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Name: Alison
Age: 22
Country: Costa Rica

I feel narcissistic talking about myself but ya, here i go.

Im really slow, at almost everything i do (my mom says giving birth to me was the longest thing she has done) exept maybe falling in love haha SAD. I like to read mostly things that make my heart shines and shakes, my voice laughs and my eyes tear. The last thing i read was The Signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The english i know i practically learned by myself and im still learning so bear with me. I also like to write i promise i write better in spanish (no i dont i probably still suck) so if youre learning spanish i can be youre practice buddy.

I already have a couple of penpals but i love the idea of sending and receiving letters from people, from different parts of the world. I dont use much my phone (exept for music, im literaly listening to music 27/7, Ed Sheeran, Keane, Passenger, Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kit, ABBA Rock en español, also some oldies, B.B king, The Beatles, Journey and so on, lately ive been listening to Eminem, i cant understand a word) but i do use my mac more, mostly for wasting time.

Rigth now im procrastinating an art proyect (i study arts) by writing this and when im in classes and we have to take a break i go to a corner and hide while i keep reading and eating and listening the Ed’s Divide album, cuz i like to dissapear and avoid talk about college stuff, If that tells you something about me.

I live with my whole family exept my brother who run away with the help of my granparents i know how funny/stupid that sounds haha. I have 3 sisters i spend almost all day with them. We dont have actual TV only Netflix, we love TheOffice and shows like that, also Stranger Things of course, we dont listen to the radio, we dont really follow the usual sleepin-at-night-and-being-awake-in-the-day-thing so my house its kind of a time loop. We all wanted to learn music but couldnt affort it till now, so now my dad’s learning gittar, me and my sisters are learning piano and my house is full of dumb people noises.

Im not completely antisotial, i have a BFF, we been friends since were like 5, shes like my sister from another mother (were far cousins though) shes an amazing singer, i also have some other friends from my fandom (Sheerios CR). I Also have some friends in college we called ourselves “The mistics” cuz were that stupid and i also have other friends i never see but still love.

I hope ill get to travel someday, to places like Finland, Brazil or UK. Im that girl who has pictures of those places on a the wall next to her bed. But for now im focussing on learning music, drawing, arts and a little bit of finish and portugues.

Ive kissed like 4 people in the last four years haha i dont know what else to say…

I hope that gives you an idea of me and maybe someone would like to recieve and send letters with me. My sister’s telling me to go watch Full House with her so bye.

PS: My fav song is American Pie by Don Mclean and my fav movie is Forrest Gump.

Preferences: I have an asexual friend, others are gay and others are feminist and theres one who’s really tall haha. I dont care much about that, or politics or religion tbh. I just love connecting with people who are respectful, speak from the heart and are not affraid of showing who they are.

I really rather talk on email a couple of times and then Snail mail its my main interest


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