ed sheeran playing

Lucky - Michael Clifford Fanfic

(credit to the picture’s original owner)

Part 1  

“You do realize how lucky we are that our parents agreed to this, right? Buying tickets to a concert in a completely different state a week before it happens without getting permission has to be one of the stupidest and least thought out things you have ever done.” Accompanied by the low voice of Ed Sheeran playing through the speakers and the soft hum created by the wheels of the car rolling against the highway, Danielle lectured her best friend as she drove.

           “It worked, didn’t it? We get to see 5SOS in concert and take a road trip together. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Besides, what could they have done? We’re 19, so we can legally travel on our own. Plus, we paid for the tickets ourselves, we’re paying for the hotel ourselves and we’re paying for all of the gas.” She shrugged her shoulders and rose her feet up to place them against the dash. A small smirk stretched across her lips as she spoke, acting as if this trip had been weeks in the making and not a spur of the moment thing.

           “You seem to be forgetting that we’re driving your parents’ car, Callie, and that without them we would have no vehicle and this trip would not be happening right now.” Danielle quickly shifted her eyes from the road to the girl sitting in the passenger seat. She noticed her smirk falter for a moment, Callie realizing that her friend was making a valid point.

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