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  1. Call Me Baby by EXO
  2. All Night by Beyoncé
  3. One by Ed Sheeran
  4. Some Love by Red Velvet
  5. The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Friend, Please by Twenty One Pilots
  7. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban by Panic! at the Disco
  8. This Town by Niall Horan
  9. Little White Lies by Bring Me The Horizon
  10. Gold Medal Ribbion by Pierce The Veil

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One Night

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 2,871

Summary: Reader and Bucky have been friends with benefits for a long time, but one of them developed feelings for the other despite their ground rules.

Warnings: protected sex (that’s a first), some slight fluff if you squint really hard.

Author’s Note: So this is another fanfic inspired by a song. This time Ed Sheeran’s One Night did the job. And this was originally going to be an Ed fic, but I opted to turn it into a Bucky one because, well, Bucky, that’s why. As always, let me know if there’s any typo.

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late nights : listen

» for the nights when it feels the world is falling apart «

tuning out - bastille // bravado - lorde // the city - ed sheeran // secrets - onerepublic // bleeding out - imagine dragons // some nights (intro) - fun. // falling - haim // slow and steady - of monsters and men // never tear us apart - inxs // coloured stones and walls - matt corby // daniel in the den - bastille // kiss me - ed sheeran // major minus - coldplay // why am i the one - fun. // your bones - of monsters and men // if i could change your mind - haim // a year ago today - bear’s den // slow dancing in a burning room (john mayer cover) - jacob whitesides

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Trouble - Halsey
Falling for you - The 1975
The kids aren’t alright - Fall out boy
Northern downpour - Panic! at the disco
House of gold - Twenty one pilots
Misguided ghosts - Paramore
Firefly (remix) - Ed Sheeran
I of the storm - of monsters and men
Lost in my bedroom - Sky Ferreira
Dark come soon - Tegan and Sara
Mrs.potato head - Melanie Martinez
Smother - Daughter

Movie night

Title: Movie night

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word count: 1.376

Theme song: Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

Request: A One-shot movie night with Kai that turns into a cuddling/spooning session with a lot of fluff?


Sorry anon for it took me so long to write it! Hope you all will enjoy it!

Hugzzz and kisses! xx

“Kai. I am not going to watch that. We need something else.” You shook your head and furrowed your brows.

“Why? Are you scared?” He laughed as he waved in the air “The Conjuring“ DVD.

“Why would I be?” You laughed nervously when actually you were afraid of that. You were afraid of all scary movies. And he perfectly knew that. “What an asshole best friend I have.” You said silently to yourself but your word wasn’t unheard.

“Asshole?” He raised his eyebrows and stepped one step closer to you. You huffed and opened your mouth.

“Yes. You are an asshole.” You breathed out and tried to hold back your smile. And it was not easy thing to do.

“You will regret that.” He says and jumps on you quickly. He starts to tickle you until you gave up and gave him a proper apology.

“I am sorry my dearest friend Kai. I won’t ever call you like that because you are nothing like that.” You try to not laugh as you say these words.

“I think I can forgive you.” He bites his bottom lip so he could hide his smile. But in the end you both ended chuckling from each other.

After a few movie ideas you decided to watch romantic movie. It was called “Love, Rosie”. Kai put DVD on and sat beside you. You ate your popcorn and shared it with Kai.

After few minutes you already regretted that you decided to watch this movie. Why? Because you were a lot like the main actress. Just like her you were in love with your best friend. You sighted heavily as you looked from a corner of your eye to Kai. He was smiling like a child and completely lost in romance on the screen. You slightly smiled to yourself and when Kai turned to you, you felt a little flustered. He smiled wildly as you hide your face from him.

“Are you alright?” He asked cheerfully.

“Yes.” You said silently and played with your fingers. But seemingly Kai wasn’t happy with your answer.

“Oh yes?” He asked like he did not believe in you.

“Yes.” You mumbled almost to yourself.

“And why I can sense that you are lying?” You felt as a little grin showed on his face so you lifted your head to check it. Yes. He had a small grin on his face just like you thought and that made you somehow uncomfortable. Your eyes fell on your lap again.

“You are seeing things. I am alright.” You bite your lip inner part.

“I will start to tickle you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong.” He tried to look playful but you heard a small concern in his voice. You sighted heavily and closed your eyes.

“Well… I think I fell in love.” You blurred out and jumped from your seat. “I am going to my room. I am about to fall asleep anyway.” You faked a yawn and were about to fly to your room but he grabbed your arm and held it tightly. When you looked at his face he was tense and worried. His breath was unsteady.

“With whom?” He whispered looking straight to your eyes. You quickly looked away from him.

“You don’t know him.” You told while trying to avoid the sight of his beautiful blue eyes.

“Are you sure?” He asked and there was a disappointment in his voice. You just nodded and still didn’t look into his eyes.

“And now tell me that while looking into my eyes.” He asked gently and pulled you to his lap what was really unexpected for you. You sat on his knees and now your eyes were locked with his. A lump stuck in your throat and you weren’t available to speak as tears started to form in your eyes.

“Y/N…” He whispered gently and hugged you warmly. As he wrapped his arms around your waist you wrapped your hands around his neck. “Shh… Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” He asked with desperate voice.

“Because he… The guy that I am in love with will never love me back.” You said while crying and he hugged you even tighter.

“Is he stupid or what? Who wouldn’t be in love with you?” He tried to smile but failed at it.

But you didn’t answer to his question.

“C’mon, Y/N. Tell me his name and I will teach him a lesson so he will know that no one can hurt you and get out of it easily.”

You just shook your head and pressed to him closer. It was hard for you. You were afraid to lose your friend and you knew that after these words would leave your mouth you could never get them back. Everything would change. He wouldn’t look at you the same.

“Please.” He begged you in suffering voice but you shook your head again. After few moments of silence he asked you again. But this question made you to freeze.

“Y/N. Can it be… Can you possibly be in love with me?”

A breath caught in your lungs. Your grip on his shoulders loosened and you put your forehead on his shoulder. None of you were talking for at least few minutes.

“So it’s true.” He said with some kind of relief but you couldn’t hear that because of your fear of losing a friend. A really dear friend.

“Just forget that. Forget. I don’t want to lose you. I promise you that I will kill this feeling just don’t shut me out…” You pleaded as tears started to form in your eyes again.

“Kill this feeling? I would never let you do that. My sweet and innocent, Y/N. You can’t even imagine how much happy I am at the moment.” He pulled you even closer and hugged you tightly. You listened to him and tried to understand what he was talking about. Kai? Happy about your feelings?

“What does it mean?” You asked silently as you were afraid that you heard him badly or misunderstood him. Does he really could like you back? Could he return your feelings back? Your head bas buzzing with stupid little questions that only he could answer.

He laughed silently and pulled you back a little so he could see your face. He was smiling and his eyes were sparkling from happiness.

“I could tell you but it would take me too many words. Let me show you.” He grinned and pulled you back to him. His soft lips pressed to yours and you were melting in his embrace. You were shocked but the happiness that you felt were a lot bigger. You acted quickly and wrapped your hand around his neck as you deepened this smooth kiss. When you both ran out of breath you pulled away and looked into each other’s eyes. And you both were smiling. Then he looked through your shoulder and laughed. The main characters were kissing too.

“Guess we are the same as they are. Just it didn’t take as so many ears to reveal our feelings to each other.” He smiles widely at you. You giggled and hugged him again. Kai took your soft blanket and wrapped you both into it. “I think from now on, this movie will be my favorite.” He was still smiling and you just couldn’t take your eyes off from him. Kai gently brushed your hair with his fingers and kissed your head. “You made me so happy, Y/N. I can’t even tell you how I am feeling now. That can’t be described in words.” He whispered into your hair. You warmly smiled at him.

“I think I know what you are talking about.” You said silently while closing your eyes and put your head on his chest.

“Are you tired?” He asked you silently too.

“A bit. And you?” You yawned and rubbed your cheek to his shirt.

“Me too.” He smiled and pulled you closer. You loved it. You loved his closeness to you.

“You think we can sleep here?” You asked in tired voice but you were still smiling.

“Yes. It would be perfect.” He kissed your hair and you let yourself fall asleep in his warm and safe arms.

I just realized that

  • Badlands // Halsey
  • She’s Kinda Hot EP // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Jet Black Heart // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Dark Times // The Weeknd feat. Ed Sheeran

all come out this Friday. I’m not ready.