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Winter Playlist

since it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside, I put together some songs to listen to when the days get darker and the weather colder. a mix of alternative, indie folk, and acoustic. 

1. blue moon - beck
2. black flies - ben howard
3. promise - ben howard
4. people help the people - birdy
5. winter white hymnal - birdy
6. blood bank - bon iver
7. the emotion - børns
8. northern wind - city and colour
9. christmas lights - coldplay
10. oceans - coldplay
11. delicate - damien rice
12. youth - daughter
13. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie
14. kiss me - ed sheeran
15. i see fire - ed sheeran
16. black water - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
17. hypnotized - fleetwood mac
18. syndicate - the fray
19. mad world - gary jules
20. picture frames - georgia fair
21. days go on - greg laswell
22. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
23. sedated - hozier
24. cinder and smoke - iron & wine
25. when we were on fire - james bay
26. in your atmosphere - john mayer
27. a bad dream - keane
28. one day - kodaline
29. stormy weather - the kooks
30. lamplight - lewis watson
31. windows - lewis watson
32. the yawning grave - lord huron
33. frozen pines - lord huron
34. buzzcut season - lorde
35. stubborn love - the lumineers
36. breathe - matt corby
37. winter winds - mumford & sons
38. align - nina nesbitt
39. dirty paws - of monsters and men
40. always - panama
41. chasing cars - snow patrol
42. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift
43. back to december - taylor swift
44. out of the woods - taylor swift
45. red eye - vance joy
46. my kind of man - vance joy
47. unsteady - x ambassadors
48. hypnotic - zella day

I’m a Mess

Bucky Barnes Song Imagine

(I got this idea today while doing some cleaning. Many songs came on but the minute this one came through the speakers, I thought of Bucky. Please enjoy!)

warnings: probably (?) some language, but mainly just some fluffy, angsty Bucky! *not my gif*

a/n: i wrote this and it took a long time, due to some family emergencies I cannot edit it right now, I’m really sorry. please leave feedback, thank you!!

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oh, I’m a mess right now, inside out
searching for a sweet surrender but this is not the end
I cant work it out, how?
going through the motions, going through us.
and oh, I’ve known it for the longest time 
all of my hopes, all of my words, are all over
written on the signs when you’re on my road walking me home

After returning from HYDRA, Bucky experienced many obstacles. Learning to trust himself, learning to trust others. Never could he imagine that while learning to love himself, he would fall for you. After many months of learning and growing together, he let his guard down and allowed you in. 

Of course this was stressful for the both of you. Both of you had been broken down. Both of you had to be built back up. Bucky, although it was difficult, loved you endlessly. Your laugh, your smile, your personality. 

Of course you fell for him and as time went by, you learned to love the good and the bad that came with Bucky. He had night terrors almost every night. Some nights he would he would wake you, even though you stayed in a different room. Eventually, you learned how to clean up the mess HYDRA had left in Bucky, learning how to love that part of him, too.

See the flames inside my eyes?
It burns so bright I want to feel your love.
Easy baby, maybe I’m alive,
but for tonight I want to fall in love
put your faith in my stomach

Being a part of the Avengers was a blessing and a curse. Though you got to be close to Bucky and make friends, your powers weren’t exactly something you were proud of. You hid them until it was absolutely necessary. Not only did they make you feel like a monster, but in someways they made you look like one.

Steve let a soft laugh escape his lips as he walked into the training room with your small group. Today you’d be training with Sam, Steve, Bucky, and Clint. Thankfully. You couldn’t stand the thought of training with Natasha and Wanda, they were both so beautiful. Their abilities were amazing and you never once doubted how strong the were. 

“Alright, who wants to go first?” Steve asked, turning to face the group. Of course, Sam volunteered to ‘get it over with’. 

You sat back with the other guys and watched Sam go. There were two trials on this training day. 

Sparring being the first and fighting in Tony’s new virtual system being the second. Today was the first time the whole team would be able to test the new technology. 

After Sam (successfully) finished his trials, it was your turn.

“Let’s go, (y/l/n)! Hop up in here and show us what ya got, kid!” Steve encouraged while you fought an exaggerated eye roll.

Stepping onto the mat, Steve stood across from you.

“Ready?” He asked once you had pulled your gloves off, ready to spar.

“As I’ll ever be.” You responded, bending at the knees as the timer counted down. “How many falls?”

“I’ll go easy on you and say one.” Steve quipped, instantly making you angry.

The timer went off and he ran at you. Coolly, you stood straight up, awaiting his attack. A split second before his body crashed into yours, you slid to the side.

He chuckled, tossing a punch your way. The two of you battled it out for a good 5 minutes before you finally had a solid chance at winning. Grasping under his arm, you swung him over your head, almost throwing him off of the mat, hearing Bucky and Sam cheer. You landed elbow first and pinned him down, winning the session.

Standing in the generator, you took the opponents on with just your fists, trying not to use your power.

“You do know you can use your power, right?” Sam called into the room. “You’re lucky, you know? I don’t get one of those.”

again, you were angry.

You tossed your gloves to the side again, balling your fists in anger and tilting your head down. Your hands and hair ignited instantly, fire engulfing your peripheral vision and taking over your mind as you marched forward. You took every opponent down in a matter of seconds, burning the room’s synthetic walls to a crisp.

When the session ended, you fell to your knees, hair finally returning to its previous state. This was the first time Bucky had seen your power and he stood at the threshold with his mouth wide open.

Turning, you saw his reaction, immediately grabbing your gloves and running out of the room, ignoring his yells.

He burst into your room, right behind you. 

“You’re amazing” he muttered, taking your hands in his and kissing them.

“I’m a monster.” You stated firmly, ripping your hands from his grip. You immediately regretted your choice of words, seeing Bucky clench his jaw. He grabbed your face in the most gentle yet urgent way you could imagine.

“You take that back right now.”

“Bucky, I-”

“I love you. I love you. I love your powers. I love you.” He whispered, looking at the ground. “If you could learn to love me… If you can believe I’m truly good… Why can’t you understand that you’re amazing?” He asked, sadness and worry pouring with every word.

“Bucky, I love you too. So much.” You whispered, caressing his cheek with your thumb.

“Then do me a favor. Let me love you, Trust me. You fixed me. Let me help you.” He said, tone serious. His eyes never left yours as he waited for your reply.

“I will. Just don’t leave me tonight, please.” You whispered, knowing you needed his comfort.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, baby.”

I messed up this time, late last night
drinking to suppress devotion with fingers intertwined
I can’t shake this feeling now
going through the motions 
hoping you’d stop

Coming home after a long mission was always exciting, especially when your return would be a surprise. You had just gotten word that you would be returning around 11 pm this evening. The mission was only you, Tony, and Natasha. The three of you had been gone for a little over a month with no communication for safety reasons.

When you were less than an hour from the tower, you texted Steve.

‘hey, we’ll be back soon! missed ya. would you let me know where bucky is in a bit? i wanna surprise him!’ you pressed send, smiling at how the message was read within seconds.

‘yay! can’t wait to see you guys again. Buck has been moping around since the day you left! but i’ll let you know where he is when you guys are close.’ He responded, followed by a string of emojis. You chuckled and sent back a smiley face and a thumbs up, knowing it would make your dear friend happy.

About thirty minutes passed before your phone went off again.

‘(Y/N)? i think something’s wrong with Bucky. He left and wouldn’t stay to hear me out??’. The message sent a shock down your spine.

‘Hm… if you can track him, I’ll surprise him wherever he goes? Maybe he just needs some comfort. You know how hard it is for him to sleep and relax on his own…’. You sent the message, twiddling your thumbs while you waited for his response.

‘Sure thing!’.

‘Landing in a moment, send me those coordinates, Rogers!’.

A small map appeared on the screen, clicking on it revealed that he was at a bar on the edge of town. You couldn’t help the sigh that slipped out of your mouth, causing Natasha to look over.

“Bucky?” She asked, clearly seeing through the situation.


“Go, I’ll take your bags for you.” She smiled.

“No, I can’t make you-”

“(Y/n). Go.” She said again, insisting. You nodded in response and left immediately from the jet, hopping into one of Tony’s many cars and going straight to the pub.

Walking in your heart sank. There he was. Eyes tired and cast down , body fatigued, drink in hand. His hair was oily and stuck down, covering his face. His under eyes were dark and signaled a lack of sleep. You looked over, seeing an extremely pretty girl trying to get his attention. You decided to stay back and see where he would take it.

The two of them spoke, his eyes not leaving the bar’s counter top. After a moment, she wrapped her arms around his arm and slid her hand up to his, intertwining their fingers. He stayed staring forward, holding the one sided affection for a moment before shaking her off and standing.

His eyes went towards the door, gaze falling on you. He immediately approached your now questioning figure, hugging you tightly. You were going to get mad. Until you felt the wetness of tears on your shoulder, that is. You stepped outside, wiping his tears and walking to the car with him.

The car ride was silent. The walk to the tower was silent. You waited until you were behind closed doors and so did he.

“Baby, I missed you so much. Please understand that I’ve never seen that woman before just now, and I couldn’t even think about what she was saying to me because I was too taken over by you.” He said, ton serious and obviously sincere.

“Are you alright?” You asked, running a thumb over his lower lip, placing a kiss over the spot you had just touched. He pulled you to his chest again, and you felt his body shake with sobs.

“Honey, I missed you more than I thought possible. I can’t sleep. I can hardly eat. Not knowing that you’re okay. Oh God-” His body shook even more at the thought of losing you.

“Hey! Hey its okay Bucky. I’m back. I’m here. Safe in your arms. I love you.” You whispered calming him down and rubbing his back.

“I love you.” He said, eyes meeting yours moments before his lips did. You relaxed into the kiss, trying to rid yourselves of any personal space.

For how long, long I love my lover
And I feel love
I feel it all over now

Sitting on the sofa in your shared room, you waited for Bucky to finish in the shower. After a moment of flipping through the TV channels, you gave up and turned it off, sitting back further into your seat. Looking around the small room, a sudden realization washed over you,

You were in love. With Bucky. And he loved you.

You had started a life together, living together, working together. You clicked so well. You fit in his arms, as cliche as it is, perfectly. You made him feel like HYDRA was worth it. You made him believe in fate, and he made you believe in true love. Seeing him exit the bathroom, towel around his waist and a hand towel drying his hair, you couldn’t help blurting it out.

“I love you, James”

“And I love you (y/n). So much.” He said, the sparkle in his eyes glinted as it always did when he told you he loved you.

Happier Without Me?

Request from @isabela-claire​: hiya! could i request an imagine please with bucky? could you do one based off the song “happier” by ed sheeran? that would be totally amazing, it’s just so great. but if you don’t mind i’d love a happy ending, sad endings make me cry. & i really don’t wanna cry. thanks so much!!! have a wonderful day!

Note: Song based fics aren’t my biggest strength but I enjoyed writing this one so I hope it proves to be just as enjoyable to read <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,908

Disclaimer: GIF used is not mine. All credit goes to it’s creator. <3 Also the lyrics used do not belong to me!

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier.

This was the fifth time he had seen you over the course of the past two weeks; despite the rest of the team telling him to leave it he just couldn’t. He needed to talk to you but every single time he spotted you in the city you were always with him. It was the same guy each and every time….his arm wrapped around you protectively.  The very thing Bucky himself should have been doing – instead he had hurt you and now he was facing the consequences.

He never heard the words you spoke to each other as he would only ever get close enough to see you….never to hear that beautiful voice of yours, he didn’t want you to know that he was suffering because he knew he deserved it.

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a time for wolves ❆ a house stark playlist

wolf first aid kit / satellite call sara bareilles / kids again artist vs. poet / faded from the winter iron & wine / when you break bear’s den / sense of home harrison storm / hey brother olivia penalva / the wolves ben howard / castle on the hill ed sheeran / winter song the head and the heart / home gabrielle aplin / ghosts that we knew mumford & sons / rivers and roads the head and the heart / blood the middle east / atlas hands benjamin francis leftwich / the wolves (act i & ii) bon iver / old pine ben howard / stay alive josé gonzález / safe & sound taylor swift & the civil wars  / north sleeping at last / to build a home the cinematic orchestra / we’re on our way radical face + adding more all the time!


Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode One. My thoughts

Holy shit Arya e a fucking badass

30+ people are already dead and they haven’t even played the intro

Freaking Ed Sheeran man

Cersei and Jaime fighting (no more incest for you)

Sam’s job is kinda gross

Sansa doesn’t trust Jon at all

Why is Littlefinger still alive?

I love Brienne (so does Tormund)

Jaime is easily jealous

Lyanna Mormont is giving me life

Holy shit white walkers are coming (and they have a giant)

Clegane knows something about that house and those people. Also he now sees white walkers on fire.

Daenerys is ready to fuck some shit up

Don’t make fun of Arya or she will kill you

(And what fucked me up the most) THE MAD KING IS ALIVE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Why Ed Sheeran’s GoT cameo was great:
- it was Ed Sheeran
- you got to hear his voice
- it was a short scene, didn’t affect the main story
- besides the close-up-“its a new one”-part Ed was pretty much on screen as everybody else. Not so much attention on him. Not so much dialogue.
So… I don’t think he interrupted the plot nor the atmosphere. He did fucking great. His singing was on point. His acting was okay.
Stop criticising every damn thing.
Chill a bit.
Have a coffee.
And watch the next GoT episode.

This is my first playlist of 2015! I know I haven’t made one since the summer, but the first semester of my senior year in high school was so hectic - what with extracurricular activities, Earth Club and college apps - that I could barely find time to even do yoga, let alone dabble in creative pursuits. That’s also why I haven’t uploaded to YouTube in months, but not to worry, I will upload a video very soon. In the meantime, here’s an indie acoustic playlist for any time you want to feel calm, like during late night yoga sessions or soft mornings or long drives. Hope y'all enjoy xx

winter acoustic mix

(The picture is from a view I saw in Utah from a car window in 2012.)

Tracklist in a random order:

Winter Song | The Head and the Heart

I See Fire | Ed Sheeran

Lua | Bright Eyes

Above the Clouds of Pompeii | Bear’s Den

Poison & Wine | The Civil Wars

New Vibrations | Sam Garrett

Upward Over the Mountain | Iron and Wine

Just A Boy | Angus and Julia Stone

Holocene | Bon Iver

White Winter Hymnal | Fleet Foxes

Paper Aeroplane | Angus and Julia Stone

St. Clarity | The Paper Kites

Blue Ridge Mountains | Fleet Foxes

To Be Alone With You | Sufjan Stevens

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