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» for the nights when it feels the world is falling apart «

tuning out - bastille // bravado - lorde // the city - ed sheeran // secrets - onerepublic // bleeding out - imagine dragons // some nights (intro) - fun. // falling - haim // slow and steady - of monsters and men // never tear us apart - inxs // coloured stones and walls - matt corby // daniel in the den - bastille // kiss me - ed sheeran // major minus - coldplay // why am i the one - fun. // your bones - of monsters and men // if i could change your mind - haim // a year ago today - bear’s den // slow dancing in a burning room (john mayer cover) - jacob whitesides

song suggestions // april ‘17

barcelona  — ed sheeran

bite — troye sivan

blue — marina and the diamonds

cancer — twenty øne piløts

dive — ed sheeran

eraser — ed sheeran

fool for you — zayn

make that money girl — zara larsson

migraine — twenty øne piløts

one mississippi —zara larsson

screen — twenty øne piløts

symphony (feat. zara larsson) — clean bandit

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wouldhaz  asked:

Okay, I’m here again ‘cause I really obsessed with everything you write, I have read everything OMG! Could you do something where y/n is Ed Sheeran’s great friend and Harry tell to him about that he have a big crush on y/n, and she feel the same (of course haha). So Ed plans something for the two of them to meet, alone… like a date. And they finally talk about what they feel for each other. Thanks, love. Xx <3

Drabble #12

Ed Y/N

You free tonight?

Free as a Bird, why?

Got you a hot date


It’ll be good for you!

Plus, he’s a friend of mine and he’s always asking about you

Who is he? Have I met him before

You’ve met him

Who is he?



The one and only

Ed! No!

Y/N! Yes! You’ve had a crush on him for years

He’s a great guy, and he likes you a lot, give him a chance



He’s picking you up at 8

True to his word, Harry showed up to your door at 8 o’clock exactly, bunch of flowers in his hand.

“Well don’t you look beautiful tonight” he said handing you the flowers. He looked great himself, dressed in a long black coat, black jeans and a black dress shirt, that was unbuttoned enough to reveal the top of his butterfly tattoo.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to get me flowers, why don’t you come in while I put these in a vase and finish getting ready” you gestured allowing him in, and closing the door behind him. You weren’t sure if you even owned a vase to put the flowers in, but you were sure you could find something, so you began rummaging around the kitchen while Harry stood there watching you.

“I don’t think I own a vase, this is a little embarrassing” you smiled at Harry who chucked a little

“Do you have a tall glass?” He said, opening the cabinet where you kept your drinking glasses

“You know, I think there might be a pint glass in there somewhere”

“Bingo” he said pulling out the pint glass from the back of the cabinet “Why do you have a pint glass by the way?”

“That would-be Ed’s doing” you laughed, thankful you had something to talk to Harry about, as much as you liked him, you weren’t sure you had that much in common.

“I should have known” he took the glass and filled it with water, unwrapping the flowers and placing them in there for you “make shift vase, innovation”

“I’ll just put my shoes on and then we can get going”

“Don’t rush, we’ve got all the time in the world”

You put your shoes on, making sure they were comfortable enough to handle anything that Harry had planned, because if Ed had anything to do with it you knew it would be extravagant. You went back downstairs, and Harry was waiting for you at the door

“Ready to go?” he extended his hand out to take hold of yours

“Yeah, where are we going by the way?”

“It’s a surprise”

You stepped out of the car and you were greeted by Harry who had somehow made it out of the car and around to the passenger door before you got out. He had brought you to one of the nicest restaurants in London, that you had never been to before, but you figured it was some where he frequented often. Helping you out of the car, he gently kissed your hand and lead you into the restaurant where you were both shown to a table right in the back corner, where you would be hidden away from prying eyes. He ordered two glasses of red wine and handed you a menu. Once you had both finished your meals and enjoyed some light conversation, getting to know each other Harry ordered you both another glass of wine and leaned across the table placing his hand over yours

“I’ve always been so intrigued by you Y/N, you’re so beautiful”

You blushed, it had been a long time since anyone had called you beautiful

“I’ve always thought you were pretty handsome too, thank you for tonight, I’ve had a lot of fun”

“It’s me that should be thanking you, should we get out of here?”

You spent the entire car ride home laughing about the waiter who obviously recognised Harry but was too afraid to ask him for a photo, and when you arrived home he walked you to your door.

“Should have asked Ed to set this up a long time ago, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this for so long”

“I probably would have said no, I almost said no tonight”

“Glad you didn’t”

“Me too” he reached his hand out and grabbed your waist, pulling you in closer and brushing the hair out of your face“You’re stunning, you know that?”

You smiled, reached up to cup his face “I think you might be blind Styles”

He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on your lips “Far from it love”

Thanks so much for this request, I’m a big Ed Sheeran fan and I hope you enjoyed it xx I’m sorry it took me so ling to write it, I know you sent it in a while ago, but I’ve had a busy few weeks, everything’s calmed down now though, so send in more requests xxx 

Master List 

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Trouble - Halsey
Falling for you - The 1975
The kids aren’t alright - Fall out boy
Northern downpour - Panic! at the disco
House of gold - Twenty one pilots
Misguided ghosts - Paramore
Firefly (remix) - Ed Sheeran
I of the storm - of monsters and men
Lost in my bedroom - Sky Ferreira
Dark come soon - Tegan and Sara
Mrs.potato head - Melanie Martinez
Smother - Daughter