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Afraid of Heights

request: i am so happy you’re writing imagines again and omg i LOVE jughead so much fml. can i request one where the reader is close to everyone and she likes jughead and wants him to ask her out but he never does so she goes out with archie instead? 

pairing: reader x jughead jones 

a/n: first jughead request omg. I hope this will be alright, and I was also listening to Perfect by Ed Sheeran on constant repeat while writing this because that song just puts me in the most romantic mood. Also Spring Fling is a name of a dance we used to have every year at my school so I just added that in because I couldn’t think of any other name. Enjoy! 

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Author’s Note: I never write stuff. (I’m not just saying that. I’ve honestly NEVER written a fic.) but I listened to Perfect approximately one billion times and I could not get this scene out of my head. Thank you sooo much to @wildegreenlight for being my kind beta and @jenn582 and @thefinalhorcruxx for being my cheerleaders. Without them it’s unlikely I would have bothered to finish.

Written to and inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect  played on endless repeat.

The song faded to an end and Ron pulled away from the girl clinging to his waist, looking down at her with a lopsided grin. He could hardly believe they’d been dancing since he’d impulsively whisked her away from Krum.

Hermione gazed up at him, slightly breathless, a question in her eyes.

“Follow my lead,” he winked, took her hand and spun her through the other dancers past the edge of the makeshift dance floor and out through a gap in the marquee.

After the suffocating warmth inside the tent, the fresh air felt brilliant on his skin as he turned to face her, “Hermione… can I show you something?”

Her cheeks were flushed from dancing and her curls were wild, escaping from the intricate updo she’d worn to the wedding. She looks perfect.

“Of course, Ron.”

Was he mental or were her eyes actually sparkling?

The sun had long since set, but the breeze still had a warmth to it. They slowly made their way through a field towards a small pond with a rickety dock. Ron hoped she wouldn’t notice that they were still holding hands or if she did, he silently begged that she wouldn’t let go.

“We’re here.”

Ron dropped himself unceremoniously onto the end of the dock, tugging his shoes off and quickly shoving his holey socks into them. He cuffed up the edge of his trousers and let his legs dangle over the edge, bare feet skimming the water below.

“Sit with me?”

Hermione laughed and slipped off her own shoes. Ron reached a hand up to help steady her as she settled down next to him. “What are we doing here Ron? I have seen this pond before you know…. many times.” She smiled up at him and playfully knocked her shoulder into his so he’d know she wasn’t actually upset.

“I… well. Yeah, no. I  just…”


One hand went to rub the back of his neck and he took a deep breath, “I just wanted to spend a few minutes alone.” She arched a questioning eyebrow at him. “I mean, alone, with um.. yeah.. you.” His eyes flicked to hers briefly and then focused on the pond in front of them. He could feel the blush literally climbing his neck. Good one Ron. Real eloquent. Bloody ‘ell. Eloquent! That’s the kind of word he should be using. Not ones like ‘um and yeah.’

He felt her hand gently cover his, he turned his ever so slightly and his pulse quickened when she intertwined their fingers.

“This was a brilliant idea Ron,” she smiled at him. “After meeting so many new people tonight, the idea of being alone for a few minutes sounds wonderful. Alone… together.” There was that twinkle in her eyes again. He could get lost in her eyes.

As they sat there, holding hands in the silence, Ron gathered every bit of courage he had and started to slowly move his thumb across the soft skin of her hand. Hermione let out a breath he didn’t realize she’d been holding and her head gently fell to rest on his shoulder.

She’s an angel. I don’t deserve this.

He’d lost track of how long they’d been sitting together when the sudden sound of music from the reception broke the spell they were under and he quickly stood up, brushing his trousers off, “Suppose we should get back before they send the twins to find us, yeah?”

Hermione rose slower, trying to straighten out her dress. She looked beautiful in that dress. She always looked beautiful, but his heart near to stopped when she’d walked out of the Burrow in that dress. She followed him off the dock and onto the grass, looking self-conscious as she tried to tuck the flyaway curls behind her ear, “I’m a mess.”

His heart beat faster and suddenly he didn’t care if his mum sent every single one of his siblings and Aunt Muriel out to look for them. She looks perfect. How can she not know? “Dance with me.”

“Here?” she almost giggled. Hermione almost giggled..!

“Yeah,” he nodded his head towards the tent, feeling encouraged by her reaction, “I love this song.” He extended his hand.

She smiled at him shyly from beneath her lashes, dropped the heels she was holding in one hand and bypassed his extended arm to lay her head on his chest. 

His breath caught. What the bleedin’ell was she trying to do? kill him?

“I love this… song too.”

Ron swallowed hard and wrapped his arms around her waist. They’d been dancing together all night, but this time it was different. Familiar and yet completely new. Intense. It felt, somehow more; dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass, with her between his arms.

They swayed together, the soft melody of a song in the distance floating in the air around them.

Life was about to change, it was going to be them against the odds. He should be terrified, but Hermione was the strongest woman he knew and Ron finally knew what he wanted. What he needed. The girl in his arms, and he was not going to give her up. They’d be alright this time.

Ron stilled and looked down, Hermione’s eyes were closed but her face was upturned towards his and there was a smile on her lips. He whispered beneath his breath, “darling, you look perfect.”

Her eyes flashed open and his heart pounded in his chest. Had he said that outloud?

Her smiled widened and she raised up on her toes, her face inches from his. He saw his future in those eyes. He lowered his lips towards hers….

CRACK! The sound of someone apparating nearby startled them apart.

“Oi!!! Ronnikins! ‘Ermione!” the sound of Fred’s voice echoed from across the field, “Are you out here? Mum’s gonna go spare if I don’t get you two back before they start the next round of toasts.”

Ron took Hermione’s hand and smiled a bit apologetically, but this time he had the confidence to lace their fingers himself. Someday… someday soon.

"New Man"

A/N: Hi everyone – long time listener (reader), first time caller (writer). Was inspired to write something after listening to “New Man’ by Ed Sheeran (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwzD8U4u76k) on repeat, and because at my core I am shameless Biadore trash. This is angsty, but ideally it leads to something fluffy. As “real world” of a universe as my twisted brain can make up, set in the present. All is from Danny’s POV, because I feel closer to his headspace. If you like, I will do a Part 2 that finishes the story and involves some attempt at fluff and/or smut (I guess?). Anyway ok thanks this may be awful.

Also, lyrics are in italics, but I’m sure you figured that out.

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I was in the absolute worst mood this morning I don’t really know why I just felt so draggy and tired and grumpy and gross and I was kind of just gonna call it a rest day and sleep my life away but I have to work tonight so I was like ok Danielle just make yourself go for a quick lil mile run you know it’ll help
So after procrastinating and being a grumpy bitch I finally got my ass out the door and running made me feel like a human again so I was like fuck it might as well go hard and do some hill repeats for the first time in forever!
I literally don’t think I’ve done hill repeats in like…. years? Maybe since half marathon training two years ago??
And! This was my longest run in like a year! 5 miles! Of hill repeats! At a sub 8:00 pace!! Literally playing Ed Sheeran’s Barcelona on repeat!! And now I’m in the best mood!!

Name: Sarina

Age: 17 (18 next month!)

Location: Thailand

 Hello humans! I’m Sarina, and I’m from Japan/Thailand✨ I speak Japanese, English, and some Thai :)


  • I love music and I’m constantly on Spotify🎵 I listen to quite a lot of genres (some artists I’ve had on repeat recently are: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, patd, The 1975, etc.)
  • I’m an IB art student and I love anything artistic💕
  • Massive Youtube fan as well (Dodie, Anna Akana, H3H3, Philip DeFranco, theodd1sout, etc.)
  • I also like psych, fun sciencey facts, and bullet journaling among other miscellaneous things.

“Perfect Pen Pal”:

  • Ages 16-19 ish I guess
  • I don’t mind if you want to send letters or just chat online! Just someone who won’t fade away after about a week haha
  • It would help if you like some of the things that I do, but if not it’s okay :)


  • Tumblr - theiaren
  • Instagram/Twitter - whysofetching

P.S. Yes I know I look derp in the photo, but I honestly don’t have that many photos of myself. I’m usually the one behind the camera📷

Nights like this,
I mostly want to talk
About drunk thoughts
That are senseless


How love is working out for me
After so many trials and heartaches
I finally found him with glee
I am taken yet free

About the stress I endured
For all those days that I thought
If I have given enough
To survive this week

About the new songs I’ve been listening on repeat
Like how I love Ed Sheeran’s Eraser the most
Cause it’s a masterpiece
But I can barely memorize the words!

I have so many stories to tell
But less people that are interested to talk about it
I can write but no one hears me
I talk using words, and tell stories without answers

And maybe that’s fine
Because I’m done with people
Who only listen to themselves
How lonely their life must be?

—  anima–dannata, I TRIED
Castle on the Hill

A tiny thing because I’ve got Ed Sheeran on repeat. Enjoy x

Summary: The Marauders like to sit by the lake and talk about the future. 

Also here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12404019/1/Castle-on-the-Hill

They’d taken to laying out in the grass as soon as the sun began to sink into the lake, when the June heat was finally bearable. They’d lay there, the five of them, for as long as they had to, usually staying long after the stars blanketed the night sky, sometimes until they noticed the horizon catch fire with the early morning sun.

They’d pass one of Sirius’ hand-rolled cigarettes between them, blowing smoke rings into the sky, laughing, talking about everything. Every once and awhile, Remus would pull a bottle of firewhiskey out of his bag and they’d share it. He always knew when they’d need the alcohol the most, when they’d need to numb their minds, their worry, their panic, when they’d need to lay back in the damp grass, stare at the sky and pretend that everything was alright.

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i have perfect by ed sheeran on repeat and every time i hear the lines “when you said you looked a mess, i whispered underneath my breath but you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight” my mind immediately thinks of a swan queen date and emma telling regina she looks perfect pls help me i’m a sobbing mess and a trash