ed sheeran one night

song suggestions // april ‘17

barcelona  — ed sheeran

bite — troye sivan

blue — marina and the diamonds

cancer — twenty øne piløts

dive — ed sheeran

eraser — ed sheeran

fool for you — zayn

make that money girl — zara larsson

migraine — twenty øne piløts

one mississippi —zara larsson

screen — twenty øne piløts

symphony (feat. zara larsson) — clean bandit

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late nights : listen

» for the nights when it feels the world is falling apart «

tuning out - bastille // bravado - lorde // the city - ed sheeran // secrets - onerepublic // bleeding out - imagine dragons // some nights (intro) - fun. // falling - haim // slow and steady - of monsters and men // never tear us apart - inxs // coloured stones and walls - matt corby // daniel in the den - bastille // kiss me - ed sheeran // major minus - coldplay // why am i the one - fun. // your bones - of monsters and men // if i could change your mind - haim // a year ago today - bear’s den // slow dancing in a burning room (john mayer cover) - jacob whitesides

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Logan x Reader fic based on "One Night" by Ed Sheeran please?

A/N: JESUS CHRIST I’M SO DUMB- I READ SIRIUS NOT LOGAN!! I am so sorry I will do a Logan one for you I PROMISE! But for now, enjoy this with Sirius? Once again, sorry I fucked up bc I can’t pay attention!!!

Sirius was still laying on his back in bed. It was just past 8am and you thought it best to slide out before he woke up, before he felt like he had to say something to you or make awkward conversation. Hooking up, it was only hooking up. For months, you had been in and out of his bed. Sometimes you stayed the night, most of the time you just left after. Why complicate things? Sirius was known for not doing commitment, so you decided to just make it easy for both of you and give him as much space as possible. 

There was a stirring from behind you as you threw your tee over your head, silently pulling it down your chest. You looked over your shoulder and Sirius had begun to wake up, pawing around the bed where you had just been sleeping.

“What are you doing?” he yawned. Sometimes you found it hard to look at him when he was in this state. This was when you found him the most attractive- hair matted from sleep, voice low and raspy, his grey eyes still adjusting to any light.

“I just thought I’d head back home. You can call me later or whatever if you want,” you said, flashing him a half smile.

“Why would you do that?” he asked, half sitting up on his elbows now. He looked…hurt. Why did he look hurt?

“I don’t know. I just…I always leave before you get up. Just trying to do what you want,” you admitted, shrugging a little. This made him sit straight up. The sheet fell from his chest, pooling around his waist and exposing his firm chest. A chest that just hours ago you had been clawing.

“What makes you think I don’t want you to stay? We spend like 3 nights a week together,” he said. You didn’t really know what to say. You’d always just assumed he appreciated that you were gone when he got up. “Look at me, Y/N.” But you couldn’t. You turned to him, but could barely meet his eyes. Sirius reached his hand out, softly cupping your cheek. “Get back in bed with me, yeah?”

Sirius laid back down, opening his arms up for you to crawl in next to him. You willingly obliged, dipping under the covers once again and nuzzling up to his chest. He always smelled like spice and rain; the combination was dizzying and inviting every time you smelled him. Slowly, he combed his fingers through your hair, rubbing your back lightly as he reached the ends.

“I…I really like you, Y/N. And I don’t want you to think that it’s just sex for me.” He kissed the top of your head. “Well, the sex is great too,” he added, making you giggle in agreement, ”but more than that, I just want you near.”

“I like you too, Pads,” you confessed in a small voice, placing light kisses on his chest. He exhaled deeply, making it clear he’d been nervous about how you’d respond.

“You’re my girl. You’ve been my girl. I wanna be good to you, treat you like a lady and all that,” he said, pushing his long hair away from his eyes. You held on to him even tighter, just wanting to bask in this new level of intimacy. “Would you let me do that?” You gave him a deep kiss, letting your lips melt into his, answering him wordlessly.

12:32 am

Trouble - Halsey
Falling for you - The 1975
The kids aren’t alright - Fall out boy
Northern downpour - Panic! at the disco
House of gold - Twenty one pilots
Misguided ghosts - Paramore
Firefly (remix) - Ed Sheeran
I of the storm - of monsters and men
Lost in my bedroom - Sky Ferreira
Dark come soon - Tegan and Sara
Mrs.potato head - Melanie Martinez
Smother - Daughter