ed sheeran theme

Dear Liam,

I had an idea, so hear me out… You need to upload a video of you doing the Try Not Sing and Dance Challenge! I need to see you lose in the first second because you can’t keep quiet. It’s a thing that needs to happen so I can move on with my life! 

Here are a few fun suggestions of songs you would lose to: 24K, Wonderwall, It Wasn’t Me, any Ed Sheeran song, any superhero theme song, Harry Potter theme song, Bohemian Rhapsody, Let It Go, any Michael Jackson song, any Drake song, WMYB, etc.

Take your poison and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


A Bean

Like my idea for “Subtract” was to not have anything on it, just be an acoustic record. So not necessarily say, “Oh, I’m going to take away from my fan base,” but rather take away from the production.

Ed Sheeran on possible themes for his next album, Entertainment Weekly [x]

the possibility of an acoustic album makes me so excited you have no idea


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