have different one (especially Wlford, he’s had so many outfit changes over the years). And yeah I like to associate them with different colors, like the obvious ones Dark, Wilford, and Google are black, pink, and blue (and the other Googs are their colors), the Host is gold, Dr. Iplier is white (or pale blue), Ed is brown, Silver is, obviously, silver, Bim is also black, but like, more comforting than Dark. 

High Tide | Chapter 2: Good Mornings

Title: High Tide, Chapter 2: Good Mornings
Rating: 17+, Mature (Sexy times)
Word Count4,060
Author’s Note:
I am still SEEKING FEEDBACK of any and all kinds! Please feel free to drop me a message, an ask, on anon – ANYTHING! How do you like the switch in perspective?

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Ed was snoring, just slightly, asleep on his back. I was tucked up into the crook of his arm, my hand laying lazily over his chest. I was still fully nude, vaguely aware that the flannel shirt and panties I had gone to bed in last night must be around here on the floor somewhere. I had been awake for maybe half an hour already, just watching the flames dance in the gas fireplace that Ed had lit for me last night. God, last night.

It was like I was drunk on the memories of last night, the scenes flashing by behind my eyelids with each blink. Ed, below me, hands on my hips. Tracing the edges of his tattoos. His voice, raspy, asking permission to unbutton my shirt. The way he had pulled me up into his lap, like he wanted me on full display….. Those delicious moments when I hung in the balance before  coming completely undone in his hands…. Sigh.

I could see the soft glow of the sunrise around the edges of his blackout curtains. It was almost morning. I desperately needed the bathroom, so I untangled my limbs from Ed as carefully as I could, not wanting to disrupt his sleep. I crept over to the en suite, shutting the door softly behind me. I quickly took care of my needs; using the toilet, washing up, splashing some water on my face, and borrowing Ed’s toothbrush once more to freshen up my breath.

I slipped out of bathroom, eyeing up the beautiful walk-in shower. It was all whites and grays, shiny stone lining the walls, the shower encased in glass. And a built in bench at the opposite end of all the jets and sprayers. Hmm, that’s convenient. I picked up Ed’s soft, blue flannel shirt from the floor below the bed and shrugged it on, pulling just one of the buttons together.

“I thought you had left me..,” a sleepy Ed mumbled. Shit, I didn’t hear him wake.

I strode over to the big, luxurious bed, slipping in between the crisp sheets next to him. “No, Teddy, I’m here.” I reached down to smooth the loose tendrils over his forehead.

“Good.” He rolled over onto his side and was snoring again in minutes.

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|| a daydream away- all time low || when I come around (acoustic)- green day || come to me- the goo goo dolls || full circle- half moon run || wanted- hunter hayes || unpredictable- 5 seconds of summer || down- jason walker || autumn leaves- ed sheeran || rhythm of love- plain  white t’s || circles (acoustic)- passenger || unpack your heart- phillip phillips || falling in love at a coffee shop- landon pigg || you found me- the fray || over my head (cable car)- the fray || wake me up when september ends- green day || breakfast at tiffanys- deep blue something || weight of living pt. 1- bastille || arms- christina perri ||

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A look at the dress conversation on Tumblr

Hopefully you saw what Union Metrics (unionmetrics) wrote about the dress last week. We just wanted to add our own bit of analysis and then we can put the whole thing to bed. 

If you use Tumblr regularly, you know how quickly our users turn the big news of the day completely inside-out. The left shark from Katy Perry’s halftime show is a good example. We saw the same thing happen with the dress.

Within a few hours, users were cracking jokes about it, satirizing the collective freak-out, and mixing it with older memes.

All that dress-related content is what we’re looking at below. This first chart shows notes per hour, which is a good measure of how fast something is spreading. The blue line shows the original post by swiked and the green line represents all 100,000+ other posts that reference the now-famous dress.

For a few hours on Thursday night, the world went nuts.

Engagement with the original post reached its peak of about 100,000 notes per hour (NPH) around 7:00pm. By about the same time on Friday, that number dropped to just 10,000 NPH. Still a very popular post, but only about half as popular as other dress-related content, which was earning about 20,000 NPH. 

Now, keep in mind that we’re talking about 100,000+ posts versus just one. And that should say a lot about how popular this one post really was.

Here’s another way to look at the same data: Cumulative notes over a three day period.

It took about 36 hours for the 100,000+ dress-related posts to earn more notes than the original. And by the end of our study period, those 100,000 posts had earned a combined 700,000 notes. But what’s really interesting is how those notes were divided up:

  • The top 100 dress-related posts accounted for 57% all dress-related notes. 
  • The top 10 accounted for 27%. 
  • And the top post (this one by disneyismyescape) accounted for almost 10% all by itself. 

ed. note: It’s white and gold, even if it is blue and black. 

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do one where you find ed drinking ketchup and making sexual noises

back by popular demand, ed ft. ketchup. ‘Njoy. {photos by sasscrackleandpop and ed-sheeran-innit}

He tapped the lid, making eye contact, the blue darkened with lust. He unscrewed the lid, swirling the red liquid, all the while holding it in relaxed, but knowledgeable hands.

You gulped, shifting on your feet as he bit his lip slowly, making it flush white and then a darker red than the ketchup.

He cocked an eyebrow at you, winking before closing his eyes, throwing his head back, and pressing the mouth of the bottle to his lips.

His throat worked over and over, a blue vein appearing on the side of his pale neck, as he reopened his eyes to look at you, as you swayed on your feet.

He was making moaning sounds in the back of his throat, working the nozzle of the bottle with his lips and tongue, .

“Jesus, Ed,” you exclaimed while he continued, “You’re very thirsty aren’t you?”

He shook his head no, trying to contain his laughter and keep up the sexy act as he stopped drinking, the bottle fully empty.

“No, but if you are,” he said, taking hold of your upper arms as he licked his lips, pressing a hand to your lower back to hold you closer to him, as he took your hand and guided it to the zip on his pants,

“I can fix that.”


Physics- Nash Imagine for @1dandmagcon4ever

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry if it’s to long, but enjoy. (:

The alarm buzzed, you fumbled to look for the off switch. When you finally found it, you shutted it off, and pushed the loud alarm to the ground. “That’s what you get for ruining my beauty sleep you little piece of crap.”

You soon started to daze off, and suddenly a splash of cold water was all over you. “Sweetie, I told you that if you don’t wake up on time, your going to get covered in ice water.” You glared at your mom. “You think this is a game, I’ll show you who’s boss later.” You got up and went to get ready.

Pulling off your wet clothes, and throwing them into a dirty pile. You turned on some warm water, and started washing your face. After you were done, you threw on some light blue high waist-ed shorts, plain white tee, a floral cardigan, and throwing on a light brown belt. You stared at the mirror. “Thanks mom. Even though were on our own, you manage to pull me through with all of our pranks and mother and daughter moments.” you smiled in the mirror.

You waved your mom bye, as you started to walk towards school. It wasn’t that far, so you decided to enjoy the fresh air. As you were heading down the street, you heard yelling.

“Mom, can you please let me grow up! Dad, you need to realize I’m a guy. And I have other things to do than hang out with you! Please I love you guys, but please let me have alone time, and be away sometimes.” The boy stormed out of the house. He sighed loudly, and ran his fingers threw his hair. “Gosh, parents.” as he started walking towards school. He saw you glaring at him. “What are you looking at? Don’t you have some place to be?”

“I was looking at you, and the scene you just had with your parents. Couldn’t you have handle it, I don’t know more nice?”

“You don’t even know me, you think it’s so easy dealing with two parents who-”

You cut him off. “At least some of us have two parents.” And with that you walked towards school.  

You arrived at school, and paced towards your locker. Entering your combination, and grabbing the books you needed for Physics. You walked into class, and sat in your seat. You were in the middle row, and the class often made you relax. You were reading your textbook, and didn’t realize the teacher had made an announcement. A guy tapped you on the shoulder, “Hey, I guess were going to be partners for this project, nice to meet you I’m N-”

You looked up, and realized it was the guy from this morning. You couldn’t see him really good from before, but up close, you noticed his blue eyes, his jawline, his freckles, and just his face.

“Oh, it’s you.” “Yeah, it’s me. But nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N). I’m sorry if what I said was rude. I didn’t mean too." 

He started laughing. "Don’t say sorry, it just opened my eyes on someone else’s point of view.”

“Okay class, your project will be due by the end of this grading cycle. You need to have facts,evidence, charts, a presentation, etc.”

“Hey, I never got your name.” you whispered. “Nash. Nash Grier.” “Well, Nash when do we start?” “We can start this afternoon, it’s better if we get a head start, since we only have 6 weeks. Library?” “Alright, I'l meet you there after school.”

School finished, and it was time to head to the library. You entered, to find Nash waiting for you. “About time, all right, let’s look for the books we need and set up an idea.”

You nodded, and headed to the science area, you scanned book shelves, occasionally you and Nash would reach for the same book. Your fingers would brush, and you guys would start turning red and apologize.  

You guys finally settled on an idea and found the books you needed. Nash was taking down notes, and you stared at his face. The way his eyebrows narrowed when he wrote the wrong thing, or when his eyes brightened up when he found something good. You didn’t realize it but you started to daze off, and the only thing you could see in your mind, was your partner, Nash.

“Wake up sleepy head.” as you felt someone nudge you. “Not now mom, I’m tired.” “It’s Nash smart one.” You instantly lifted your head. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I just -”

He started laughing. That laugh was just something. “It’s alright, I owe you anyways, since you did find the books.”

You called your mom to pick you up, and so did he. Before you left, he asked for your number, and you guys exchanged numbers.

Ever since then, you and Nash hit it off. But you never told him about family. Never. It was a normal school day, and you a few days past, and you were finally content. Well maybe, truly happy.

“Hey I’ll call you when I get home you Hash!” Nash snickered. You waved, and headed home. You decided to walk, and suddenly you saw the ambulance. “Please, please tell me it’s not you mom.” You ran. You saw your neighbor, and asked what’s wrong. “I was coming over to help her cook, and when I unlocked the door with the spare key, she was on the ground." 

The neighbor drove you to the hospital, and the doctor explained everything. "Your mom’s really stress, and her blood pressure has been very high lately, most likely she had a heart attack.” “What’s going to happen?” you whispered. “Your mom, has to stay at the hospital for awhile, and probably go to a building where they can help her control her stress.”

You nodded, and your neighbor hugged you tightly, then she took you home.“Thank you, I’ll be fine. If I ever need help, I’ll come ask you.” as you closed the door. It was so quiet as you walked up the stairs. Took a quick shower, and laid in bed. “Mom, please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave like Dad did.” as you cried yourself to sleep

You woke up late, and you were about to go complain to your mom, but than you realized she wasn’t there. You dreaded going to school, which made you late to Physics.

“Hey are you okay?” Nash asked. “I’m fine.” you replied. Nash kept trying to make jokes, and make you laugh. But nothing was working. The whole school day went by to slowly, and you and Nash decided to meet up for the project at his house.

“Hey mom and dad this is (Y/N), she’s my partner.” “Hello Mrs.Grier and Mr. Grier.” You guys headed up to the school room, and you put yourself to work. “Hey, chill, we can relax for awhile.” You weren’t listening. You just needed to get your mind off of things for awhile. Okay maybe longer than awhile. 

He came up and slammed your textbook close. “What’s up? Your hiding something from me. And I can’t stand it anymore. I care for you, and it’s like you don’t want me too.”

You stared at him coldly. “Maybe I don’t.” He stared at you stunned. You resumed doing your work in silence. Nash broke the silence by asking questions and setting up the experiment. You looked around the room. Seeing pictures of family. A complete family. Smiling, laughing, and loving each other constantly. 

You felt your eyes tear up. And you looked down to your textbook, and you felt a tear slip out, and fall onto the page of the textbook. “Shit.” you whispered. Before you knew it you couldn’t hold it anymore. You felt tears streaming down. You couldn’t stop it. You cried silently so Nash couldn’t hear. “Hey, can I use that textbook-” he stopped when he saw the textbook pelted with tears.

He came next to you, and pulled you next to him. Patting your back, and holding you tightly as you cried into his shoulders. “Sh, it’s going to be okay.” he whispered. “You don’t understand. Nothing’s going to be okay.” you said through tears. “Yes it will-”

You broke away from his embrace. “You don’t understand. At all. I’m not the one with a family that’s together. I’m not the one who has a dad that stuck around. I’m not the one who has a mom with them in the house. Yeah, I said it. My dad left me and my mom. For other women, after he said he loved us. My mom is in the hospital, her life at risk, because the stress got to her. You don’t understand, you don’t know me, and you never-”

Nash pressed his lips against yours. His warm lips making you forget about your problems, and the anger you had boiled up. He placed his hands on your cheek, and pulled away. “I’m sorry. I’m not the best person that can relate to this. But, I’m here for you. I know your mom will make it. She’s tough, I mean look at the way she raised you. And I know, you feel alone without your dad, but sometimes things fall apart so better things can happen.”

You laid your head into the crook of his neck. “Is it okay, if I stay the night?” you whispered. He nodded, “But I only have boy clothes, so I hope your okay with that.” You laughed, and you guys returned back to focusing on the project.

You guys aced your project, and you guys visited your mom daily. One day you entered your mom’s room. And you saw a sign, “(Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?” Your mom smiled at you, “I approve of him.” You smiled. “Turn around darling, his waiting.” You turned around, and you saw Nash. You went up to him and embraced him tightly. You looked at him, and pulled his face close to yours. “Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend.” and you smashed your lips against his.

Your mom coughed. “Just because I approve, doesn’t mean I want to see you guys making out in front of me!” You laughed, as you intertwined hands with Nash, and leaned against him. “Hey thanks for yelling at your parents that one day.”

He rose an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because if you didn’t none of this would have ever happen. I wouldn’t have stopped and talked to you.”

He kissed the top of your head. “I owe you my thanks too. And to physics” as he laughed. The laugh always got you smiling.


Gemini 4 - This Days in June 1965. Red, white and blue all over:

  1. Aden Protectorate, Gulf of Aden, in background Wadi Hadramawi
  2. Richat Crater, Mauritania, West Africa
  3. Wilcox Dry Lake, Chiracahua Mountains, Arizona, New Mexico, 
  4. Texas, San Angelo, Sweetwater area
  5. Pacific Ocean West of Galapago Islands
  6. Clouds
  7. Southwest Saudi Arabia, Aden Protectorate, Seif Dunes
  8. Pacific Ocean southwest of Panama
  9. Western Algeria, Sahara Desert
  10. Richat Crater, Mauritania overexposed