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Au writing Prompt where

Person A is part of some new and up coming band that’s getting really popular and has to start getting ready for performances Then In comes Person B the hot choreographer with a booty game too strong and the ability to dance to pretty much anything that’s playing
Person A is a mess trying to make them theirs, while Person B, wanting to stay professional, try’s their hardest not to give into the flirting


Gou, Momo and Kisumi Splash Free! Ending arabian outfit designs *u*;; I also did a Sousuke version a while back

Ahh I took super long to reply to these haha if it’s not too late now :”D messy refs but I hope it’s what you were all looking for orzz QU//Q can’t wait to see more of your amazing cosplays~<3

weirdusernamesuggestion  asked:

hi! sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you had ever done a splash free nitori design?? i'm in love with your Free! art work and your splash free concept art is so beautiful for each character!! I was hoping you had a nitori design and maybe i just couldnt find it haha😆 thank you so much in advance ;0;

AHHH sorry I took so long QU//Q Not sure if this is what u were looking for but I hope its ok! (for bigger image click here)